Whittaker vs. Romero Odds: UFC 225 Betting Breakdown

In addition to the aforementioned issues, there is a lot of controversy surrounding Yandiev. Cerrone 2 on Dec 19, Penn drew with Caol Uno in the finale of the 4-man tournament. Popular Sports

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Will, I agree with your Cruz take. The minute Cody starts rushing in the fight is over. If this were a five-round fight I think a finish would be more likely. Hendricks seems pretty much done at this point.

Magny has about a foot of reach on him and a lot more pep in his step. A perfect on picks for the night, including an underdog call on Nunes. This brings the Cherry Picks record to even though I picked Cruz to win, the over was the final Cherry Pick based to hedge against the upset. Nunes looked awesome, but part of that had to do with how bad Rousey was. Like I said in this article, Edmond Tarverdyan simply is unable to get his fighter to evolve.

Who is this kid?? Everybody thought he was too fiery and inexperienced. Instead he was poised, precise and patient far beyond his years. It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser.

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Our official predictions for who wins this weekend. Dillashaw completely dismantled Lineker with his wrestling. Next up, Cody Garbrandt. Our official predictions for who wins this weekend September 13, Which Betting Strategy is the Most Profitable?

Real Time Odds Sitemap. Advertisement Bettors would think GSP would be a more expensive favorite in this matchup. Gamblers must also consider that St.

Pierre fought at middleweight his last time out, defeating Michael Bisping to win the pound title at UFC GSP would subsequently vacate the belt. If I fail to give them three fights a year, then I have to pay them. Diaz would be the co-main, Gustafsson vs. Rockhold and Derek Brunson vs. Rockhold would not be for the interim title. The partnership will begin in January of The main event will pit former heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos vs.

Two women who previously challenged Ronda Rousey in bantamweight title fights will compete in Boise. Follow Brian Edwards' sports gambling opinions on Twitter at vegasbedwards. Get My Gold Membership.

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