What is the best type of snooker cue tip you can buy talisman,elkmaster etc?

This is actually a common fault on virtually every brass ferruled cue that passes through the workshop. Basically, they are both very good tips but the only way to see whether you like how they play, is to try them. A relatively minor point, but nevertheless, one which improves the overall effect further still. I would say t that most of the professional use cues made by John Parris. Items in search results

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Shafts will be specially selected for their most appealing visual nature, but it is important to understand that they are not 'better' than Legend or other standard cues. They are all made to the same unbeatable levels of quality. Virtual Cue Maker simply gives control to the customer and affords the opportunity to create your own unique design and, if absolutely necessary, request a specific shaft grain pattern.

But rest assured that all VCM cues will come with a shaft personally selected by myself, so unless you really insist on a specific number of arrows or extra straight lines, then leave it to me and I'm sure you will be happy.

Finally, remember this privilege comes at a premium price, so if you don't need a fancy design or special shaft look, then stick with a standard cue. Hint If you simply want a great cue at an affordable price, then my advice is to visit the shop and see if there are any Legend, Vintage, Tiger, or Limited Edition cues available. Remember, they are made the same, will look good regardless, play great, can be customised to most sizes, may save you money, and will certainly save a lot of time waiting for your 'perfect' cue to be made.

But if you're going to start asking me for ' arrows' or 'clear maple with no little brown marks', then appreciate you will be paying a premium as you'll be paying for the large amount of time spent trying to find exactly what you are looking for.

The 'BlackSpin' system is a revolutionary re-design of one of the core components of a cue - The ferrule. I did not set out to make changes to the traditional method of using a simple brass ferrule, but I recently found myself questioning the thing we have taken for granted for many years. The result is a far superior method that makes ANY cue stronger and improves cueball reaction.

Firstly, it is important to note - this is NOT just a black ferrule. There are major design innovations INSIDE the cue which improve strength, and balance the radial stresses in the wood, giving a more consistent contact whichever way the cue is orientated. Many players will have suffered from a broken ferrule where the wooden shoulder has broken away. In fact, often this may happen several times in a cue's life and it ends up much shorter than it was originally.

The base of the wooden shoulder is a weak point which suffers from constant impact stress. Sometimes ferrules break simply because the wood is naturally a bit 'weak', but if the brass ferrule becomes 'unstuck' from the wooden shoulder, then the effect of the impact is amplified as it 'bounces' against the wood and can gradually weaken it to such a point that it simply breaks.

The 'BlackSpin' ferrule system virtually eliminates ALL weak spots and delivers a powerful, clean, crisp contact, which helps generate maximum sidespin, topspin and backspin. Put simply - The cue is stronger but, more importantly, 'feels' better. Well this is more of a conventional snooker tip, I certainly fit a lot of these. This looks like more of a conventional tip, very close to the standard flat tip.

Looking at the bottom edge of this tip of this tip, Ronnie uses the domed tip. Well Ronnie seems to have a different size cue tip and also the shape is now a little more standard and domed. The height is certainly a lot less and there is a slight cone where the tip is larger than the ferrule but nothing to write home about.

Again, this is more of a conventional flat tip. A reasonable amount of depth with very little dome on the surface. Sits nice on this cushion. Well this is a nice big tip that is very domed.

I think he did ok with it though! Not the best picture but the tip is certainly domed without any real depth underneath the surface area. I like to see a little depth before the surface shape. Nice depth and average shape, tip looks a little hard, I wonder if it is? Looks that way to me! The tip certainly looks a lot deeper and domed.

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