NBA Odds – 2016-17 Season Preview!

Hammons also withdrew his name from the draft combine on the day of the on-court events. But that was at home, playing after a day off. This is called a push or a tie, in which case, no one wins and you get your money back. Has the NBA season gotten you interested in betting? Cleveland has won two straight at home vs. Where The Odds Are In Your Favor

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Inside each of the envelopes was the name of a non-playoff team. The team whose envelope was drawn first would get the first pick. The process was then repeated until the rest of the lottery picks were determined. In this system, each non-playoff team had an equal chance to obtain the first pick. The rest of the first-round picks were determined in reverse order of the win-loss record.

Starting from , the NBA modified the lottery system so that only the first three picks were determined by the lottery. After the three envelopes were drawn, the remaining non-playoff teams would select in reverse order of their win-loss record.

This meant that the team with the worst record could receive no worse than the fourth selection, and the second-worst team could pick no lower than fifth, and so on. The New York Knicks were the first winner of the lottery in They selected Georgetown University standout Patrick Ewing with their first overall pick.

However, speculation arose that the NBA had rigged the lottery so that the Knicks would be assured to get the first pick. In , the NBA changed the format of the lottery to give the team with the worst record the best chance of landing the first pick.

The worst non-playoff team that season would have 11 chances, out of 66, to obtain the first pick. The second worst would have 10 chances, and so on.

Similarly to the previous system, the weighted lottery system was also used only to determine the first three picks, while the rest of the teams selected in reverse order of their win-loss records. Despite the weighted odds, the Orlando Magic managed to win the lottery in with only one chance to obtain the first pick as it was the best non-playoff team in the previous season.

In October , the NBA modified the lottery system to give the team with the worst record a higher chance to win the draft lottery and to decrease the better teams' chances to win. The new system increased the chances of the worst team obtaining the first pick in the draft from In the new system, 14 numbered table tennis balls were used. Then, a four-number combination from the 14 balls were drawn to determine the lottery winner.

Prior to the draft, the NBA assigns 1, possible combinations to the non-playoff teams the combination is ignored and redrawn. The process was then repeated to determine the second and third pick. The fifth team would have a 10 percent chance and the odds would decrease for each team picking after.

The final vote was in favor of the reform, but that was short of the required 23 votes needed to push the change through. In , Dikembe Mutombo made people question the draft's legitimacy when he prematurely tweeted a congratulatory message to the Philadelphia 76ers for receiving the first pick hours before the lottery was conducted.

Philadelphia did indeed win the first overall pick. A year later, Lakers executive Magic Johnson raised even further questions about the draft process with him assuring head coach Luke Walton that the Lakers would acquire a top 3 pick for the NBA draft after an interview Walton had on May 4, , twelve days before the draft lottery commenced and moved up to the second pick.

In , the NBA had an agreement with the two expansion franchises, the Toronto Raptors and the Vancouver Grizzlies that neither team would be eligible to obtain the first overall pick in the , and drafts. The Raptors won the lottery but were forced to settle for the second pick. Another combination was drawn and resulted in the Philadelphia 76ers getting the first pick.

Clippers obtained the first pick. To determine the winner, fourteen ping pong balls numbered 1—14 are placed in a standard lottery machine and four balls are randomly selected from the lot. Just as in most traditional lotteries, the order in which the numbers are drawn is not important. That is, 1—2—3—4 is considered to be the same as 4—3—2—1.

There are a total of 1, combinations or 14! Of these combinations, one outcome is disregarded and the remaining outcomes are distributed among the 14 non-playoff NBA teams. The combination 11—12—13—14 in any order that those numbers are drawn is not assigned and is ignored if drawn; this has never occurred in practice.

In the event a lottery pick is traded to another team, the record of the original team whose pick it was before the trade still determines eligibility for the lottery, and assignment of chances. Since , with 30 NBA teams, 16 qualify for the playoffs and the remaining 14 teams enter in the draft lottery.

These 14 teams were ranked in reverse order of their regular season record and assigned the following number of chances, up to The following table listed the odds for each seed to get specific picks if there were no ties rounded to three decimal places. The following table lists the odds for each seed to get specific picks, beginning with the draft, if there were no ties rounded to three decimal places.

In the event that teams finish with the same record, each tied team receives the average of the total number of combinations for the positions that they occupy. The average of the 6th and 7th positions in the lottery was taken, resulting in each team getting 53 combinations the average of 63 and Should the average number not be an integer , a coin flip is then used to determine which team or teams receive the extra combination.

The result of the coin flip is also used to determine who receives the earlier pick in the event that neither of the tied teams wins one of the first three picks via the lottery. The balls are placed in the machine for 20 seconds to randomize before the first ball is drawn. The remaining three balls are drawn at second intervals. NBA officials determine which team holds the winning combination and that franchise is awarded the 1 overall draft pick.

The four balls are returned to the machine and the process is repeated to determine the second and third picks. In the event that a combination belongs to a team that has already won its pick or if the one unassigned combination comes up , the round is repeated until a unique winner is determined. When the first three teams have been determined, the remaining picks are given out based on regular season record with the worst teams getting the highest picks.

This assures each team that it can drop no more than three spots from its projected draft position. In a case where a lottery team trades its pick to a playoff team, the playoff team assumes the lottery team's position in all draft lottery situations, unless provisioned by the conditions of the trade. The drawing of the ping-pong balls is conducted in private, though observed by independent auditors and representatives from each team.

The results are subsequently presented in a short ceremony typically broadcast prior to or during halftime of an NBA playoff game , in which the order of the lottery is announced in reverse order, from the fourteenth selection to the first. Representatives from each NBA franchise with a lottery pick are present at the lottery ceremony.

The decision of not showing the ping-pong balls live has fueled speculation that the NBA will occasionally fix the draft lottery if it can benefit the league. The speculation originated with the draft lottery that sent Patrick Ewing to New York, with the theory being that the NBA wanted to send the best player in the draft to New York to increase ratings in a large television market.

At that time, the NBA used 7 envelopes in a tumbler representing the seven teams with the worst record. Some have speculated [15] [16] [17] that the envelope containing the Knicks logo was refrigerated beforehand, enabling David Stern to recognize and select it. Another conspiracy theory suggests that one of the seven envelopes was thrown into the tumbler, causing one of the corners to fold. After the envelopes were mixed, Stern took a deep breath before reaching into the tumbler and picking the envelope with the folded corner.

Afterward, the Draft Lottery Format was changed to the current ping-pong ball lottery in a private room with team representatives. Will King James and the Cavs rise from the ashes and claim the East yet again or is there a new power ready to assume the throne? The Cleveland Cavaliers have had a disappointing season by their lofty standards as they struggled to reach 50 wins on the year and are most likely heading into the postseason as a No.

From a betting perspective, the Cavs have bled money for their backers, covering the number in only 39 percent of their games this season. The boys from the Great White North will hold court as the top seed in the Eastern Conference and may reach 60 wins before the regular season concludes. However, nobody is really taking the Raps seriously despite an offense that ranks third in the league complemented by a defense that checks in at No.

They should have little trouble waltzing through their eighth-seeded opponent in the opening round but ultimately Toronto will face a far superior adversary. How they acquit themselves in that pressure-cooker will determine whether this team is a true lion or just a paper tiger. A quick check of the best online sportsbooks will reveal that the Sixers are not such a dark horse after all. Enduring several agonizing seasons of futility, the silver lining in all of it was a bevy of No. The 76ers could easily wind up as the No.

That contention is based on a regular season that saw this group of young sharpshooters connect on a sizzling 68 percent of their games against the spread. But watch out my fellow bettors, because the oddsmakers have a way of evening the playing field after getting burned time and time again.