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Instantly tell them Live-Score-App. I had already done that a couple of weeks ago. Build your score bugs with live. Start a free trial inside the app to check it out. Supported Sports We're proud to support these amazing sports. What's New

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We love that we can hand a iPad with the scoreboard app installed to an intern or student with little to no experience to keep track of the score. The graphics looked so clean and fresh and fit our budget. The ease of use was a major plus for us and being able to control the scoreboard wirelessly was right on cue.

Using Dak Electronics communicating wirelessly with our Livestream HD and effortlessly and saved us a lot of time programming our own scoreboard. Instantly makes you next production upscaled and impressive. Turned a lot of heads for our production as we are now getting quizzed on where we got the software. Instantly tell them Live-Score-App. We have received many positive comments on the way it looks. We have someone use an iPad to control all aspects of the scoreboard, which allows me to pay attention entirely to the other production details.

It has always been reliable - we've never had any connection issues at all. Even our opponents have commented about it. Some have been surprised that we put the visiting team's logo on the scoreboard; but with live. In my opinion it is well worth every penny. For ages I had searched for a stable, easy-to-use, customisable solution to add beautiful scoreboards to my live sports broadcasts.

Live Score is that solution. It is a robust platform that gives me everything I need to add professional scoreboards to any live event. Robert Matthews DoubleTake Productions. Having worked in the live production field for a number of years I understand the responsibility that technology has in making any production a success.

Being able to rely on such technology is key to any event or broadcast going off without a hitch. The live score app system worked flawlessly for 4 consecutive days, under constant duress. I would recommend this system without a second thought. In fact it's now my preferred graphic system, and i'll be using it in the future.

I really appreciate the live-score scoreboard. It really makes a very amateur setup look very professional on screen. Our early tournament games happen while a lot of people are at work.

When people watch a live stream, when they get to the rink they can't believe that the game they watched was done with that simple setup. And they really laugh when they ask me who is running the scoreboard and I point to a kid in the crowd holding an iPad. It's a lot of fun. With Live Score I realized I had found a low cost solution that would actually help us and not break the bank.

Build your score bugs with live. Display real-time controlled scoreboards anywhere Score a game and control scoreboards on TV, in your LiveStream, on your website or anywhere else. Vector Scoreboards Select your sport and then simply choose one of our HD scaling vector scoreboards or create your own. Web Widgets It's not only for TV! Team Work Make your life easier by collaborating with other scorekeepers and by splitting up your tasks among multiple devices.

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