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Anticipating a technique before it occurs and striking first is another great defensive tactic that can be used in Muay Thai. Pin It on Pinterest. Straight Teep Front — The teep is a foot thrust that is used like a jab. Maurice Greene Part 3 Sep 13, Comments. He is on the mat training and rolling with his students everyday, and is fully dedicated to teach everyone willing to learn. 21 Gift Ideas for Handymen & DIY’ers

Wanderlei Silva at BMAC

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Joe Soto and Jon Jones were also roommates in college for two years. Soto has had a very successful career, and he has won several other championship belts, including the Tachi Palace Fights Bantamweight Championship. He has also competed successfully in several Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.

Angela Lee is the youngest MMA champion and the only woman in this top ten list. She grew up training martial arts, and her rise to the top represents an entirely new era for mixed martial arts. Angela Lee was born in in Vancouver, and her family moved to Hawaii when she was seven years old.

She started training and competing when she was only six years old. However, she won her first MMA world title on May 5, , when she was only 19 years and 10 months old after defeating veteran Japanese fighter Mei Yamaguchi. Lee received her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt in Though all the people on this list broke records and wrote their names in the history books as the youngest MMA title holders in their time, it is clear that they started training at a very young age.

Discipline, hard work, and determination were key factors as the rose to the top, and most of them went on to have impressive careers and win even more championships.

With the same type of commitment and perseverance, you also can accomplish any goals you set for yourself as a mixed martial artist. Generally speaking, the clinch is a position in which two standing individuals have grabbed ahold of one another. In MMA and self-defense situations,….

It is a seamless amalgamation of various martial arts disciplines, taking the best aspects from each art and creating a…. Their first fight was so good, they had to do it again. Fighters have nicknames for a reason. MMA is the fastest growing combat sport in the world and for many good reasons. I was really lacking that one-on-one competition aspect of my life so I looked up the nearest MMA school to me without knowing a lot about the art besides that I had seen it during some UFC fights.

Brian was accommodating right from the start. He is a very rare instructor because not only is he extremely talented check his resume , but he cares immensely about his students. He is a true student of the art and it shows in his instruction style.

The atmosphere at Precision was perfect for students from all walks of life. Whether you wanted to be an MMA fighter or just wanted to learn some self-defense techniques while getting in shape — Precision fit your needs.

I cannot imagine my life without this great art. I went for it and was instantly hooked. You can lose your job, lose your girlfriend, but when you go to Precision MMA, for those few hours everything is good.

Training at Precision made me more physically fit, helped me accomplish wins in tournaments, and made me confident that I can defend myself if I ever had the need. Everyone should check out this amazing gym! We give students a balanced curriculum which turns them into well rounded fighters while keeping them challenged and excited.

The problem is that many gyms only know one style, but jump on the UFC bandwagon and try to fool customers by faking it. At Precision MMA we leave no stone unturned, our instructors are trained by champions and our students have real success! Now a personal message from head Instructor Brian McLaughlin. Thanks for taking the time to check out my website. I first began training MMA back in and stepped in the ring for my pro mma debut back in I wanted to train with the best and test myself against real fighters.

I have a true passion for teaching and have made it my mission to make sure each of my students walks off my mats better than when they walked on.

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