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The losing team earns one point for a loss in the 3-on-3 or shootout OT formats. Over the years, some coaches and administrators have felt there were too many ties in college hockey. Reducing the number of players for an overtime period creates more open ice and increases the chances of a goal being scored. In the Big 10, the NCAA-mandated overtime is followed by a shootout with each team having three shooters. If it still tied after the three-player shootout, they go to a sudden-death shootout.

Big 10 teams receive three points for a regulation or overtime win, two for a shootout win and one for a shootout loss. The NHL recently changed from a 4-on-4 overtime followed by a three-round shootout and a sudden-death shootout, if necessary, to a five-minute 3-on-3 OT followed by the three-player shootout and the sudden-death shootout.

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Jack Connolly , Lulea. Jesper Olofsson , Farjestads. Joakim Lindstrom , Skelleftea. Kyle Beach , Bad Toelz. Andreas Driendl , Ravensburg.

Mathieu Tousignant , Frankfurt. Mathieu Pompei , Ravensburg. Robin Just , Ravensburg. Stephen MacAulay , Bad Toelz. Jere Laaksonen , Kaufbeuren. Jeff Hayes , Lausitzer. Alexander Brueckmann , Freiburg. Ossi Saarinen , Kaufbeuren. National Women's Hockey League.

Season starting October 12th! Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Season starting September 20th! United States Hockey League. Season starting September 27th! North American Hockey League. Rex Moe , Odessa. Kyle Herbster , Odessa. Jared Christy , Odessa. Samuel Solensky , Johnstown. Anton Rubtsov , Shreveport. Boucher , Kenai River. Austin McCarthy , Topeka.

Quinn Green , Topeka. Zach Heintz , Odessa. Max Finner , Topeka. Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League. Brendan Young , Blind River. Mihali See , Soo Eagles. Caleb Serre , Blind River. David Campbell , Powassan. Ian Zaleski , Blind River. Justin Mauro , Blind River. Lucas Theriault , Soo T-birds. Cade Herd , Powassan. Gabienen Kioki , Powassan.

Riley Nadeau , Blind River. British Elite Ice Hockey League. Mark Hurtubise , Nottingham. Evan McGrath , Sheffield. Josh Pitt , Sheffield. Alexander Guptill , Nottingham. Justin Kovacs , Nottingham. Justin Buzzeo , Sheffield.

Jordan Owens , Sheffield. Kruise Reddick , Guildford. John Dunbar , Guildford. Vaclav Stupka , Glasgow. Petr Holik , Brno. Denis Kindl , Plzen. Lukas Nahodil , Brno. Petr Kolouch , Olomouc. Karel Kubat , Litvinov. Jan Kostalek , Sparta Praha. Jakub Slahar , Zlin. Frantisek Gerhat , Litvinov. Milan Gulas , Plzen. Vojtech Nemec , Plzen. Ladislav Nagy , Kosice. Marek Slovak , Nitra.

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