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Hunter Strickland is second at Astros' Bregman still upset by D-backs' draft call Houston Astros. Not much has changed in that aspect. “The difference is television”

Ronald Acuna Jr. Hit By First Pitch, Dugouts and Bullpens Empty

Montreal mayor meets with baseball commissioner Rob Manfred in New York City

Get rid of a lot of the replays and count catcher visits to the mound with coaches visits. Talk in between innings and figure it out. Stop messing with a good thing. No one that has ever pitched at any level above little league would say what you just said. In MLB today they are stealing signs with high tech gadgets and cameras that did not even exist 10 years.

To take the ability for a catcher and pitcher to change signs during an inning away from them is ludicrous. God forbid that Americans be forced to think or strategize. You are forgetting how it may affect a pitcher. If a pitcher needs secs to breath and get refocused before stepping back up on the rubber and taking his sign, then that may help him throw more strikes.

It might also endanger them pitching in a hurry, distracted and unready to field something hit back at the then. Oh no the poor pitchers, oh no. How could mlb do something like that! Easports you realize most of the players in mlb have played with this in the minor leagues?

Otherwise, wait until the innings over to give your encouragement. More strike outs and more walks means more pitches and that means longer games. You are right about that. Well, maybe little league games. He needs to be gone. You want his first pitch on a mound that may be a little wetter than normal to be a live pitch?

I get the idea, not a bad idea, only reason I say no is the concern for injury. Coming in and having to uncork your best stuff right off the bat could see somw arm troubles popping up more often. Thatd be my only concern. There are always slight differences between the bullpen mound and the actual one. Pitchers need a few practice tosses to adjust for this. Here are some random numbers Game action 11 minutes Replays 15 minutes Shots of coaches, crowds, cheerleaders etc 36 minutes Commercials 63 minutes shots of players standing around 67 minutes Baseball game action 17 min.

I love the clock in football until the hurry up happens. I DVR the game. Right after the play, I hit my 30 second skip and the next play starts. It shortens my viewing time, as well as fast forwarding the commercials.

This could get very ugly if Manfred unilaterally imposes practices that are unpopular amongst players. Players with protections under the NLRA could take protected, concerted activity with MLB in danger of an unfair labor practice charge for taking any disciplinary action.

Manfred needs to reconsider the effect on player relations over practices that might reduce average game time by 10 minutes. There was pushback with the notion of instant replay, now there is pushback from setting up a clock. There are far too many batters that are more concentrated on every pitch to adjust their batting gloves or helmet without even taking a swing.

There are far too many catchers with no one on base that will visit the mound like if there was someone on second base stealing the signs. So ballplayers, umpires and fans just have to suck it up…. Replay has been an absolute disaster. You have five minutes of dead air with the camera trained on two umpires wearing headphones connected to a Vietnam-era radio set.

It completely saps the interest out of the most exciting moments of a game. Replay is awesome, the problem is still having human umpires who are like 50 year old men with non-perfect vision making basically impossible calls. Laser guided strike zones need to happen. Not many other jobs out there where you do your job properly and everyone can see it, but some bumbling idiot that has control says its wrong?

Nah, this is a billion dollar industry not alleyway stickball. We could also replace players with laser guided robots. They can be programmed to play the game with perfection. The bigger problem is pitching changes. They need to increase the minimum batters a pitcher must face. I dont mind the pitch clock, but why are pitchers getting 20 seconds vs hitters 30?

Should be 30 seconds each, id even go 40 seconds each. Does that pause the clock? Same with infield visits. Is that limited as well? Do they get 1 per at bat, game, hows that handled? What about hitters resetting after every pitch?

Also, if youre looking to speed up the games why not move bullpens in closer so they arent jogging from the outfield to the mound? Or limit the time the manager has to pull his pitcher and replace him on the mound? I mean managers going through 2 or 3 guys in a inning for platoon purposes adds time.

The pitch clock timing would start once the pitcher receives the ball with his foot on the rubber. To reset the clock he can just step off the rubber. It would not restart until he is on the rubber again. Why would you want to take time off of that? But thats just what I think. Maybe less commercials will help. To do it in an offseason when the word collusion keeps coming up is another thing.

As a young fan with a short attention span, screw this. Not to mention there are definitely times when multiple mound visits are warranted. Maybe a max of one per batter, but not 3 batters a row or something like that. This just hurts the players and what hurts the players hurts the game.

You want a max of one visit per batter? Lol how on earth does that help. Stop making excuses for slow players plain and simple they will be forced to adapt now and it will benefit you as a viewer.

Enforce mound visits, tightning of batting gloves, and have fewer commercials are a couple of other suggestions. Its just not sitting well with me. The only way he was staying a Royal is if it was like the early days of baseball where the team owned you. But I agree there should be a cap on players salaries.

Average game time now 3: MLB losing the youth market because games too long. We will never recover the time lost to specialty pitchers either. In the AL it was Rick Langford at Those changes of specialty pitchers have lead to the steady lengthening of games. This is due to more pitching changes. They counted on their workhorse starters to get this done. Not much has changed in that aspect. I was typing about the same time as you and basically the same thing but I posted much later as I got wrapped up reading some articles.

One in particular by Rany Jazayerli caught my eye. IOW a visit from the pitching coach or any other non-medical personnel counts as a visit. Mound visits by Catchers, 3B, 1B, etc do not currently count, and are not restricted in any way. Agreed kbarr, if the players are smart they would suggest no mound visits before the pitch clock.

Manfred might accept that comprimise. I think the suggestion pertains to the players in the field. Obviously the current rules already limit visits from the dugout to 1 per pitcher, per inning without making a change. MLBPA is one of the strongest unions. Look at the NFL, without guaranteed contracts. But I admit they goofed here. I wonder how the pitch clock will work with pick off throws? Are pick offs no longer going to be allowed unless you can get the ball back to the pitcher and thrown in 20 seconds?

I think ball just needs to leave the hand — the issue is more the pitcher looking back the runner over and over and shaking off. I hope they limit the pickoff throw more if they implement the pitch clock. These pitchers will just start throwing a lob over to 1B while they get ready. But there are a few other ways to speed play that seem so obvious.. Limit that to 3. I can agree to limiting mound visits per pitcher at two per inning, but the pitch clock seems like a lame idea.

Why are so many trying to make boys and men wimps? Many rule changes are making sports for girly men. Watching baseball feels like watching paint dry a lot of times in the past 5 years.

The players have too much power in this league which is ok. The players in AAA are doing fine the professionals can handle it. No pitcher averages 35 seconds. The highest was Pedro Baez at The second highest was Hunter Strickland at Finally a move that makes sense. They should also make a limit on other things like hitters intentionally fowling off balls just to drive up the pitch count. They also need to limit how many throws to first a pitcher or team gets.

I forgot one other thing if a pitcher starts an inning they should be required to finish it. Who even needs strikes. Or just eliminate strikes altogether. There done, no more fielders. Save all the time of them jogging out to the field every inning. Take less time between innings less commercials etc. The goals of soccer, hockey, basketball, and football is to move up the playing field to score, and the game ends after the buzzer.

Baseball is very different. Time between innings, and pitcher substitutions are the biggest time eaters. The players want to play their game. But some of this is misplaced anger about how this offseason has cone—which ought to be directed at their Union. How would a 20 second pitch clock and 30 second hitter clock work simultaneously between batters? Does the 20 second rule still apply when a batter is walking up to the plate? If so, the 20 second clock would always run out before the 30 second clock.

Or is this only between pitches in an at bat, and disregarded when a new batter is coming up? The 20 second pitch clock would probably start when the new batter enters the batters box. In my mind the issue is not the second or two that can be cut between pitches. Average game has about pitches so cutting 2 seconds each pitch only saves 8 minutes. A much bigger issue is the endless parade of RP and the time for them to come in and warm up just to face a batter or 2.

Make RP pitch at least an inning. This rule would only apply to at-bats with no one on base and the pitcher can step off the rubber to reset the clock. MLB estimates that this would save seconds per game. Get the calls right AND eliminate pitch framing so teams will put catchers who can hit and throw on the their rosters instead of noodle arms who swing wet newspapers because they are really super good at subtly moving their glove an inch.

No more framing nonsense, no more bad human umpiring. No other billion dollar industry allows the human element to have any kind of effect on its profit margin the way MLB does. The NFL is king because of national interest of the whole league,even fantasy draft shows topple MLB games in ratings.

The NBA has more talent now than it ever has. Huge rebound from the boring Spurs reign of gray over the league for so long.

The Super Bowl was not the most watched event in the US. Anyone want to sum up how pick off attempts factors into this genius idea if it was mentioned above? We limiting number of times they can throw over too? If not cant wait for all the pick off attempts to reset the pitch clock. Paul Waner wrote that batters had to be ready the instant the umpire gave the go.

If a batter dawdled the way they do today, the pitcher would pitch regardless. If a batter stepped out, the pitcher could still pitch. I think that is the true issue. The batters calling time after every pitch.

Pace of play rules will do nothing for attendance or viewership. The rule changes are intended to help the hitter which will lengthen games not shorten them. For over a hundred years, the way young players were drawn to the game was simply to be taken by their parents to the ball park. The smell of the grass on the field and the hot dogs in the stands, breeze in your face, the anticipation of catching a foul ball headed your way, talking about different players and situations with your dad.

The pace of the game, the strategy, the drama unfolding throughout the game is all part of the draw. I already think the excitement of the game has been diminished by the double play and home plate collision rules, and especially instant replay. Bad calls and mistakes by umpires often resulting in humorous outbursts from managers are part of the charm of the game, and during a course of a long season even themselves out.

As far as player safety goes, well baseball was never supposed to be a non-contact sport. Look at the diminished ratings from the NFL year after year.

People miss those big hits and great tackles which are now a penalty. I agree with everything you said the rules involving contact with the head are ridiculous.

Soccer where there is constant blows to the head in one way or another shows these new rules the NFL and nba have implemented are jokes. Like rugby,that would solve all of the NFL problems and internationally viewership would go up. Pace of play rules are driven mainly by the sports media who would rather spend 2 hrs on the job instead of 3.

They were also a driving force behind new stadium construction that they saw as an improvement in their working conditions. America has become allergic to defense in all of there sports. More scoring owners think will make them more money.

People crave to see great competition and you can only have that when your allowed to play defense. The NFL has gotten rid of any hope of a team ever being like the 85 bears. Basketball has done the same. Now baseball is trying to do the same. Will batters have to stay in the batters box, or be penalized if they step out?

The batter that steps out of the box after every pitch to retighten their batting gloves, scratch their balls, spit their chew, or whatever else they are doing. Bert Cunningham Buffalo 5 Joe Harris Boston Leon Cadore Brooklyn 26 The only other player with this dubious debut was George Winkelman who also had five wild pitches in his first Major League start.

Did you know that Rick Ankiel once threw five wild pitches in a single inning, tying the Major League recird set by Bert Cunningham in ? On October 3, , in a Division Series game postseason records are kept separate , Ankiel threw five wild pitches in the third inning.

The most in any postseason game, ever! Nolan Ryan , , , , , Larry Cheney , , and Jack Morris , , , have each led a league in wild pitches a Major League leading six different seasons. As of February 1, , Mike Fast is no longer a free-lance analyst, having taken a position in the Baseball Operations department of the Houston Astros.

Best wishes to Mike for success in his new position. Here are links to some of the articles he has written. This is the company responsible for the pitch-tracking technology, including the software used to reconstruct the trajectory in real time and render it for the broadcasters. They are also the people who created the virtual yellow first-down marker used in television broadcasts of football games. If you know how to use SQL, this is far and away the easiest way to obtain the data.

If you don't, then check the next link. This is how I learned whatever little I know about the subject. This document discusses the various techniques that can be used to determine the trajectory in field coordinates x,y,z from the camera pixel information. The general technique outlined here can easily be extended to include arbitrary numbers of cameras or to utilize different physical models for the trajectory.

It is also shown how to extract the lift coefficient and spin axis. This is your "one-stop shopping" site for some very nice articles.