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Folks who are watching the game will be just fine on their own! There was the for for 87 yard-performance in the win over Buffalo in the wild card round. People will think less of you if you bet on this! About the author

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Follow these simple steps and you'll be cheering for a lot more than clothing malfunctions at halftime! Build your Super Bowl score sheet like this, and your party will be living and dying with every TD and extra point of the big game this February! Lay out the gridiron: Start your football score sheet by making an by grid of squares on a sheet of paper. Use a spreadsheet application to create an easy grid, or you can rock a pen and ruler on lined paper. The top horizontal row and left vertical column will be left blank until just before game time to hold the scoring numbers.

The remaining by grid below are the squares your players buy to enter the Super Bowl pool. Write the NFL team names along the top and left margins of the sheet to assign their scoring range. Well before kick off, gather your gamblers to buy squares and write their names in the bought spaces.

The price per square depends on how deep your wallets are. That leaves some very viable candidates up and down the lineup. Green-Ellis is the featured back in short yardage, but Woodhead should see more snaps as a pass blocker and could score on a draw if the Patriots go no-huddle for their opening drive. A Brady sneak would do the trick, but imagine the bragging rights you would have if you successfully bet on a Chad Ochocinco touchdown to start the Super Bowl and won?

That would put you right up there with the guys who made it to every Super Bowl as far as exclusive fraternities. Of course, if this game gets to the fourth quarter without a touchdown being scored, you will probably require medical assistance.

These are five prop bets where the favored side of the bet seems like good value, even if the odds are extremely high. How many kickoff returns will the two teams combine for?

In their 32 regular-season games this year, the Giants and Patriots averaged a total of 6. Take Adam Vinatieri, who spent three years on kickoff duty with the Colts from after he moved over from New England. During his final three years with the Patriots, Vinatieri produced touchbacks on 7. That produces a paucity of touchbacks. Mesko has just 10 touchbacks on attempts in 35 career NFL games.

There are about seven or eight safeties each year in the NFL. My unofficial count this year is eight, but for some reason, six of them involved these two teams in one way or another. Is that meaningful when it comes to predicting the likelihood of a safety in the Super Bowl? Ochocinco has to be active for this bet to actually play, which is the tricky part.

Which team will accrue more penalty yards? One good way to find prop bets that suggest you might have a problem is when Vegas just lists two sides without a spread at People will think less of you if you bet on this!

The Giants used 10 challenges during the regular season and two during the postseason, for an average of 0. What do those numbers mean over a sample of games? Even Vegas feels bad about charging full vig on it. You are essentially lighting 1 percent of the money in your wallet on fire if you make this bet. How many players will attempt a pass during the game? I love this bet a little bit. How rare has that been for these teams?

And unless you want to make a joke about Jared Lorenzen, we have to go all the way back to Jeff Feagles in for a nonquarterback pass attempt from the Giants. Why would they start now? What will the jersey number be of the first player to score a touchdown? Few things have made me question my life decisions more than putting together a spreadsheet to answer this question. It was so fucking stupid on so many levels. But I did it. Great, so an offensive lineman is likely to score on Sunday! In reality, it just suggests that the running backs for the teams are likely a little undervalued here, and that logic only goes further with a possibly-limited Gronkowski number Who will throw an interception first?

These two quarterbacks are a great example. In , Manning 4. Using a three-year sample provides a more accurate measure of how these two quarterbacks avoid interceptions, and in a roughly similar number of attempts, Manning has thrown interceptions about twice as frequently as Brady.

One other fun reason to bet on Eli here: Chances are that the Giants will get the ball first, which means an extra possession during the first half, which means a better shot at throwing an interception first. Who will have more rushing yards? This, on the other hand, is a battle. Tom Brady, meanwhile, has 43 carries for yards. The Patriots passer is clearly more likely to tuck and run with the football, but since his team is favored, Brady is also the favorite to kneel in the fourth quarter and lose two rushing yards.

Who will have more receiving yards? These two teams allow more yardage to number-three wideouts who typically play in the slot, like Welker and, occasionally, Cruz than any other pair of teams in football.

This one seems destined to come down to one big play, and that would seem to favor Cruz, right? Webster and company were able to hold Branch to two catches for 21 yards during the first game, and while Beckum went catchless, the spread of In fact, even if Beckum just spent the entire game blocking, Branch would have lost this bet in four of his last eight games.

Perhaps this bet will fulfill a scavenger hunt item of some nature for you. Who will score a touchdown first? Well, we know that the Giants are more likely to get the ball first and, therefore, more likely to score first , but Green-Ellis is just about guaranteed to get the ball near the goal line, while Bradshaw has to contend with Brandon Jacobs. Losing to a Bradshaw touchdown would be one thing, but it would be agonizing to see Jacobs come in and vulture a Bradshaw touchdown to eventually lose this bet.

Fortunately, the Internet is a semilawless land where you can bet on just about anything! Bovada, the rebranded former Bodog, has a number of Super Bowl props available that would never sniff the big boards of Vegas. She probably ripped off The Dismemberment Plan. Research tells me that she has experience doing the national anthem both with midriff exposed and without. I am going to guess that the Super Bowl is an austere enough experience for her to keep her belly covered.

I copied the phrasing of this question, word-for-word, from the Bovada e-mail I was sent. Bovada expects Madonna to dye her hair during the Super Bowl halftime show. Was that what Prince was doing when he distracted the nation with his, um, guitar? How many times will Peyton Manning be shown on television during the game? Bovada does not make it clear whether this counts commercials or not.

If it does, the over is the lock of the year. What will the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach be? How can blue be so low when both these teams use blue as the primary color of their uniforms? But then again, who on earth actually likes blue Gatorade?

They are basically affronts to any sort of higher power, and the amount of time you spend actually considering them is basically an SAT test for a gambling addiction. They are the ultimate prop bets.

All references to football players solely consider their performance within the Super Bowl. Which number will be higher? Guys, we suddenly developed a taste for awful cigars and somehow grew a green visor on our forehead just typing that. The Giants have the pass rush to slow down Brady and prevent big plays, but he should get one off. Who will have more points? The Knicks score Nick Watney has to make it to the fourth round of the tournament and complete all 18 holes.

Who will have more? Rooney has to play in the match for the bet to go off, otherwise the bet is canceled and the investment refunded. Maybe the bookmakers are hoping that Rooney comes off the bench and still qualifies for the bet as a substitute, but what, are United going to save him for their Europa League push? Jacobs got five carries last week. This has to be a bet on Rooney.

Number of on-the-field accidents 7. One party bet, too: Write down all the breeds you can think of before the event and have everyone at your gathering put five bucks into a hat. And make sure you beagle yourself. One thing that we wonder, though: Does one side take more money than the other on this bet? Are people more likely to bet heads or tails? Interceptions divided by pass attempts. See all from Bill Barnwell. Previous Schefter on Peyton Manning. Will the game be tied after ?

Five Prop Bets for a Shootout How many points will the two teams combine to score? Will at least one quarter be scoreless? Will Rob Gronkowski score a touchdown?