West Indies Vs Bangladesh Live Score (T20)

Rohit pulls away just before Nazmul Islam could deliver. Superb effort and Bangladesh have lost both the openers. Just six, but will do. I ate through all my nails. Vijay Shankar to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, slower delivery to end, Sabbir Rahman keeps the strike with a single to sweeper cover. Match Notes

India in Bangladesh Test Match, 2015

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Rubel to Rahul, 2 runs, nice back foot punch with an open bat face, wide of the diving backward point fielder, third man gets across to cut off the boundary, Rahul used the depth of the crease to good effect there. Rubel to Rohit, 1 run, misfield from Liton Das at cover and that won't please the bowler. Straightforward stop and he fumbles to let Rohit get off strike. Rubel to Rohit, no run, went for the attempted yorker, turned out to be a low full-toss, clipped to mid-wicket inside the ring.

Swung in the air. Shakib to Rohit, 1 run, shortish on off, Rohit easily punches it to long-on. Shakib to Rohit, no run, that gripped off the pitch, nearly squared Rohit up on the back foot, but didn't turn square to cause problems, Rohit defends to backward point. Shakib to Rohit, 2 runs, floated up outside off, too much air, attempting to lure Rohit into the big hit, instead the Mumbaikar square-drives with elan behind backward point for two more.

Hit all along the ground. Shakib to Rahul, 1 run, uses his feet and gets a thick inside edge on the forward defence, but short fine is deep, so they take a single. Shakib to Rahul, SIX , too short, second time that Shakib has gone for a six against the short ball, Rahul rocks back and thumps a flat six over deep mid. That skimmed over the fielder's head. Shakib to Rohit, 1 run, slower and shortish outside off, Rohit punches off the back foot to long-on.

Mustafizur to Rohit, 1 run, short of length into the hips, turned through mid-wicket for a run. Even the legendary Athar Ali Khan is wowing about Rohit's batting on air tonight. Mustafizur to Rohit, no run, another free-flowing drive but finds cover. Such timing from Rohit. Mustafizur to Rohit, 2 runs, leans and drives this overpitched delivery outside off gloriously through the covers.

Easy two by the time sweeper gets across. Mustafizur to Rohit, no run, direct hit from the sub Ariful Haque would've been interesting? The throw is well wide and Rohit dives back in. He dabbed this to the left of short third, wanted a quick single but Rahul sent him back in time. We saw that from Mahmudullah earlier on, this shot is even better.

Width outside off, Rohit opens the face of the bat and steers it right between backward point and short third. Mehidy dived but to no avail. Mustafizur to Rahul, 1 run, short of length and angling in from round the wicket, Rahul defends with soft hands in front of backward point, Rohit gets across for the quick single.

Nazmul Islam to Rohit, no run, sliding down, nudged behind square. Nazmul Islam to Rohit, no run, tossed up outside off, driven straight to the fielder at extra-cover. Nazmul Islam watches the ball fly over long-off. Stayed back, launched the tossed up delivery on off for a big six. Remember these aren't small boundaries here at the Premadasa. Even the Sri Lankans rooting for him.

Coming back to the shot, he used his feet and then made room slightly to open his body up, ensured he got it over mid-off inside the ring. Nazmul Islam to Rohit, no run, hint of turn, from a fuller length, Rohit defends watchfully to backward point.

Nazmul Islam to Rahul, 1 run, uses his feet, gets too close to the pitch of the ball, but squeezes it out to mid-on. Nazmul Islam, left-arm orthodox, comes into the attack. Rubel to Rahul, 1 run, short of length and angling in, worked away through mid-wicket, there was confusion between the duo, but no harm done in the end. Sees the short and wide delivery outside off, carves it off the back foot, a slashing cut and nearly all the way, one bounce over the ropes at sweeper cover.

Too much width and KL latched on. Rubel to Rahul, no run, pacy short of length delivery on off, calmly defended back down the track. Bang on the money is Rubel. Rubel to Raina, out Caught by Rahim!! Rahim is confident, so confident that he has taken the review.

But he convinces Shakib and they take it. Looks to be a bottom edge. UltraEdge confirms the same. Raina goes for a blob. Full marks to Rahim for spotting the tiny edge. Raina looked to flamingo-pull that, with one leg off the ground but could only feather a snick behind. Rahim dived to his right to grab that and when the umpire didn't give it out, was perplexed. Bangladesh hit back with two quick wickets. Raina c Rahim b Rubel 0 3. Rubel to Raina, no run, beaten for pace.

Right through Raina as he advanced and swung, Rubel followed Raina and the ball goes past the inside edge. Rubel to Raina, no run, short of length on the pads, Raina tucks it to mid-wicket. Rubel Hossain, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack. Shakib to Rohit, no run, tossed up outside off, driven straight to the fielder at extra-cover. Didn't hit the gap. Shakib to Rohit, no run, short and wide outside off, Rohit cuts straight to the fielder at cover-point, there's a fumble, runs, but sent back in time by Raina.

Suresh Raina in T20 finals: Shakib to Dhawan, out Caught by sub A Haque!! Leading edge and taken. Beaten in flight was Dhawan as he advanced, but decided to go through the shot, problem was he was looking to go across the line, leading edge is smartly held at mid-off by the sub running to his right and tumbling to take it. Dhawan c sub A Haque b Shakib 10 7 [6s-1]. Shakib to Rohit, 1 run, sliding on, into the pads, worked away behind square.

Shakib to Dhawan, 1 run, wrists it to mid-on to take the single. Rank long hop, Dhawan murders the pull off the back foot, was waiting for it on the back foot and over deep square leg, India off to a flier. Mehidy Hasan to Rohit, no run, faster and sliding straight on, pushed back watchfully to the bowler. Rohit is in the mood today. Just the look on his face says it all. He is determined as ever. Uses his feet and lofts the tossed up delivery over wide long-on. The bowler and the fielders could just see the trajectory of the ball as it sailed over their heads.

Mehidy Hasan to Rohit, FOUR , predictably the length is shortened, Rohit is an experienced campaigner, sits back and pulls hard and wide of the diving backward square fielder inside the ring.

Sees the flight on that, doesn't hold back, biffs it with all power and off she goes. Mehidy Hasan to Dhawan, 1 run, good bowling.

Dhawan had to adjust his shot, wide of the crease and angled in, Dhawan was looking for the sweep, but it skidded on, Dhawan works it in front of him and off they go. Mehidy Hasan to Dhawan, no run, tossed up from round the wicket, on off, Dhawan pushes it to cover-point and wants a quick single, nothing doing from Rohit.

Mehidy Hasan, right-arm off break, comes into the attack. Shakib to Rohit, no run, fired in full, around off, driven straight to the fielder at extra-cover. Shakib to Dhawan, 1 run, brilliant running between the wickets from both batsmen, Dhawan used his feet and nudged it to short fine, Rohit was backing up a long way and made it easily.

Shakib to Rohit, 1 run, hurries off the pitch, Rohit works it off the back foot through mid-wicket. Down the track and lofts cleanly over mid-on. Got to the pitch and didn't hold back. Shakib to Rohit, no run, slower and tossed up on off, Rohit's feet didn't move as he stood beside the line of the ball, inside edge onto the pad and it dribbles away.

Shakib to Dhawan, 1 run, Rahim shouts encouraging words to Shakib as Dhawan flicks uppishly from middle through mid-wicket. May have been the seam-up ball first up for it swung in. Dhawan and Rohit are at the crease. Dhawan is on strike. Shakib will open the attack. Welcome back for the chase. Just the odd minute break. The players are in the middle. Shakib has the ball. No catching men behind the wicket. The Indian fielding was top-class and the bowling effort was led by Sundar and Chahal with Unadkat chipping in.

We'll be back for the chase in a jiffy. Bangladesh will feel they have a score on the board. But it increasingly looks like they are at least 20 short considering the form the Indian batting line-up is in.

But Bangladesh should be happy that they got to after being three down in no time. The recovery was led by Sabbir and Rahim first, before Mahmudullah, Shakib and Mehidy Hasan all played a part to push the score along. But it was Sabbir's innings that caught the eye - when he came in, he was in danger of playing too many shots too soon, but gathered his wits as wickets fell around him and exploded at the right time.

He had a part to play in Mahmudullah's run-out, and the senior man wasn't too happy with that incident. But Sabbir handled the extra pressure well to give his side a chance in the final. SN Thakur to Mehidy Hasan, 2 runs, again down the track, but the length is shorter, Mehidy Hasan slaps it wide of Vijay Shankar and they come back easily for the second.

Bangladesh end with with 84 coming off the last 8 overs. SN Thakur to Mehidy Hasan, 2 runs, uses his feet and drives well, to the right of sweeper cover. Right between backward point and short third, Mehidy Hasan threw his bat at that, even though it came off the toe of the bat, importantly for Bangladesh it was in the gap. SN Thakur to Mehidy Hasan, no run, had he left that, would've been a wide, but he reaches out to this full and wide delivery, toe end it to Dhawan at backward point, they don't take the single.

Mehidy Hasan takes it on the full and swings it high and over deep mid. Did enough to clear the fielder. Unadkat to Mustafizur, no run, slower delivery to end, Mustafizur pushes it to extra-cover who is at the edge of the ring.

India want Mustafizur to be on strike, but they don't take the single. Just 3 runs off the penultimate over! Top bowling by Unadkat. Unadkat to Mustafizur, no run, crisp drive, with a good bat-flow but again straight to the fielder at mid-off. Good captaincy by Rohit to deny Mehidy Hasan the strike.

Unadkat to Mustafizur, no run, very full now, Mustafizur pushes it to mid-off, Mehidy Hasan wants the strike, but the ball finds the fielder too quickly. Mustafizur Rahman, left handed bat, comes to the crease. Unadkat to Rubel, out Bowled!! Unadkat is fired up. Cleans up Rubel much like how he did Sabbir.

A cutter, came very slow, completely does in Rubel who awkwardly slogs to leg and misses. Rubel b Unadkat 0 1. Highest scores in a T20 final: Unadkat to Rubel, wide , too high and way too short, rightly called a wide. Unadkat to Sabbir Rahman, out Bowled!! Uses the slower delivery to good effect and it goes through Sabbir Rahman's defences. Was too early into the swipe, the ball came much later, falls on the stumps. Massive wicket for Sabbir Rahman was striking it really well. He goes back with the highest score by a Bangladeshi batsman against India in T20Is.

Sabbir Rahman b Unadkat 77 50 [4s-7 6s-4]. Unadkat to Sabbir Rahman, 2 runs, Review again by India. For lbw against Sabbir Rahman. Looks like an inside edge onto the pad. The third umpire wants UltraEdge - clear spike and India will lose their review. Sabbir Rahman moved across, to get himself outside the line, the thin snick on the attempted scoop, saved him. Ricochets off the pad and they take two.

Review again by India. Pre-meditated scoop, gets low and takes the fuller one around off, to get it over short fine's head. Is it slipping down? Umpire's call on hitting, so Sabbir Rahman will survive Just clipping and since the onfield ump didn't give it, he survives.

Cross-seam delivery in the blockhole, hits the front pad after missing the bat, Sabbir Rahman again was looking for a quick single, was almost halfway down, but SN Thakur missed the under-arm flick. Had that hit, the batsman would've been walking back. Umpire's call on hitting, so Sabbir Rahman will survive.

SN Thakur to Mehidy Hasan, 1 run, another chance of a run-out , Sabbir Rahman may have been just in even as Dhawan from backward point missed his throw, Mehidy Hasan had ran a long way forward, so they can't steal another run as the ball is fielded on the dive at deep mid.

SN Thakur again isn't happy about something. SN Thakur to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, full on the pads, flicked to deep mid-wicket.

Mehidy Hasan is happy with just a single. Most runs conceded in a T20I final: Vijay Shankar to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, slower delivery to end, Sabbir Rahman keeps the strike with a single to sweeper cover.

Driven to extra-cover, straight to the fielder, KL fires in an awkward throw on the bounce to Vijay Shankar who manages to parry the ball onto the stumps. Shakib was just short. He didn't dive either. Had he done so, would've survived.

But credit to the bowler for handling such a fast throw near his feet. Vijay Shankar to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, thank Masuri and other companies who manufacture helmets. Sabbir Rahman should thank them, because if there was no grille, it would've smashed into his face and broken a few teeth.

Another full-toss, he attempts the cheeky ramp scoop and edges it onto the grille, the helmet takes the brunt of the blow even as Sabbir Rahman's head is pushed back by the impact. The ricochet goes near mid-wicket. Ends up being a juicy full-toss, Sabbir Rahman smashed that over deep mid's head.

Just over even as the fielder tried to leap and catch that. Right into the blockhole, dug out back to the bowler. One too many slower balls. Sabbir Rahman waits on the crease and sits down to slog it over cow-corner. Got enough bat to get it all the way. Most run outs in T20Is: Washington Sundar to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, too full on the stumps, Sabbir Rahman drives to long-on to keep the strike. Washington Sundar to Shakib, 1 run, slower and on the pads, worked through mid-wicket.

Washington Sundar to Shakib, no run, slower and following Shakib, as he made room to cut, it hurried on and spoilt his timing, chopped to backward point. Got there with a drive to long-off after using his feet. He needs to kick on though and be there till the end. Saw the slower tossed up delivery outside off and heaved it with all his might. Got hold of the shot too and it sails over deep mid. Washington Sundar to Shakib, 1 run, slower, drifting into the pads, whipped off the back foot to leg.

Additional pressure on Sabbir Rahman, he has been there for a long time but certainly not at his fluent best, now he would be expected to make up for Mahmudullah too". Vijay Shankar to Shakib, 1 run, angled in on a good length on off, Shakib defends in front of backward point, easy run.

Vijay Shankar to Shakib, no run, goes under the bat of Shakib who was trying to cut that, may have kept a shade low to beat the bottom edge.

Shakib flashes at a full ball outside off, with no slip, the edge was always going away, third man is too square to get across. Raced off the bat and well wide of DK. Vijay Shankar to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, another slower delivery, on the stumps, pushed to mid-off. Serious brainblast from both batsmen especially Sabbir Rahman.

Mahmudullah was concerned about the lbw call, because it was close, totally done in by the slower delivery, trying to work to leg and missed. Off the pad to DK, Sabbir Rahman though wanted the strike and was at the other end. DK threw it back to Vijay Shankar who was sliding, scrambling but manages to get to the stumps to run Mahmudullah out.

Totally Sabbir Rahman's fault. Mahmudullah sacrificed his wicket, initially thought to stay his ground, but seeing Vijay Shankar's awkwardly body movements, may have felt a tiny chance to escape. He didn't and Bangladesh have lost a wicket at the wrong time.

And the big one of Mahmudullah too. With short fine inside the ring, full and on the pads, Mahmudullah flicks wide of short fine and deep square is too far away from the ball to get across. SN Thakur to Mahmudullah, 1 run, full-toss, may have been another knuckle ball attempted, tapped down to long-on. SN Thakur to Mahmudullah, no run, now the cross-seamer, on a fuller length and this swung away to beat the drive of Mahmudullah, close to taking the snick.

DK liked that and well bowled. Using all his variations. SN Thakur to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, another knuckle ball, Sabbir Rahman taps it through cover and takes the single on offer. SN Thakur to Sabbir Rahman, no run, beautiful knuckle ball and it swung from the hand, and in the air, Sabbir Rahman wanted to run it down wide of DK, could only get a feather, not good enough to beat the keeper.

Uses his feet and thumps the length delivery straight. Long-off and long-on can't get to the ball. SN Thakur and Rohit aren't happy. Chahal at short fine, was slow to dive and when he did, allowed the ball to slip under his fingers, got up and chased it, as did DK and one more fielder, but the trio weren't able to cut the boundary.

Unadkat to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, slower delivery on off, Sabbir Rahman defends with soft hands, in front of cover, easy run. Unadkat to Mahmudullah, 1 run, had Unadkat hit, Mahmudullah was gone.

Unadkat covering ground to his right on his followthrough, was quick to get across, picked it up with his right-hand and then transferred it to his left, before firing a throw, it missed and the diving Mahmudullah scraped home.

But what backing up by Rohit at extra cover, the ball was speeding across the turf, he slid to his right and came up with the cherry in one hand - before hurling a throw to DK.

Top quality fielding - shows how intense India are tonight. The captain setting the example. Third man was inside the ring, on a back of a length outside off, width there to play the late glide, Mahmudullah opens the face of the bat and gets it right between backward point and short third.

Unadkat to Mahmudullah, no run, off-cutter, slowed down the pace, tricked Mahmudullah completely, defended back to Unadkat. Unadkat to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, short of length angling in, towards off and middle, nudged to the left of short fine leg. Unadkat to Mahmudullah, 1 run, angled in from round the wicket, on a good length, dabbed down to third man.

Vijay Shankar to Mahmudullah, 1 run, short delivery on off, pulled to the right of Manish Pandey who almost overruns it but reads the spin on that and comes up with the ball. He must be the best in this lot, isn't he? Vijay Shankar to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, slower delivery, Sabbir Rahman uses his feet and can't get hold of the big hit, slugged to deep mid. Vijay Shankar to Mahmudullah, 1 run, too straight, nudged to short fine leg, easy run taken.

Vijay Shankar to Mahmudullah, 2 runs, the slower delivery, on the pads, gently worked in front of long-on, even Raina isn't able to prevent the quick two this time. Vijay Shankar to Mahmudullah, 2 runs, Raina has put on some weight, I can see that but still is a top fielder.

He sprints to his right from long-on and then puts in the dive to come up with the ball with his right-hand when he got up, saved two. Super effort from the senior man after running across. Vijay Shankar to Mahmudullah, 2 runs, Mahmudullah comes down the track and is lucky that he didn't time the slog, if he had got it off the middle of the bat, would've found deep mid, it bounces well wide of the fielder.

Best figures in a T20I final: Chahal to Mahmudullah, 1 run, slower and width outside off, Mahmudullah reaches out and cuts to sweeper cover to keep the strike. Chahal to Mahmudullah, no run, lovely. From Chahal, the flipper, zoots off the track, Mahmudullah defends off the back foot.

Chahal to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, takes it from outside off and swipes along the ground to deep mid. Chahal to Mahmudullah, 1 run, nearly through Mahmudullah's defences. Beautifully bowled googly, on a fuller length, Mahmudullah has trouble against the wrong'uns, he pushes at the ball with a gap between bat and pad.

Thick inside edge saves him. Chahal to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, shortish, Sabbir Rahman goes back and pulls hard, on the bounce to deep mid. Chahal to Rahim, out Caught by Vijay Shankar!! He was itching to go after Chahal, does so but perishes.

Another well-held catch by the Indians in the field. But it is Chahal's wicket. Slowed it down, made Rahim reach out for it as he advanced, the left leg's balance was shot with the weight not going into the attempted carve, skied to the right of backward point where Vijay Shankar covers good ground to take a tumbling catch.

Replays shows that it was the attempted googly. Rahim c Vijay Shankar b Chahal 9 Washington Sundar to Sabbir Rahman, no run, superb bowling.

This kid is a serious talent. Rams in the yorker, on seeing Sabbir Rahman advance, the batsman can only dig it out. Would've seen Rahman advance previously, so knew what he was doing there. Washington Sundar to Rahim, 1 run, full and wristed to long-on. Washington Sundar to Rahim, no run, fired in full, Rahim squeezes it out straight to the fielder at cover. Washington Sundar to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, was that the slower overspinner?

Could well have been, Sabbir Rahman had to wait for an age for the ball to arrive, when it does, he can only get a tiny part of the bat on the reverse sweep which is good enough to give him only a single. Washington Sundar to Sabbir Rahman, 2 runs, down the track again, takes it on the full, didn't get hold of it, but wide of the fielder in the deep for two more.

Washington Sundar to Rahim, 1 run, superbly bowled. Not sure whether he saw Rahim charging or he decided to bowl what he did, Rahim who is down the wicket, sees the length short and the ball spinning, dabs to the off-side for a single. Chahal to Rahim, 1 run, flat trajectory, pushed through on off, Rahim was making room to go over cover, had to adjust and dabbed it wide of backward point in the end to get the single.

Chahal to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, back to slowing it down, tossed up outside off, Sabbir Rahman fetches the sweep from there and finds deep mid. Chahal to Sabbir Rahman, no run, quicker one now and raps Sabbir Rahman on the pad, but it was sliding down, Sabbir Rahman was beaten for pace as he tried to flick, rushed through - the attempted flipper.

Chahal to Sabbir Rahman, no run, slower and outside off, fullish length, Sabbir Rahman steers it straight to the fielder at backward point. Chahal to Rahim, 1 run, Vijay Shankar does well and Rohit applauds that effort by clapping. Swept wide of him at short fine and he slides across to pick the ball up with one hand, keeps it to a single. Chahal to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, tossed up slower and outside off, making Sabbir Rahman reach out for the drive, through cover and wide of the fielder.

Vijay Shankar to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, unnecessary from Dhawan at short third. The batsmen had decided against the quick single, but he hits direct and the ricochet slips away from Vijay Shankar's grasp who was backing up. Gives the run to Sabbir Rahman. Vijay Shankar to Rahim, 1 run, now Rahim charges Vijay Shankar, with the bowler following the batsman, swiped straight to the fielder on the bounce to deep mid.

Vijay Shankar to Sabbir Rahman, 1 run, very full outside off, dug out wide of the diving Vijay Shankar. Full around off, he just bends his head down a tad and then uses the bat as a broom, paddling it over the fielder. As a team that plays four club fixtures in three months back home, Hong Kong's meek submission to Pakistan was hardly a surprise. Saqlain Mushtaq on the need to consider Mohammad Amir's needs and the back-up options available to Pakistan should he opt to rest.

Pakistan fast bowler Usman Khan talks about the 31st over of the Hong Kong innings during which he took three wickets. Deep Dasgupta and Saqlain Mushtaq on how Usman bowled and whether Aamir should be rested for next match. Deep Dasgupta and Saqlain Mushtaq on how Hong Kong's lack of experience at the highest level cost them. Sune Luus, meanwhile, scored 58 and took the key wicket of Deandra Dottin.

Like George Bailey five years ago, Finch has won his spot primarily for his leadership skills and white-ball form. Can he make it count in the UAE? They broke a sequence of ten successive ODI losses against India, winning with one ball to spare in a high-scoring game. Windies captain, Carlos Brathwaite, says that it was decided yesterday to start with Nurse first up.

Adds that they had a gut feeling about the move and he feels happy that it came off nicely. Implies that he trusts his players to make the right calculative decisions in crunch moments and if they fail, they should look to improve in the next game. Ends by saying that they are happy with the win and would look to replicate the same performance in the next couple of matches as well. Bangladesh Captain, Shakib Al Hasan, starts by saying that they lost their way with the early wickets.

Adds that they kept on losing crucial wickets after every comeback they made but losing five in the first 10 overs was never going to help them. Asserts Windies have a lot of power hitters in their team and they are well aware of them. Ends by saying they have a lot to improve and will look rectify in the next match. After being put to bat, Bangladesh could never lift themselves after the initial setbacks.

They lost 4 in the Powerplay as the Windies bowlers ran havoc, with the star being Williams who took a 4-fer to dismiss the visitors for just Mahmudullah was the highest scorer for the visitors with 35 but no one else could stick around for too long. During Windies chase, Rahman took two in two in the second over but it didn't really made any difference in the outcome as the hosts go up in the series.

Well, the score never looked it would trouble the mighty Windies and they have made sure that they win this on a canter.