April the Giraffe picks the Patriots to win Super Bowl

Time' The epilogue of "Tom vs. Manning finds Engram wide open for TD 0: April the giraffe became a worldwide sensation when Animal Adventure Park in New York livestreamed her giving birth, and this week, she stepped back in the spotlight -- for Patriots Nation, at least. In a season that lacked dominant teams, one stood out, from beginning to end. Super Bowl 51 picks, predictions: New England Patriots (-3) vs. Atlanta Falcons

Giants among odds favorites for final week of NFL preseason action

Final Analysis

David Steele straight-up pick: In a potentially exhilarating face-off between two superior quarterbacks, that will be enough to give the Patriots another Lombardi for their trophy case. Ranking all 50 Super Bowl winners. Vinnie Iyer pick against spread: The Patriots' defense has been terrific, but it hasn't faced anything close to the Falcons' high-flying offense this season.

The real matchup to watch, and more critical for the NFC team, is Atlanta's young defenders vs. There's a lot of speed, quickness and toughness in coach Dan Quinn's group. The Falcons' secondary has compensated well for the loss of shutdown corner Desmond Trufant. They are aggressive and hard-hitting, but Brady needs to get to them before they can get to him. He'll find good mismatches in the middle of the field, and the Patriots can counteract the Falcons' strengths with Dion Lewis and Julian Edelman.

Brady should also get consistent support from LeGarrette Blount in the power running game to open up a few shots downfield to AFC title game hero Chris Hogan. Although the Falcons will be a little prepared for this based on facing their own offense in practice, the Patriots' specific versatility within their scheme is difficult to slow down.

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