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Right, now that they've let the work experience kids have a go, it's time to hand back to the pros Here's double gold-medallist Bradley 'Wiggler' Wiggins and triple-jump silver medallist Phillips Idowu. Lauren and Veronica have a fall at the Malmesbury Cottage. In the same place? And here he is, to huge applause, taking to the stadium track Final result: USA 2, Slovakia 1

Summary of day five in Pyeongchang

Player Rankings

Familiar patterns have emerged after five minutes of play in the second half. The second half is under way. Second half is underway: The referee blows the whistle, signaling the end of the first half. Chances for both teams but unable to find the back of the net.

France had the better of play and scoring chances, forcing the U. It must improve in that area in the second half. Delie has a clear-cut scoring chance, but Solo races off her line and denies the France forward from scoring. The difference between USA and France remains wafer-thin, as they struggle to gain full control of the game. France remains better in possession and patiently waits for its opening.

Heath puts her shot on goal, but Bouhaddi saves it over the crossbar. USA ask for a corner kick, as Bouhaddi gets a slight touch to tip the ball over the bar. Marie Laure Delie shoots on the U. Solo fails to intercept a corner kick, leading to some chaos in the U. Eventually the Americans clear the danger. France defender Wendie Renard heads a free kick on goal, but Solo saves it over the crossbar.

FRA so close to taking the lead but hopesolo tips WRenard effort onto the bar! Neither side has created a scoring chance, but France can claim to have the better start in terms of possession and territory. France has looked to created openings on the flanks, but U. Heath drives a free kick into the penalty area, but it flies straight to France goalkeeper Sarah Bouhaddi. The teams have opened the game cautiously, with France enjoying the majority of possession early on.

USA-France is under way. The biggest news in the team selections involves arguably the biggest name in the competition. Hope Solo makes the th appearance of her international career. Engen for Johnston; Dunn for Pugh.

Here are the starting lineups. The teams come into the game tied on points with three, but France leads by goal difference after one game. But a step sequence really impressed the judges. And it was fun to watch.

But they looked like they went out of sync right at the end, and the yellow box comes up. But their scores kept going up and up. But I probably only noticed it because everything else was so perfect.

They have a slight edge over the Shib Sibs in twizzles. I can hear my piano teacher now Three duos to go. Judges apparently saw something on the rotational lift.

It was just downgraded from level 4 to level 3 and cost them about 0. Give them a medal. Give them endorsement deals. I could watch that again, right now. Their combination spin is indeed the highest-scoring combo spin so far.

The circular step sequence is This is simply beautiful. Will it earn a medal? So is the crowd. Second place so far for the Italians. They get a one-point deduction. He lifts her up to his shoulders more often than a dad trying to get his kid a good view of a parade. Lanotte lifts her up into a WWE piledriver. Do any ice dancers go into pro wrestling after their careers are done? They might struggle to hang onto that. And virtue and moir omg this is crazy!! The twizzles and diagonal step sequence were substantially higher than others.

The lifts were significantly lower. But a couple of judges will surely say otherwise. When it finishes, Bobrova puts her head down on the ice in They open with their twizzles, and they look pretty sharp. And Bobrova does something of a headstand on his thigh in their second lift, so this is off to a good start. The three pairs in this group so far have been scored between 6. Chock and Bates scored 0. The plaintive piano chords of Imagine are nice. The weepy violin and non-Lennon vocals are not.

Their technical scores are still on screen, and they still look like the stock market in free fall. They make up for it with a dazzling diagonal step sequence and a big-time lift. Then a one-handed lift that defies imagination. Probably not enough to switch places with Gilles and Poirier, but probably enough to stay in the top I need new terms for these lifts. Their circular step sequence was a little off, say the judges.

And for once, I saw it, too. He held her ankle with one hand and spun her with her hair brushing the ice. Their career best free skate is They somehow turn themselves into a spider of sorts, perhaps recalling the tarantula Sean Connery smashed in one of the early Bond films.

Their lift is interesting. She does a split, one foot on his ankle and the other up with his arm. I think that should be more than 5. Will NBC come back from commercial in time?

Going with international feed. James Bond medley is about to start I have my decaf green tea. I have my Triscuits. I have a spreadsheet that will let me compare every element each duo does.