If you find yourself losing the majority or all of the time, it could be a sign that you are in need of a change in ambience. We offer you maximum enjoyment with quality and assured service. We make sure that our team is trained enough to maintain high levels of service standards and gaming practices. Using a Pay Per Head service is very different from the old revenue-splitting method of providing offshore betting in which the agent splits winnings or losses with the offshore sportsbook. Improve Your NFL Hold Percentage with Pay Per Head

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Frequently asked questions Q: Go with a bookmaker Q: What benefits are there to using an international bookmaker? The Interactive Gambling Act makes it an offence to offer live online wagering to Australian residents. Operators are only permitted to offer phone betting during live events. Adherence to the Act is the responsibility of gambling operators and not individual Australians.

Another upside is offshore bookmakers typically offer a greater betting selection on international sports. What benefits are there to using an Australian bookmaker? Australian agencies offer superior betting selections on Australian sports.

They also offer a better range of deposit and withdrawal methods for Australians. How many memberships do I need? Northern Territory, Australia Type: Bookmaker Live in-play betting: Limits accounts of successful punters Visit website View our full review.

The Stars Group Inc. Visit website View our full review. Betting exchange Live in-play betting: Can bet against outcomes. Great for tournament winner betting. Lack of market depth on less popular events. Ladbrokes plc Owner HQ: Keep a lookout for our testimonials from happy users about our services and informative platform. Withdrawing and depositing is fast, convenient and fuss free through our website.

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One of the best features of all? Our website will not give out any personal information so enjoy your anonymity. If sports betting is your passion, then look no further. Among all our other good qualities, the most important one is that QQBET is your most trusted choice. Explore our many features and decide how much you want to put in. Also look out for attractive monthly promotions! Our authentic website allows for easy, quick and safe betting in Singapore — or anywhere around the world for that matter.

A trustworthy source is essential for peace of mind, honest earnings and a great experience. Select from a range of entertaining, fun and exclusive Singapore casino games and sporting game opportunities that enhance your overall online participation in our platform. Let our secure betting website offer you only the best online gambling Singapore. Withdrawing earnings to your local bank in Singapore from casino games or sportsbooks takes only ten minutes or less.

Rest assured that your information is safeguarded and that you can utilize our responsible and professional service at ease. From the comfort of your home, you may now participate and be a part of the Singapore online betting scene. Yet the same technology that has allowed these online betting services to prosper is right at your fingertips with Realbookies.

Our price per head online sports betting software is readily available for bookies whether they have a small, medium or large operation. This type of service is convenient, streamlined, and can help your business become more profitable right away and down the line.

One of our professional customer service reps can will give a free demo of the pay per head software upon signing up. There is simply no denying that the Pay Per Head online sports betting software model could benefit the large majority of bookies out there. It is designed to ease your daily workload, give you the flexibility to operate in the way that you want to, and, most importantly of all, grow your business and make more money!

At the very least, it is an interesting service for all bookies, from beginners to those that have been around the block once or twice, to take a look at. Below are a few of the most important things for bookies to know about what a per head business will provide.

It is all too easy to become comfortable with your routine and the way that you conduct business. However, failing to utilize the latest trends and most recent technology will leave you in the dust. Realbookies business management sports betting software is perfect for bookies that otherwise do everything by themselves.

Unless you work for a larger company, chances are that you are routinely swamped with mountains of paperwork and have quite a bit of money to keep track of.

The concept behind our business is easy to understand. It simply allows you to connect your clients with our betting odds via a username and password generated online. This is done through an automated online system that achieves full anonymity. They can wager directly through our betting website with a username and password or by contacting our customer service representatives by telephone.

Our online sports betting website also includes a tracking service available to the bookie. You can then use this data to ensure proper payment or collection. Most bookmakers zero out their clients account every Sunday or some let it roll over the following week.

This will be up to you on how you want to settle with your players. Our software will also allow you to customize the odds to fit your player profile in order to maximize profits. For example, if you are from the New England area naturally most of your bets will be coming on the Patriots.

If the line is at -6 at most sports books, you can set the odds at You can also adjust the juice or the vig from to for anyone betting New England. Naturally, our wagering software is designed to benefit both the bookie and the client. If it were not mutually beneficial, there is little doubt that there would be little reason to use it.

The more bets they make the more money you potentially earn. The other advantage is you can run your business from anywhere you have an Internet connection. All your reports are available online so you can keep tabs on the action no matter where you are in the world. We not only offer sports odds, but also casino and horse racing which comes at no additional cost. Once again, our pay per head software makes life easier on bookies by reducing the amount of paperwork they have to sift through on a daily basis while also juggling phone calls from clients with new wagers.

Overall organization is a positive outcome of this and is one of the first benefits of our online sports betting software you will notice as a bookie. The long-term business benefits of using our company for your online sports betting needs are even more enticing. As long as you invest in a good system, your overall bookmaking business will appear larger than it actually is.

The perception of size will ultimately create a stronger feeling of trust among perspective clients and promote an aura of success around your business. A good per head company will also give you more free time. Since you will no longer have to worry about as much day-to-day paperwork, you will be able to use your open time to drum up business. Our bookie software gives the small-time bookie more opportunities to get out there and find new clients instead of swimming through mountains of work just to keep the wheels of their business spinning smoothly.