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Online sportsbooks must score highly in the following areas to qualify for inclusion on the best sportsbooks grid. However, his insistence that people never tell him the odds is a monumental error when it comes to gambling. So if you stake Rs. A- to A Aug 21, The Dynamics of Sports Betting

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If discovered something wrong, say goodbye to your money. We are talking about on-line gaming here right? I find it odd that they only want to ID on the payout, but you can deposit all day without ID. In my opinion, they hope you dont send them your ID so they can get out of paying. To avoid this deposit via Western Union, MoneyGram, etc. If no credit card is used, no id is needed. Hope this was helpful. Looking for sports picks, check out my site www.

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Then, the clear answer you will see it here https: The Zcodes System is rammed full of data for you to digest. Zcodes System is perhaps not constrained to 1 betting philosophy but instead looks to link the information gap between a wide range of betting experts and their customers to preferably turn consumers to the authorities of the future. Maybe that site has really no plan of giving you your winnings and honestly I think there would be no site that won't ask for your I. That just means that the site is secure and just protecting your interest and their company.

Well, I know one site that is just committed to their clients and are honest https: So, if someone stole your identity and used your money to gamble and win on sports betting, you'd be ok with the perp not being ID'd? Or are YOU the perp? Related Questions Are online sports betting sites safe and guaranteed? Good sports betting sites and why? When you walk into a betting shop or a casino the cashier will visually check your appearance and will make a decision if you are under age or not.

If they think you might be they will ask for ID to confirm this. The exact same process is required for an online bookie or casino, except they obviously cannot make a visual assessment, so they must ask everyone for ID, whether you look 18 or You must be 18 to gamble in the UK and this must be verified by licensed operators in order for you to carry on betting and ultimately withdraw any funds.

If you are on the electoral roll at the address you provide to the bookie then this can often be checked automatically, if not you will need to send in a proof of age such as a passport. Certain unscrupulous characters may decide to get rid of their ill-gotten gains by wagering this online and then withdrawing any cash as 'clean money'.

The bookmaker or casino may therefore ask you to confirm your identification beyond the usual background checks. This doesn't mean they suspect you of money laundering or fraud. You may have been selected at random, have a similar name to someone connected to criminal activity or the operator has not been able to obtain sufficient information from your background check. In terms of fraud, if the bookie suspects there is even a remote chance that the banking method you are using may not belong to you then they will ask for further ID.

This will commonly occur if your card or payment account is not registered at the same address as the one you provided to the betting site. You may find that you have been playing with a betting site for some time before they ask you for further verification. This will likely be because you've make a large deposit or withdrawal that is either out of character or hits a threshold set by the bookmakers.

Suspecting you of something is very different to judging you to have done something. Betting companies can suspend accounts and refuse to pay out if they suspect criminal activity, this doesn't however mean you have no right to appeal. You should be given every opportunity to prove you are who you say you are and to that end any disputed funds will be held pending the resolution of a complaint. There are third party sources that can help to mediate these complains and defined laws regarding how cases should be judged.

Many years ago an online betting site could basically do what they liked, many were unregulated but as the industry grew this was progressively abused. The Gambling Act of for the first time made it illegal to operate an unlicensed online bookmaker in the UK, this was the first major piece of legislation since the Gambling Act of that made off course betting legal.

The act states that operators in the UK must prevent crime and fraud, promote an open and honest industry and ultimately protect vulnerable people. Part of this requires bookies to check age and verify ID and funding sources.

The act also brought into being the UK Gambling Commission , an independent body part of the governments department of culture. The body have the power to issue and revoke licences and issue legal action and penalties against operators that do not follow the law. In the act was amended to make the law more stringent.

It now became illegal to operate in the UK without a licence even if you are bases abroad. This is why you have to verify your account whoever you bet with irrespective of their location. The law also enforced stronger rules on the promotion of responsible gambling and protection of vulnerable people.

Read more about this in our guide to UK gambling licensing and law. The precise ID methods vary between operators, some ask for much more than others. At the most basic level you will be asked for your name, a UK registered address and a payment method. If your payment method is a UK bank account registered at the same address then it is highly likely that this may be all that you need to provide. The betting site will then cross check your address against the electoral roll, if you are registered at this address then your account should be verified.

If you are not on the electoral roll, for example by not being a UK citizen, or you have registered at a different address to the one used for your payment method, the you may be asked for further ID. This may also happen if you hit a payment or withdrawal threshold after a period of betting.