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Does it have an extensive range of odds? This lax regulatory environment, while potentially dangerous to consumers, provides an attractive incentive for both local and international betting companies to enter the African market. Start Betting Journey with Boxing Betting With the intricate array of mobile betting available for boxing, South Africans can refine their betting process to increase their own odds. Make sure you keep a record of your boxing betting activity — this is crucial to your hopes of making a profit from gambling. Whilst most punters in South Africa will focus on the high-profile fixtures, sportsbooks must now offer a variety of options and follow current trends such as the recent rise of eSports and UFC. Start Betting Journey with Boxing Betting

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While Africa is still touted as a poor continent where up to 40 percent of people live below the poverty line, our continent is also fast emerging as one of the most promising and lucrative markets for sports betting.

Betting businesses in the US and Europe are expanding into Africa as they position themselves to tap into an explosive growth opportunity for sports betting on the continent. For every business I analyse on Smallstarter, I always make it a point to unravel the fundamental reasons why it thrives.

Africa has the youngest population in the world , with over million people aged between 15 and In addition to its very youthful population, a high number of these young people are unemployed. Young and unemployed Africans make up the bulk of the target market for sports betting in Africa.

Betting provides them with an opportunity to earn an income, while keeping them stimulated by sports, a strong attraction for many young Africans. By then, the continent will have the largest population of young people in the world. Alcohol and cigarettes are popular consumer products across the world, and sell huge volumes every day.

The biggest attraction of sports betting is its value proposition: European football leagues especially the English, Spanish, French and Italian leagues have millions of fans on the continent. Due to more stringent laws and increasing regulatory pressure on sports betting companies in the US and European markets, many of them are branching into emerging markets like Africa, where most laws on betting are relatively lax.

Except for South Africa which is a more established gambling market, betting laws in most other African countries are quite recent, and regulation is still poor. This lax regulatory environment, while potentially dangerous to consumers, provides an attractive incentive for both local and international betting companies to enter the African market. However, countries like The Gambia and some Muslim-majority countries on the continent have placed outright bans on betting or have very strict rules and restrictions around betting of any sort.

Sports betting companies on the continent now partner with major mobile phone operators to link their betting products with mobile money services like Airtel Money, Orange Money and M-Pesa. These days, sports betting is available by SMS and over the internet. While it can be hard to get information about the financial performance of betting companies in Africa, you can always spot the big boys by their spread number of outlets and presence in several countries , and their popularity among punters.

There are now over 2, different sports betting companies on the continent many of them unlicensed , and this number is expected to grow. Sport Pesa is arguably the biggest sport betting business in East Africa, with a very strong presence in Kenya and over 1 million registered users. Sport Pesa enjoys partnerships with leading banks, telcos, radio stations and media houses in Kenya. This has helped to strengthen its lead in the sports betting market in East Africa.

With floor payouts of up to 1. The business of sports betting is based on odds and probabilities. People often place bets based on gut feeling, popular opinion, intense research or just plain luck.

In every bet, there are always two categories of people who emerge in the end; winners and losers. But to stay in business and make money, the goal of every sport betting business is to make sure it makes enough money from the losers to reward the winners, and still earn a healthy commission on top. To accomplish this, sport betting businesses use a mix of simple and complex strategies to fix the odds of every bet, and ensure that the income from losers balances out the payouts for winners. How Sport Betting Works: An interesting tutorial by HowStuffWorks.

How Bookmakers Make Money: A practical introduction to how the business works, by GamblingSites. It may look like easy money at first, until you look under the hood.

In this business, the margins commissions are quite tight, a large portion of the costs are fixed, regulatory compliance is strict and profitability depends on volume. Displaying the qualities of a great hero or warrior, these fighters must overcome daunting gauntlets in order to rise up as champions.

As a result the great boxing champs have always been remembered, and their feats of triumph never forgotten. But it is not only the boxers that are remembered through this great game but also the bettors who win it big.

And with the Boxing betting market setup as it is, the platform for winning has never been so promising. This is largely because of the popularity of the sport and its wagering counterpart, which induces a dramatic reaction from the online sports betting guide , as well as numerous bookmakers who churn out countless arrays of odds, and altogether make the betting activity an easy, safe and lucrative affair.

With the intricate array of mobile betting available for boxing, South Africans can refine their betting process to increase their own odds. This is done by studying and interpreting the fighters, as well as having a firm grasp of all the bets available. These include the ever present win or lose bet, which rests solely upon the outcome of the bout. Additional bets can also be placed on the outcomes of several matches of a night, as well as the rounds played and even method of victory.

This betting variety ultimately takes a bit of practice to master but the online sportsbooks offered to South African bettors ensure a safe and secure environment in which to practice and comfortably bet. So bettors make use of this liberty and get out there and start betting with Boxing betting! As we come to a close, the remnants of the above passages washes across our minds and we are reminded that Boxing is a marvellous and majestic craft, that the betting system behind it is layered with enticing bonuses for bettors and that the place to do it all is here in South Africa amongst these great sportsbooks.

Enjoy the thrill of Boxing betting on your mobile at top South African bookmakers today!