Predicting the biggest free-agent signing for all 30 MLB teams

He was dealt to Colorado in the January Corey Dickerson deal. Zack Cozart — Padres. Him and Jay Bruce had similar seasons. They need to non tender Ackley and Eovaldi in order to get under. Looking for Shohei Otani? Angels - Jason Hammel

Austin Jackson

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Remove this prop from the element. For details, see https: The Diamondbacks, Athletics, and White Sox are plausible fits on paper as well. Lucroy may be well-served with a deal similar to Matt Wieters, with a player option for the second year. CC Sabathia — Yankees. Sabathia is in the twilight of what could become a Hall of Fame career.

Now 37, the big lefty has five top-five Cy Young finishes. Sabathia posted a 3. The Angels could be a good Plan B for Sabathia. Yonder Alonso — Angels. Alonso was drafted by the Reds in , who traded him to the Padres as a major part of the Mat Latos trade.

He was an underpowered first baseman for his entire Padres career, failing to reach 10 home runs in a season.

He mashed for about two months, hitting. Since June, though, Alonso hit. Still a decent hitter, but not a star. Alonso struggles against left-handed pitching, and was kept in a strict platoon after an August trade to Seattle.

Carlos Gomez — Royals. Gomez was a superstar for the Brewers. After that he battled injuries and tanked after a trade to Houston. Gomez is able to play an average center field as he approaches his 32nd birthday, but he continues to have trouble with injuries.

Juan Nicasio — Twins. Nicasio never had much success as a starter with the Rockies. After a stop with the Dodgers, the Pirates signed Nicasio as a free agent, and the righty earned a rotation spot with a dominant spring in Nicasio did strong work through 65 games, but was then surprisingly put on outright waivers in August in a penny-pinching move by the Bucs.

It was an odd series of transactions for Nicasio, who has discussed a contract with the Cardinals. The year-old posted a 2. Bryan Shaw — Red Sox. Michael Brantley — White Sox. Brantley has been with the Indians since coming up in , peaking with a campaign that earned him third place in the AL MVP voting. He bounced back with a healthy All-Star first half in but ended up missing over two months with an ankle injury. If he does reach the open market, he could try for a player option on a second year.

Andrew Cashner — Athletics. Cashner may be best known as the guy the Cubs traded to get Anthony Rizzo in Cashner began the year on the DL with a shoulder injury, starting his Rangers career on April 15th. He had another DL stint in June with an oblique strain, but still managed to make 28 starts for just the second time in his career.

Neil Walker — Brewers. He then engaged in multiyear extension talks with the Mets, but nothing came to fruition. This summer, the second baseman missed over a month with a hamstring injury and was traded to the Brewers in August. Walker continued his career-long run as an above-average hitter in However, the year-old has averaged games over the last two years and may be hard-pressed to find a three-year deal in free agency.

Tyler Chatwood — Phillies. About six years ago, Chatwood was traded by the Angels to the Rockies straight up for catcher Chris Iannetta. He posted a decent season for Colorado, but went down with Tommy John surgery in July of After missing all of , Chatwood posted his best season with 27 starts of 3. On the surface, Chatwood is a low-strikeout pitcher with a walk problem.

Outside of Colorado, he could become an interesting pitcher. Jake McGee — Cubs. McGee, a year-old southpaw reliever, was utterly dominant for several years with the Rays. He was dealt to Colorado in the January Corey Dickerson deal. McGee scuffled in his first year in Colorado but bounced back with a 3.

He had Tommy John surgery before he reached the Majors, in McGee later had arthroscopic elbow surgery in December and knee surgery the following year. A three-year deal is possible, if not likely. Jaime Garcia — Royals. Garcia is a longtime Cardinal who had a nice run earlier in his career but missed significant time due to injuries, including thoracic outlet syndrome surgery, in Alex Avila — Yankees.

Alex spent the first seven years of his big league career with the Tigers, then played one year for the White Sox before returning to Detroit. Avila has shown an excellent bat at times, including this year as well as his banner season. He managed only games from due to injury, but was able to avoid the DL this year.

Avila, 31 in January, will likely join fellow catcher Welington Castillo in seeking a multiyear deal and regular playing time. Jhoulys Chacin — Reds. While Chacin posted a 3. Welington Castillo — Athletics. Castillo was shipped to Seattle in May , and then on to Arizona a few weeks later. Castillo has also battled injuries and has never exceeded games played or innings caught in a season.

He can definitely help a team behind the plate but may have to settle for a timeshare given the lack of teams looking for a starting catcher. Eduardo Nunez — Blue Jays.

The Twins picked him up in , and he worked his way into regular playing time in That earned a summer trade to the Giants, where he settled in at third base and played a career-high games. The Giants shipped him to Boston last July, where he got most of his playing time at second base. The year-old should be able to find a two or even three-year deal. Anthony Swarzak — Brewers. He bounced around after five seasons in Minnesota, landing a minor league deal with the White Sox last January.

Steve Cishek — Rangers. He had hip surgery a year ago, delaying his debut until mid-May. Cishek did quality work for the Mariners before being traded to the Rays this summer. Brandon Kintzler — Nationals. Kintzler might have the best story of any player on this list, with a journey from working at a Cold Stone Creamery to closing for a Major League team.

Jon Jay — Rangers. Jay did a fine job as a semi-regular for the Cubs, playing all three outfield positions and posting a.

Jay is an eight-year veteran with 67 games of postseason experience, including a ring with the Cardinals in Carlos Gonzalez — Orioles. Gonzalez, 32, played nine years with the Rockies. As recently as , he was still an above average hitter, but this year he dipped to. Over the past three years on the road against right-handed pitching, Gonzalez has hit.

Tommy Hunter — Braves. Hunter hopes to follow in the footsteps of Joaquin Benoit and Fernando Rodney, who resurrected their careers with the Rays and found lucrative free agent contracts.

Jarrod Dyson — Pirates. The speedy Dyson served as a part-time center fielder for the Royals for seven seasons before they traded him to the Mariners for Nate Karns in January this year.

Just with baserunning and defense, Dyson can be a two-win player, as he was in games for the Mariners this year. Pat Neshek — Mariners. The year-old dominated to the tune of a 1.

Tony Watson — Blue Jays. Watson, a year-old lefty, is behind only Bryan Shaw in total games pitched from He spent his entire career with the Pirates before being traded to the Dodgers this year at the deadline. Since his rookie season, Watson has never posted an ERA over 3. Howie Kendrick — Giants. After a few years with the Dodgers, he spent this season as a quality bench piece for the Phillies and Nationals.

Jason Vargas — Orioles. He managed only 12 starts from due to Tommy John surgery. The correction was brutal after that, as Vargas posted a 6. Vargas turns 35 in February, and between his age and rough finish, he might struggle to find a two-year deal despite decent overall numbers. Chris Tillman — Tigers. Tillman was a key piece alongside Adam Jones received by the Orioles in the trade that sent Erik Bedard to the Mariners.

He made the All-Star team that year and racked up starts for the club from To say was a lost year for Tillman would be an understatement. Lucas Duda — Mariners. Duda, 32 in February, spent his entire career with the Mets before being traded to the Rays last July. However, he has struggled mightily against left-handed pitching outside of the season.

Duda missed several weeks with an elbow injury this year, and was limited to 47 games last year due to a stress fracture in his lower back. Michael Pineda — Rays. Earlier this year, Pineda looked like a potential top ten free agent despite his continued problems allowing home runs. Miles Mikolas — Padres. The year-old righty struggled through parts of three seasons with the Padres and Rangers earlier in his career, unable to capitalize on the promise he showed in the upper minors.

A list of the most intriguing free agents of the offseason would feel incomplete without Japanese sensation Shohei Otani. The year-old has established himself as one of the most dominant arms in the recent history of NPB and remarkably as one of the top sluggers in Japan as well.

A team could only offer that theoretical maximum if it received the top-level allotment, traded for the maximum amount possible and chose not to sign any other additional international amateurs.

No team has done so. If he does indeed become available, which is now in question, Otani will be able to negotiate with any MLB team.

I think all of these expenditures are realistic enough. Payroll was definitely a consideration. I dont see the Red Sox adding another million in contracts. Cubs have a lot of young players to worry about and adding million to that will really tighten them up. Giants have been really aggressive in FA the last 2 years and adding another 82 million could permanently destroy any chance of contending if they have another lackluster season.

There is money there if they want to spend it. I can see Alonso coming back and I can see interest in Pineda. They might be interested in Darvish if they think it helps with Otani and they are serious about him. It will be interesting to see what they do spend though. Yeah, but Red Sox ownership has repeatedly said that they want to get back under the luxury tax threshold.. That does not include the arb salaries of Betts, Bogaerts, Pomeranz and others.

If you factored in those salaries plus health benefits, insurance etc they will have already crossed the threshold. I really believe the big market teams have learned their lesson on these huge contracts especially with pitchers.

Just in the last few years Price, Heyward, Ellsbury, Cabrera, Zimmerman, Sandoval and Ramirez just to name a few have all been bad or atleast looking that way signings. Plus, current contracts that are starting to look regrettable in Cespedes, Lester, Chapman, Cano, Hernandez, and Greinke. I really think the era of mega contracts for all stars is a thing of the past unless it is a truly special young player like Trout, Stanton, Bryant or Judge the last 2 depending on maintaining their current levels through their arb years..

I looked at the payrolls on Baseball Reference. Or Hanley released since he only has 1 year left. The ownership has repeatedly said they wanted to get under the tax threshold in order to reset the penalty for being over it. They have now reset that penalty. I expect them to add at least one contract on the level we show here with Martinez.

Releasing Ramirez would be idiotic. He can still contribute, so rendering him a sunk cost makes no sense. Not a good idea. I think Cain and Gomez are considerations for them as well since they could use a center fielder with some speed. They need Stanton and Morrison. Dombrowski has already said multiple times that the Red Sox will not be constrained by the luxury tax … that was only an issue last year bc of the steep penalties involved for a team to go over the threshold 3 years in a row.

Martinez should have a Red Sox last summer. We might have been in the WS then. In fact that adds up to LESS than what is coming off the books. Me personally would rather see them just go out and sign both Cobb and Lynn. Beautiful thing about my plan….. NONE of them are looking to get more than a 4 year deal. My dream roster is as follows then and would cost LESS than the team.

This offense pretty much returns from last year and the year prior…. But now look at this pitching staff. If they enter the 6th inning with a lead forget about it. Also, adding Minor who not only provides a quality left handed arm in the pen judging by his performance in KC but he also adds rotation depth. Should anything happen to either Lynn or Cobb…. If Almora improves his plate discipline and can bump his OBP to at least. Contreras and Baez I think have 30 HR seasons in them…… just depends on how much playing time they are given.

Happ too could be a 30 HR guy if his rookie campaign tells us anything 24 HRs in only ABs… easily the most underrated rookie in ….. They desperately need a few relievers and a top of the rotation starter… They also need a leadoff bat. They will be spending money this off season. Maybe they trade for a reliver and leadoff hitter but I definitely see them signing 1 or 2 more relief pitchers and trying for darvish. Since I wrote my original post, the Jays plucked Tyler Guerrieri off waivers by the Rays, who were hoping no one would notice.

My favorite article of the year. He produced a document a few years ago showing how teams that went through rebuilds made jumps of wins in one season. The Twins went from 59 win to 85 this year and the Brewers went from 73 to I think his numbers away from Coors would put him in a recent spot for a bigger 2 year deal.

I agree with you. I think Chatwood gets more than that due to his away numbers and GB tendencies. I think they are going to go down the Kuroda path with him.. He has made his money and has said he wants to stay in New York.. If they add a catcher Hundley would be my guess.. I know he is a right handed bat but so is Romine.. I think they learned their lesson in the past with Garcia, Bucholz, Harrison just to name a few out of the 10 I can think of WHO never even pitched past May.

Tanaka has way to much ware and tare on his arm. Bucholz was a shot in the dark because they could afford it, Garcia was a disaster, and Harrsion was a salary dump in the Hamels trade and they never had any intention of him pitching for them.

Agreed, Tanaka to the Phils makes no sense.. He is a better fit for the Dodgers. They need a solid 2 behind Kershaw and he will be cheaper than Darvish and has been better in the playoffs throughout his career. He is the big game pitcher that they need to finally end that championship drought.. With their deep stable of starting pitchers than can easily limit his innings to around a year.. Are you talking about Freddy Garcia who pitched for the Phillies?

Clay Buchholz was never counted on to pitch deep into the season. Everyone knew he was always injured. They only got him so to build up the payroll and make the owners look cheap. They only got him to give the Rangers payroll relief. Tanaka and the Phillies? Look at Yu Darvish, does Darvish look like a Phillies player? Shohei Otani is younger than Rhys Hoskins. Otani is a perfect fit except for his face and the country he hails from.

We need cheaper and younger guys i. The Phillies inevitably will have a few bad contracts. And they can afford more than other teams. They both played for the Phillies with Park also being a pitcher.. So, I am not exactly understanding where you are coming from. Especially, since the Phillies were rebuilding when Tanaka was posted and they had one of if not the best rotations in baseball when Darvish was posted in the offseason..

They had no need for either pitcher when they were posted.. You are an ignorant fool and should keep your misguided nonsense to yourself.. I think we now know how many accounts he has. Surprised to see you guys have Alonso going to Anaheim. The Angels have much bigger needs on the pitching staff and Arte Moreno has shown that he is not willing to go over the luxury tax level. I agree that Frazier is a better fit for the Angels than Alonso.

Settle for less where they really need Moustakas. Frazier is a good role player. To be honest, though, Cozart at that projected price looks better than either. His swing tweak provided results and he can potentially help out at 2nd or 3rd. Not too illogical, but, as you point out, not enough of an improvement over the existing options to justify the contract. It helps to look a little lower in the system to figure out where teams will look to upgrade. But also due to the fact the Angels have a guy who could be ready soon in Matt Thaiss, if Cron gets moved.

On the other hand, the Angels depth chart is completely blank at 2B and 3B below the major league level. No plausible major league talent in sight. Nothing even C-level at 3B that I see. Angels have the ability to make one big signing and ideally it should be a player that solves several problems simultaneously.

Even discussing Alonso is a waste of breath. Who is the only free agent that fits that description precisely? Instead, let him do what he does best. Please, nobody tell me Valbuena who provided good, cost effective left handed power is a viable 3rd base option. No need to scare the krap out of Angels fans sitting behind first base. DH slot is not in the mix — Albert is going to be the DH for about the next 3 seasons, or until his feet give out and he has to move up to the front office a bit earlier than planned.

So — bang for the buck? Signing Moustakas would strenghten the Angels at 2 positions and enhance the value of all the RH hitters in the lineup by providing LH power balance. As Thaiss comes closer to the bigs, I think it is easier to understand why the contract for Valbuena was only for The expectation was that Thaiss would be ready for MLB by Often, the power comes anyway with maturation and experience.

I could more easily see Walker as the choice for 2B, given that he is a switch-hitter and therefore can add some LH bat balance to the otherwise heavily RH lineup though his splits are much better as LH than RH. Likewise, he is not exactly a magician with the glove lately. In this case, Frazier could bring higher OBP, some pop with the bat, better defensive game, lower overall price, and some good NJ vibes to the Angels clubhouse to share with Trout.

Getting either Moustakas or Frazier would be nice, but one big factor in deciding which one may be our bullpen. Getting Swarzak or Neshek would fill the role. If Thaiss is ready for the big leagues by , we may see him at catcher instead of 1B. Maldonado is going to be a free agent by , whereas C. Cron could be the 1B of our future if we choose to not retain Valbuena. I agree with you on Frazier..

He is a great fit for the Angels. Frazier just seems to be a logical fit but then again to take full advantage of their big bats they would need his OBP hitting in front of Trout and Upton..

However, he did steal 20 bases as recently as and swiped 15 last year. The Angels do have some cash to spend this year with Hamilton, Street and Nolasco coming off the books. If they were able to unload Valbuena on any other team willing to take on his full salary they would then have enough available money to chase someone like Cobb or Lynn.. Possibly Tanaka and still have a few million for the trade deadline.. That would fill all of their glaring holes, while improving their OBP quite a bit..

They have enough talent to be serious contenders for the Wild Card doubtful they can overtake the Astros in the division. With the Upton signing they have tipped their hand that they will be players in free agency this year and by signing those 3 mid tier free agents should position themselves well for next year..

As a side note I think it is time to put Scioscia out to pasture. With Eppler apparently having a solid relationship with Girardi back in their New York days he would be an ideal fit to replace him. Scioscia could make the move to the front office like several others have the last few years.. I just feel like it is time for a new on field leadership.. He has had the team for 17 years with only one World Series appearance and win while having some great teams and big payrolls.. Sorry about posting yet another long winded drawn out comment..

I always seem to write a few after a round of chemo and I have never been able to figure out why.. I love Scioscia, but I have to reluctantly agree. Even if, unfortunately, I disagree with most of what you proposed. I like Todd Frazier too, but as a Yankee.

Good Jersey boy, and they like him just fine. Obvious Frazier really helped their team chemistry and Gleyber Torres is almost ready, but not quite. For the Angels dividing that approx. Saying this because, why spend on pitching in a free agent market where Yu Darvish is the best one and we all saw what he just did in the WS!

Meanwhile, Moustakas would address their biggest weaknesses. Would like to hear your further thoughts……. We already have Luis Valbuena and C. Instead, we really need to go into the market to get a 2B and 3B. I would like to see Frazier as the 2 or 3 guy in the lineup.

But getting Yonder Alonso would really make no sense. It would be a waste of money on someone whose probably going to end up platooning with Cron, and thus sending Valbuena to 3B, while a deal with Frazier would be about the same cost. There is another good or potentially better option for us: Rather than going for a more expensive Neil Walker or Eduardo Nunez, signing Kendrick not only brings the veteran presence to the dugout, it brings solid defense and much needed OBP.

This cheaper option would also give us more room to pursue Moustakas, who just had the best season of his career. Also, I really do not understand why they list the Angels as in search of a starting pitcher. Our rotation is set: It would be more plausible for us to sign a big-name reliever that is not so expensive. I would think someone like Pat Neshek.

The Angels going after Darvish, Arrieta, or Sabathia would be just as ridiculous as going after Alonso. Love the melk man. Wish his white sox contract had panned out better for him.

Could see him back with the giants for cheap. Love the Melk Man, and I agree with your assessment Tim. How does he have Defensive Runs Saved? That last question is one of the few times, that you have to be subjective when answering. Plus his best year, , was tainted by a 50 game PED suspension.. On the surface it looks like after his horrible stint in Atlanta he gave up trying to improve his defense and worked solely on his bat.. It might just be me but he also appears to be a selfish player..

Like I said it could just be me and he could be a great teammate but it seems like team chemistry takes a step back whenever Melky comes to town. Plus, he never seems to stay in one place very long.. My point is somewhat proven by the Giants..

Without Melky who was leading the league in AVG at the time they proceeded to win 7 of their first 8. In the 45 games he was suspended they went 30 and They probably could have won more but they were using pitchers like Capuano and Hensley and resting their best players the last few games. They went on to win the World Series with Melky missing the entire post season.. Anyway, he should just be considered a DH from now on.. Judging by the first half of a contract year he still has a decent bat but I am not sure a contending team will see his bat as being good enough to DH full time..

So just a one-year offer to Melky. Then every year is a contract year!! Alex Gordon is more than capable of playing an above average centerfield for the team, with Soler sticking in left and Bonifacio in Right. Brandon Moss is still on the team for another year and will probably be penciled into the DH slot, or possibly 1st base if the team decides to keep Hunter Dozier at 3rd, or leave him in AAA and play Cuthbert. Dozier can also play a corner OF spot.

Garcia is a safe bet for the Royals to get though. I think they need an outfielder from outside. The Royals starting CF is already on the roster. Spring training will be an audition for Bubba Starling.

They will be looking to bring back Minor as their closer. The Tigers would have zero interest in someone like Avila.

What would they need Avila for, and why would Avila settle for a one year deal with a non-contender?? Avila hit rock bottom in This is what a healthy Avila with a lighter work load looks like.

He probably wont OPS over. I think a two year deal is bare minimum. Avila is only 30 years old and has considerable experience. That implies they will get rid of Romine somehow who is under contract and cheap. They have Headley to cover Bird. I like Avila and without that stuff …. Could see the Red Sox or Mets, anyway. Tim, I appreciate all the work you put into this. I am actually more worried that there is something to the strange stories from Nightengale et.

Angels bringing him back to 2B makes so much sense. If the Royals do make him a QO, then forget it, the Giants are not going to lose a draft pick over him. Re-up him and use him as a dh while Headley plays 3b or go get a guy like Bautista on a 1 year deal to play dh and fill the gap to Machado.

After the knee injury Torres is most likely in the minors for But still throwing from SS to 1b is going to be interesting. I get its a faster rehab period than a pitcher.

But its still one of the most demanding positions for an arm. But seems to lack the power of a corner infielder at this point in time. Will he develop it? He did flash a bit of it in AA, but again that was only 32 games. Not to even mention he only has 55 games and PA at or above AA. I do like the Yankees to acquire Machado as a FA in Hence why you sign a DH to a 1 year deal.

I really like this scenario and if Torres forces his way up sooner Castro becomes a utility player or gets dealt sooner. Andujar and Headley can play 3rd until Torres is ready. No need to Sign Frazier and waste Cap space. DH will be a rotating position probably. Either will be fine. I think it depends on Andujar and Torres.

I would prefer to Trade Castro sometimes before begins maybe TD. I can see Tanaka opting out. And Tanaka has more upside.

Not one of those players mentioned will sign an extension. Betts already turned down negotiations. We had them signing Upton, which of course happened earlier today, plus we have Alonso. But certainly a Neil Walker could make sense there and everyone needs relievers. This is ugly for the Cubs. Paying Darvish 60M more than Arrieta for two more years? Might as well just wait and see if the price drops on Arrieta like you said. Tough decisions on guys like Avila, Jay, and Davis.

They probably try to bring one of those guys back. They want controllable pitching, but Lester was a rare case of a team paying for a starter in his aging seasons. A trade seems most likely, though I think Tanaka is also an intriguing option for Chicago given his discounted price tag.

I had Tanaka on the Cubs for quite some time. They liked him when he came over from Japan and may still. We reached a point where we had Darvish and Tanaka and felt like the Cubs and Phillies should each get one, so I liked this alignment more. I hope Tanaka sees the market the same way.

He was great in the postseason but very frustrating for most of the season. I hope he opts out gives the Yankees more money off the books and nets them a pick and let someone else wait for his TJS to happen and get ulcers from the home runs he gives up. He talks to the media times a season and said this each time this year. You might argue that if the Phillies are a 90 win team and have the opportunity to sign a high priced free agent pitcher they will. That would be hard to watch.

The latest was Matt Garza. Besides the Brewers need offense more. Andew Cashner makes more sense for the Brewers. What they will give to a pitcher is a little long term deal. Andy MacPhail talks to the media times a year. In most of those news conferences he reiterates that signing free agent pitchers to big long term deals is stupid. If you wait to see if the price drops on Arrieta in January, Darvish who is better may already be gone. Ditto Cobb, who is much worse than either of them.

Clearly the best pitcher for the Rays in the 2nd half of Whether or not they sign one of those 2, I think Cobb is a good bet with the Cubs after bringing in Jim Hickey.. I do agree with the BP moves. I think the Cubs are a legitimate place for Cobb to go. I think Arrieta is turning back into a pumkin. Both had sub 4. It depends on which WAR you use though.

But we talked about three years for him. I see but Mike Minor would be a nice pickup for them if they lose Watson and Morrow. So that was a good fit. The thinking is that Tillman has more upside than a guy like Fister, and could be flipped for something decent if he bounces back.

I except the Yankees to be very quiet in the FA front except for Otani. I can see CC possibly with the Yankees two more seasons but more likely on two one year deals. I think the Yankees have higher expectations than to rely on CC, two rookies and Montgomery for 3 of their 5 rotation spots. You never have enough pitching…. It will probably be something weird like a 10 year deal for 30 mil with the obvious expectation that he will just retire and get the balance due after 2 years.

Agreed, Ohtani will be their main target, and I see them adding a lefty like Minor or McGee in the pen. His offense is scary good and he definitely would be a fit to replace Papi in that Sox lineup. But does he want to play defense too? Of course if there is a trade, then things change. Is he ready to throw his glove in his locker and just DH regardless of the cash? Sox, Giants, Cardinals interested…well only two of those could guarantee him playing time on defense.

Will be interesting to see how he swings on this and remember who his agent is…Scott Boras. Sounds like pro wrestling! Think they find a way to sign him no matter what. Morrow was lights out this season and they need him for that setup role.

The Dodgers have also been pretty consistent about keeping their reclamation projects: Rich Hill, Justin Turner.

I really like the Cubs to get Reed. Been plugging that for a while now myself. They lack power and figure to have insufficient turnover in the starting 8 to gain that much more power, so they might as well embrace small ball and get some speed. Where are the Red Sox going to put Martinez? Seems like they should focus on getting their old toys in order instead of getting new ones.

Yeah me neither, but one can dream. It says him being a 4th OF or platoon partner! Chacin to the Reds? I think Chacin makes sense on the Giants. Similar ballpark as in San Diego and SF may be willing to spend a little more to shore up the back end of the rotation.

The Reds have a bunch of good young arms, many of whom have major control problems Stephenson, Reed, Garrett, and so on. Hey TIm, since you asked: Here is my shopping list.

Well it would probably make him get injured less, which in turn would increase his season production on offense. Tulo would be a replacement or, more likely, a below replacement 1B all his value comes from defense currently so Cosart would have to provide at least 4 WAR to break even to the former situation.

I would like to see them them trade for relievers and focus on extending the core this offseason. Andrew Romine on waivers. What a slap in the face for playing nine positions. He should have played them in one inning. Romine was the heart, soul and motivation behind the Tigers..

What do we tell our children? How can we ever go to Comerica and not see him with his smile, humor and vocal variety? He should be with his brother. If Otani is on the market Beane will pull a fast one and sign him because remember he got Cespedes and almost got Chapman.

The Maxwell situation has screwed us pretty hard on the catching side of things. I also agree with your comment about Cashner. Honeycutt obviously comes to mind, but I have no doubts the Dodgers would do everything in their power to make him happy within their organization. I prefer them to stand Pat for now with the hope that Austin Riley is ready by September or at least they have more an idea of who Riley really is.

I also think that Mikolas will be a real gem for some lucky team. Tim, you have the Dodgers doing very little. Can we assume that is bc you see them getting Stanton? Stanton to the Dodgers is like the only feasible option for Miami or Boston.

Dodgers would be stupid not to acquire Stanton. They are still contenders for some of these free agents. I get the speculation, but I would be shocked if they pulled that kind of deal for him with whom they have already in the organization. Would love to see the percentage breakdown on that. Then you look at the Astros this year, Cubs last year, Royals, etc…and wonder if big FA signings is worth it for teams. He had a 30 million dollar signing bonus… contract could end up being worth million.

Seems pretty cheap to me. At a chiropractor getting his neck fixed from all the whiplash he received watching the homers get hit off him. Still, I see the Jays going for someone a little more athletic.