Legal US Online Sports Betting Sites for 2018

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Getting Started With Sports Betting

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The good sportsbooks, i. The best sportsbooks are significantly faster than that. We have limited resources. Even though there are hundreds of sportsbooks out there, the vast majority of people will come across a certain subset when they start their sportsbetting journey.

Instead of rattling off substandard reviews of hundreds of sites, we chose to do in-depth, quality reviews of the most well-respected and popular sites, in other words, the sites that have been proven themselves with a rock solid track record. We cannot recommend the following sportsbooks as they currently fail our review process for various reasons.

Find answers to common questions bettors like you have when researching which sportsbook to join. Just like any business that has competition, sportsbooks will court you with an offer to join them. Virtually every sportsbook there are some exceptions offers bonuses as incentives to use their services.

While the types of rewards offered may vary depending on the sign up offer, the best bonus is the one that maximizes the way you play.

A one-time sign-up bonus is better for some people, while reduced juice overall helps others. Other prefer to get a couple of free bets so they can test the waters. Know yourself, then go shopping for a bonus that will maximize your profits. There's no sine qua non of an untrustworthy sportsbook, but there are a few different things you should be on the lookout for.

The most obvious is poor reviews. Here are three other traits that should get your spidey-senses tingling:. There are an ample number of established and trustworthy sportsbooks on the internet. If you can't easily find background information about the sportsbook you're looking at, it may not be a legitimate site.

Reputable sportsbooks all have solid customer support. It's in their best interest after all, since many questions from users will center on how to make bets. If a sportsbook doesn't have a customer support system in place, that should be a major red flag that something is rotten. Similarly, if its customer support can't answer basic questions — especially ones about withdrawals — you might want to slow your roll. Again, this depends on how you make bets.

Generally speaking sportsbooks like Bovada and Bodog will have odds that cater more to casual bettors while Bookmaker and My Bookie provide sharper odds to bettors who are more experienced. Odds can vary between sportsbooks so it's good to shop around. In addition, some books have specials for different sports, while others are great for parlays and teasers. Are you going to be betting on Sunday night for football games the following weekend, or will you be waiting until the last minute? Some books are better for taking favorites, while others offer improved odds for dogs.

Read our reviews carefully, and hopefully one will fit with your style best. There are some sites that have poker rooms or casinos which necessitate a download. But, in almost all instances, sportsbooks are web based, and can be accessed on any device without any extra software. Most worthwhile sportsbooks are mobile-friendly these days, and generally you don't even have to download an app. The actual process of placing a wager on your mobile site is no different than making a bet from your computer or tablet.

Our full reviews indicate whether a sportsbook supports betting from mobile devices. Last updated July 20, Best mobile betting, hands down. Best customer service in the industry. Wide variety of promotions. New site with slick interface. Caters to bigger bettors. Huge maximum deposit bonus. First to post lines on wide variety of sports. Cutting-edge site and mobile interface.

We are talking about online sports betting, where the opportunities are endless. Before you jump right into making your picks, you will want to make sure you are being as fair to yourself as possible.

That is our job, and we did that for you. These are the betting sites that will provide you the most exceptional sports betting experience attainable.

If you are specifically looking to bet on a certain sport or need to know which sites are available in your region, we got you covered. Use this page as your home base for making all your online sports betting decisions.

The best way to have success betting sports is to set yourself up for success. Use this guide to do exactly that. We understand that not all of you live in the same part of the world. There are different laws and regulations surrounding online sports betting depending on where you live. Use the buttons above to find the information you are looking for as it pertains to online sports betting in your region.

Keep in mind that some of these sites will also offer other gambling opportunities such as casino games and poker rooms. However, we endorsed them on this page based on their sports betting selections.

This is another section where we want to cater specifically to your needs. Not every sports bettor is built the same exact way. When you are betting online, you want to find a site that satisfies all your desires and checks all the boxes. While we only promote the most trusted sites out there, you will find that each one has different nuances and areas where they truly excel.

For example, if you know you are only going to be betting from your mobile device, it is important to find a site that accommodates that platform at the full capacity. Maybe you only want to place wagers at sites that guarantee ultra-speedy payouts. The point is, there are so many categories and ways to bet on sports that it is only fair that we broke it down for you.

The wagers you want to place are only a couple clicks away. Once you start familiarizing yourself with the best betting sites, you will start to notice that each one has certain specialties. One site may feature only a couple player matchups during PGA tournaments while others may offer 2 pages worth.

It is important when you are searching for specific sports to bet on that you are looking in the right place. Something tells us that between this segment and the section above you will have no qualms about finding some sports bets that peak your interest.

We told you where to go based on where you reside. We gave you direct links to pages that will make your sports betting experience more enjoyable than you could imagine. Recommending sports betting sites to our readers is something we take great pride in. While there are some companies that will accept fees to blindly promote online casinos, we never, under any circumstances, conduct business that way. Take a look at the most important factors we consider when we are weeding through the plethora of online sites in the market today.

We look for sites that have reputable and trusted banking options, including E-wallets and Bitcoin — not the ones that leave you scratching your head and asking questions wondering when your money will arrive. While we hope that a site has a vast selection of banking methods, the most important thing is that those methods are secure.

We have seen sites that brag about having 13 different ways to withdraw your winnings. Have faith that the sites you find on our pages have the most optimal banking options out there. Who wants to sign up and join a site, only to have to read tutorials and spend hours trying to figure out where the heck everything is?

The sites we suggested all took the time to organize their site in a way that makes their customers feel at ease. When you are betting sports online, you will inevitably find yourself needing either some sort of assistance or answers from the customer service team. Few things cause more headaches than sending out an email that never gets even gets read.

We used to think of it as a big bonus when a site had a trained team of support representatives that was readily available to assist us when we had questions. Now it is essentially a requirement. Have confidence knowing that these sites have the individuals in place to help you and make sure you have an enjoyable experience.

They want you to keep coming back. In order to rank at or near the top of all the sites we consider, a site must be more than adequate across the board. Not only do we look for reliability and stability, but we look at the betting selection closely.

Take the Super Bowl for example. The only way to stay competitive during this time is to offer as many creative and distinctive props as the sites can.

If you are looking to bet on a NASCAR race, you want to be doing it at a site that is fully accommodating to all racing fans.

The best site for you might not be the best site for somebody else and vice versa.