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You'll notice how much stronger the wind appears to be pushing your hand when you rotate it. In rebound, a stiff shock slows down and a soft shock speeds up the unloading process. Too small of a value will cause the AI to back into their stall and too big of a value will cause the AI to clip other cars sitting in their pit stall already. Fine tuning with sway bars is an easy way to compensate for roll couple or body roll. The computer can not see t he car and does not know that a large heat source is near the wheel and tire. Command codes

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What happened?

This was the last hold up on Jennerstown, as I had to run many laps in each series to get this correct, then I had to be sure that the temps were a result of this number being right and not just a poor setup. Obviously this number has to be in conjunction with the number above because the tire model needs to caculate both tire scrub and tire heat to produce tire wear.

If not, your track may make Darlington look like a tire lover. At some tracks, tire wear does not mean much, so this number will be low, a track like Rockingham and this number is going to be super high.

Remember that this is a percentage so 0. A number greater than 1 means later in the run, such that 1. This value affects both the human player and the AI cars, so keep that in mind. Fine tuning this number by values of. What I am saying in my opinion, you should adjust the AI parameters so that the AI run close to you, then change this value so you get the speeds that you expect on your track.

This sets up which way the winds blow across your track when it says winds are 5 mph from the north. This is the meat of the AI behavior, although remember what Steam always preaches that no matter what you do here, if you have bad lp lines, the AI will never do what you want them to. It is where the pace car will merge to the track from the pit. Just remember that this is the point that the spotter will say the pacecar is in, so you probably want it to be around the point of where the pit.

A number higher than 1. Also helps if you are having problems with the AI sliding off of the track on a tight turn. Further explanation of AI grip mod — Jan jay taylor wrote: Decreasing its value will make them drive like they have less grip and run easier into and out of the corners, and will also slow their speeds slightly.

Raising the value above 1. In some cases going slightly higher then 1. This is useful if the AI are getting off of the turn correctly see ai accel modifier above but seem to be outrunning you at the end of the straight.

This can be reduced from if you are having major problems with constant wrecks. The problem with reducing it, is AI cars will morph into each other and the walls, creating wierd wrecks and flips, or no wrecks even though they touch.

You can also get away without having this value in here at all, as it will default to anyways. I mean, if this number is like. You have to adjust this to what happens to the human driver or else the AI will be too fast or too slow on the long run.

It affects whether the AI will stop and pit or not. Too small of a value means that the AI will touch a lot in the turns, especially tight ones causing wrecks or the AI will jump to the min, max race lines way too much.

Too large of a value and the AI will not be able to pass properly. If this value is too high, the AI will not avoid each other well during a wreck, but if it is too small, even a minor bobble will cause them to use the panic lines. The smaller the number, the more scaling that takes place. If this number is too low the AI will wreck each other alot, if it is too high, the AI will be sluggish getting off of the turn when side by side, causing major problems.

There are many theories on this, in fact too many to list, so if someone can truely answer this for me, I would like to know Very Happy. So I started messing with the Track. When set at like 1. This parameter makes the AI run more randomly around the track. When set to 0. With this number at 2. Also, cars will use up more space, the higher the number is.

When this number is set at 0. As this number increases, the AI will take more of a risk at Passing and blocking, and to using as much of the track as possible.

If I were to give this a textbook definition, I would say it is the Percentage of which, the AI deviates from the ususal Race. Try it out, and let me know how it works for you. With the Values below, the AI will run closer Side-by-Side, make more Human errors and decisions and race more realistically. But make it as High as it can, before you see too many AI errors and risks.

The higher this value, the more you can bump the AI without them losing grip and wrecking. Too high and everytime you get into them too much, you will wreck because they will be unmovable like a dump truck.

This next section is the hardest in my opinion to get correct, at least when doing a short track. The AI will wreck a lot on a tight pit road if these settings are not perfect. Just remember that your lp files for pit road should se out on the racing surface at this point so there are not some crazy things going on. If not, the AI will be very likely to stay to the right of the pit. Sweeping gameplay changes meant that the "Chase for the Cup" name was dropped from the edition of the console game.

The new name is derived from the new feature by which a player who has teammates in the field can actually switch to their teammates' cars and control them during a race. It was released on August 30, Inside Line was released on November 6, Afterwards, Eutechnyx announced two new games: In January , Dusenberry Martin Racing announced that they will take over the NASCAR license and begin developing new games in , as well as releasing a Eutechnyx -developed update game for the season. There is also a pinball game.

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In Career, win a race using only refurbished parts. Win a League Season. Take part in an Online Race. Win your first Online Race. Win 10 Online Races. Win 20 Online Races. Participate in 50 Online Races. Participate in Online Races.

Save an Online Replay. Make a custom brush in the Paint Booth.