College Football picks against the spread September 13, 2018

For more info click on the college football picks link for College package details and more accolades and awards. The Vikings will once again be at home, shifting the scales heavily in their favor against Houston. This should be another one-possession game. The skill positions are not percent settled, but Dexter Williams and Tony Jones Jr are both great options. That says volumes in a profession where more are selling both sides of the game and so will always have some happy bettors unless you are always getting the losing side. New! Fillable Brackets

2018 College Football Game Picker

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Check below for full Week 6 picks, with picks separated into three confidence categories as always. Lines are the best currently available on the chosen side. Kansas City Chiefs plus-1 at Oakland Raiders A great spot for the Chiefs, which are rested off of a bye week and poised to make amends for getting blown out in their last game. San Francisco 49ers plus-9 at Buffalo Bills Perfect opportunity to sell high on the Bills, which have seen a lot align properly to enable a three-game win streak.

Atlanta Falcons While the Seahawks have enjoyed two weeks without a game, the Falcons have traveled nearly 6, miles. Detroit Lions minus-3 vs. Lay the field goal before the half-point hook gets added at every sports book across town. San Diego Chargers plus Denver Broncos Chargers are undervalued by virtue of having a statistical profile, including a plus point differential, closer to a team than their actual record.

Miami Dolphins plus-8 vs. The look-ahead line a week ago was only Pittsburgh minus Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has been reinvigorated by an offensive coordinator change before, making it possible Marty Mornhinweg replacing Marc Trestman could have the same effect. Jacksonville Jaguars Consider this pick a reminder that the Jaguars have been as lousy as the last several years in opening the season with a minus point differential.

Green Bay Packers minus-4 vs. Dallas Cowboys Can you believe Dak Prescott has thrown for three fewer interceptions and nearly two yards more per attempt than Aaron Rodgers?

Saints win and cover the spread. Taylor Lewan and Marcus Mariota also got banged up. Dion Lewis, however, appears to be a great get, and the Texans are coming off a game vs. Houston being short on weapons and protection for Deshaun Watson will cause it to fall short again. Washington will need to grind a little more to win this game, but it will use its weak early schedule to reach Redskins win but fail to cover the spread.

Ben Roethlisberger will clean up the messy home turnovers and pick up where Rivers left off in ripping the Chiefs' defense. Patrick Mahomes will duel his counterpart in a high-scoring affair, as the Steelers have few answers for the diversity and aggressiveness of Andy Reid's offense. Steelers win and cover the spread. Sam Darnold was strong in Monday night's rout, but the Jets also proved their QB's supporting cast — backs, receivers, line and defense included — is better than it appeared at first glance.

The Dolphins won ugly over the Titans despite uninspiring play from Ryan Tannehill. Jets win and cover the spread. Who knew Nick Foles vs. Ryan Fitzpatrick would be a real matchup in Week 2? The Eagles' defense will come through with another strong performance while Foles, Jay Ajayi, Nelson Agholor and Zach Ertz find favorable matchups against the Bucs' defense. Philly fans will make the trip to the Pirate Ship to make it special. Eagles win and cover the spread. Matt Patricia knows Jimmy Garoppolo, so that helps Detroit to an extent.

What hurts the Lions is the fact that their defense was ripped by a similar offense Monday and now must travel across the country on a short week. San Francisco left opportunities to beat Minnesota on the table in Week 1. In this game, Garoppolo will get the support from his running game and pass defense that Matthew Stafford does not receive. The Cardinals' defense is adjusting to a new scheme with players in different positions. Their offense is adjusting to a more conservative approach and questionable play from Sam Bradford.

The Rams have no questions about either side of the ball. The LA express will go on. Rams win and cover the spread. The Raiders in Week 1 were not as bad defensively without Khail Mack as many thought they would be, but they were shockingly worse offensively with Derek Carr and Jon Gruden. The Broncos' defense will not give them a break. Denver will dash out to a record with early control of the AFC West.

Broncos win and cover the spread.