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Bettors not buying Eagles to repeat as champs Philadelphia Eagles. Depending on the sport, the favorite will lay either odds or points. Unlike the previous two wagers that have to be made before the fight happens, live betting lets you bet during the match. Boxing Odds

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In-Play or Live Betting Terms

Learning how to read MMA odds is essential in your betting strategy. This is what the moneline was when it first opened.

The moneyline will shift as you get closer to the day of the fight. An accumulator in which several bets are tied together into a single one to increase paying odds. All events have to win in order for the parlay to pay. MMA Parlays are profitable, but risky. A draw in the bet — no fighter is crowned winner, and your money is given back to you. The online website that will determine the value of the moneyline, as well as where you can actually place your bet.

Abbreviation for Technical Knock Down. The fighter is knocked down 3 times, or when the referee steps in and stops the fight after evaluating the fighter is in no condition to continue. The winner is decided by the scorecard points between the judges usually 3. Technical decision is settled at any time other than at the end of the programmed rounds.

When the referee stops the fight before the start of the 5th round, for any reason other than Knockout, Technical Knockout or disqualification. The same fighter scoring more points on all three scorecards. Also known as Inplay bets, these are bets placed once the fight has begun. Live bets include very specific wagers that are only available after the first bell.

Betting selections on the 3 most common betting types win, lose or draw. Type of bet in which your fighter either wins and pays out, or draws and the stakes are returned. So when you bet on props, you have the option to bet on the number of rounds a match will go, who will win in which round, or the method of victory by which they win.

Below are the most common boxing prop betting odds, explained. Sometimes, boxing matches will have rounds betting odds. This means that you can bet on which round you think the fight will be decided in. Rounds betting generally yields a much higher payout but is also a bit trickier to win. If you bet on Fighter A to win in the 12th round and he wins in the 11th, your bet is considered a loss. If rounds betting odds are a little too adventurous for your taste, but you have an approximation of when a fighter will win, try rounds group betting.

Odds for these will be assigned to a set of rounds, usually in groups of three. Betting on a rounds group yields less of a payout than just a regular round betting, but in exchange is easier to win. Betting on Fighter A to win in the 10thth gives you three chances to win your bet. When betting on boxing, you will more than likely see lines on the fight outcome. This is a general way to wager on how the fight will end, and only has five options.

Each fighter will be given odds to win by knockout, technical knockout, or disqualification. Each fighter will be given odds to win by decision or technical decision, and the match will be given odds to end in a draw or technical draw. What's nice is that you only have two variables to select from: Once you pick the one that you think will win the bout, your job is done, and you can then watch the match to see if you correctly picked the outcome.

It's worth noting that some sportsbooks offer a third option for this type of wager. That third option is for a draw.

If you think that the match may end in a rare draw finish, then you'd select this option. Just be sure to remember that very few boxing matches end with this outcome. For every boxing match, sportsbooks will release a number of rounds that they expect the match to go. This is a simple bet that can also be a good one for bettors new to betting on boxing. Here's a sample to help you understand this type of wager: If you think that the fight will go 7 rounds or less, then you'd bet the under.

To the contrary, if you believe that it will last more than 8 rounds, then you'd bet the over. If you pick the correct way, then you'll win your wager! Many folks betting on boxing enjoy betting it using live betting wagers. With this type of bet, you'll be betting as the fight occurs. Unlike the previous two wagers that have to be made before the fight happens, live betting lets you bet during the match.

Because of this, many folks find live betting to be even more engaging. There are many different types of live bets in boxing. We'll discuss two of the more popular ones below in more detail. The method of victory bet and round betting are both extremely popular live-action wagers. Along with these, there are many others that you can take advantage of. If you'd like to learn more about live betting and how it works, then be sure to check out the link below which will take you to our dedicated page on the topic.

With this type of wager, you'll need to predict two different things. First, you have to select who you think will win the fight. After that, you'll have to choose how you think they will win the match.

Often, many of these possible outcomes will be grouped together. Below, we've provided a sample to help you see what your choices might be for a fight. From the samples above, you can see that you don't necessarily have to pinpoint the exact method of finish. Just keep in mind that for you to win the wager, you have to get both pieces right: For round betting, you'll need to select two different things, much like the fight outcome wager above.

First, you'll have to pick which fighter you think will win the fight. Next, you'll need to decide what round that you think they'll win in. As this is a live wager, the odds will update at the end of each round depending on what has occurred thus far in the match. With this type of bet, you can bet on a specific round, or you can also bet in groups of rounds.

For example, you could bet the round will end precisely in the 7th round or that it will end between the 9th and 12th rounds. This type of bet gives you lots of betting flexibility depending on what you think the outcome will be.

Another great way to bet on boxing action is through the use of prop bets. The beauty of prop bets is that they can be on just about anything. Below, we've listed out some sample boxing prop bets to help you visualize the types of options you may come across while betting on the sports.

When you're betting on boxing, be sure to check out any prop bets being offered by the sportsbook that you're utilizing. Prop bets can be fun to participate in but can be somewhat risky. If you decide to try them out, be sure to ease your way into it with a smaller wager that doesn't risk a significant portion of your bankroll. If you're still hungry for more, then we've got you covered. As you'll see below, we have many more tools and resources on our site to help you expand your knowledge of sports betting.

No matter if you're brand new or an experienced sports bettor, we've got something that can assist you in elevating your sports betting game to the next level. Are you the new kid on the sports betting block? Then this section is just for you. Using the links below, you'll get a crash course in all things related to sports betting. Both of these links will help you understand the basics of sports betting, and they will help you quickly gain the confidence you need to get started betting now.

For more advanced sports bettors, you don't want to miss our sports betting essentials page. Here, we'll go deep into more advanced sports betting theories and strategy. It's here that you'll be able to elevate your sports betting game to new heights. This section is also great for beginners that have checked out the links above and have a good grasp of the basics of sports betting.

Occasionally, you may come across a sports betting site that uses an odds format that you're not entirely comfortable with. We hate it when this happens as it can be tough sometimes to make sure that you fully understand what those odds mean to you if you win your bet.

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