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By jumping into this mode, players can pick their favorite team and play each game on the same day as the real game in the real season. On match day, games will be simulated until it is directly you who is involved in the game directly. There's even a meter that gives you an ETA on when you're expected to get the call up that is based on your current attributes--the more that meter is filled, the closer you are to getting the call. Even when they reach the big leagues, the pitching training sessions should take priority over any other type. MLB 2K13 My Player Guide – Tips and Strategy

MLB 2k12 How's Your My Player Going Thread?

MLB 2K13 My Player

I've looked through the menu everywhere. I get a season goal, a current goal Walk less than 5 batters in your next 3 starts and etc. Is this a glitch? I could go on and complain about the other pitching drill being ridiculous sometimes, but I won't. And I hate to be negative, because I do actually enjoy this game. But yikes, some of this drives me crazy. I won't even mention the MLB2K time-honored tradition of stats being all jumbled up. I do have questions for anyone not that annoyed at my post: If so, that is a good addition to the game.

I'm not bad at the game, probably not that great either. I don't know too much about messing with the settings or "sliders" ugh, nice term , but I play on Pro, so I doubt I'm an all-star. I've been giving up more hits and getting less Ks this season so far, that's for sure. Anyhow, sorry for the long post and rant, but I've been waiting to open up on this topic for a while!

I decided to go with a closer instead of the 1st baseman in the other thread, found this one , and i started with the A's cuz they dont have good relievers in my roster. With five gmes or so to go with the AA RockHounds i have 16 saves in 19 opportunities while being with a 2.

I have a 60 OVR with 67 total control, 25 stamina, and 60 composure. Im playing on Pro, but in season 2 i might up the difficulty and go to a slider set. I'll let y'all know how it goes. Last edited by itsmb8; at I just started this mode.

When can you start looking at MLB stats? I love this game. I have my power and contact sliders set to , so I can become the best player of all time. My player is a power hitter, contact hitter, speedster, gold glover, you name it. I already have two World Series rings and am in my third season, on my way to the Hall. Originally Posted by Bobnekaro I love this game. This thing called Twitter I do sometimes What's your thoughts?

Originally Posted by YeOldTonk You play the way you want to play, but it seems to take all the fun out of it, playing almost in "God Mode". I always enjoyed a little challenge to a game, but to each his own Takes so long to upgrade pitcher, can someone give me a tip on what to upgrade first? BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is NBA Live 19 Review. Page 27 of Originally Posted by Bobnekaro. The manual is wrong: P The right stick is laid out just like a ball diamond.

Shoulder right adv 1 base, shoulder left retreat 1 base. To steal, hold the shoulder button until it vibrates, then release and press to bolt. Make sure to check out the mods for this game, it becomes ten times better. Nunyah View Profile View Posts.

Or if all else fails just get MLB12 the show for the PS3 and that game will simply blow your soxs off!!! Remember the Japanese love baseball just as much as Americans do if not more so, go figure. I totally can respect that and it shows in how sony really paid attention in every detail. You get the cheers and low five the first base coach or the third base couch AND the next batter up will hi five you along with any runs batted in AND sometimes the next batter up will drop his bat hi five you and act as though he is saying something to you in support that only you two would know what that was.

And dont let it be a game winning bottom of the 9th homerun! Crowd goes wild and the players will wait for you at home plate! HELL makes you want to tie the game up or slightly fall behind on perpose just to be able to repeat that moment over and over! Just an option for some diehard baseball fans!!! And as for the combo pack I hope they do so. That would be great. Mongoose View Profile View Posts. Ah, thanks for this, I had been confused as well.