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2016 NCAA Tournament Printable Bracket

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With the minus sign in front, that means they have to win by nine points or more to cover the spread and for you to win your bet on Duke. If they win by eight or less, or their opponent wins, then Duke does not cover the spread. While spreads focus on the margin of victory, moneylines only focus on the outright result.

All you care about is who wins the game. For example, Duke might be a favorite over North Carolina State. When it comes totals, this is just the combined final score between the two teams. When you look at the lines, the NCAA Basketball odds makers set an over-under which asks whether the final score will be 'over' or above that number, or 'under' and below. State game, you might see a line of So if the final score is something like , then the combined points is less than the If the combined score is or , then the game has gone over the number and everyone who bet on the over wins their bet.

Futures bets are wagers that focus on events that will happen in the long term future. However, the three other No. As for the No. For a printable version of the bracket, simply click on the picture and the printable bracket will be ready to roll for you. Who do you have winning it all this year and cutting down the nets in Houston? Let us know below in the comments. And for all your March Madness news and updates, stay in touch with the FanSided hub. Good Sam Official results from Phoenix by Charles Rahrig V.

Updated Chase standings by Charles Rahrig V. What we learned, takeaways, future projections.