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A post shared by Jimmy Butler jimmybutler on Sep 16, at 8: You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. Masai Ujiri says city, fans, winning give Raptors chance to keep Kawhi Leonard. I Mon, 23 Apr It was his highest-scoring playoff game in his second Cavs tenure. Search form

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Everything is A-OK now that they have two championships under their belt, but the Miami Heat held some tension. Jimmy Butler will sit down with Timberwolves management to discuss future.

The issue at hand appears to be the divide between Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns. Manu Ginobili points to moment he knew NBA retirement was final. There was one specific moment when he returned to the Spurs practice facility that confirmed to him that he wasn't going to come back. This comes after we learned that LeBron will produce a show about Ben Simmons' life. But could Pierce be on the road to an NBA comeback?

I encourage our players, use your platform. Kawhi is not a fan of drama around him, so are the Lakers the best fit? Friday night video fun: We are a week away from some NBA training camps opening, just a few days later every team will be official.

There is a way you can donate to help out. Could Dirk Nowitzki come off the bench for Dallas this season? He might be willing, but he's going to start for Dallas. Masai Ujiri says city, fans, winning give Raptors chance to keep Kawhi Leonard. Prosecutors are reviewing allegations that Houston Harden took a woman's cellphone outside a Scottsdale nightclub.

Kawhi Leonard is working out with Kobe Bryant. More fuel for the "Kawhi to the Lakers" rumor mill. Smith responds to chances of Knicks signing Kyrie Irving: Does Cavaliers guard know something about Celtics' future? Knicks plan to trade or stretch Joakim Noah before training camp.

The Knicks reportedly planned to stretch Joakim Noah after Sept. Grading the offseason for the Houston Rockets. Jason Maxiell, who married his high school sweetheart in , says he has slept with women. Former Pistons forward and wife discuss video. Grading the offseason for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Dwyane Wade on playing next season: Markelle Fultz was rumored to have been dangled for the Spurs, but it appears that wasn't the case.

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