2018 Kentucky Derby odds: Betting lines, favorites to win

Knowing the specific rules for online betting on the Kentucky Derby is important, so choosing how you are going to place your bets is also something you should do as soon as possible. It doesn't matter whether it's on your computer screen or a big LED display at the racetrack—it provides real-time, running data on how the public is betting and how it's impacting the odds. Manage Profile Log Out close. Solomini Gate To that end, I have put together a basic getting started guide that covers all the basics such as finding a legal place to bet on the Kentucky Derby online and explaining the basic types of bets that will be on offer. Kentucky Derby Betting Dates

Where to Bet on the Kentucky Derby Online

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As the years progressed, the sport would continue to add new bet types with longer odds and bigger payouts to keep up with the massive expansion of other forms of gambling in the North American market. At this point, you're probably thinking that exotic Kentucky Derby bets sound a lot like sports betting parlays.

This is a very good comparison—in both cases, a player must successfully pick more than one outcome to cash a ticket. The more correct outcomes offered in a specific bet means longer odds but a larger payout for the successful handicapper. One substantial difference between Derby exotic bets and sports parlays: That's not the case in horse racing where many high level handicappers specialize in trying to find value in exotic bets.

A vertical bet eg: A horizontal bet requires the player to pick the winner of a set number of races. The daily double is a horizontal bet but bets involving as many as six or seven races are common today. Occasionally, you'll come across one of the new forms of exotic wagering that are essentially a hybrid of the two and require a player to select multiple horses in multiple races.

One more thing worth mentioning—the terms we'll use to discuss the bet types below are the ones most commonly used in the United States. Many of these bets are known by other names in various parts of the world. For example, in certain parts of Canada what is known as an 'exacta' to American bettors is known as an 'exactor'. If you're betting races at an international track it's a good idea to learn the local betting lexicon as there might be differences from what you're used to.

The exacta is the most popular multi-horse vertical wager and requires the bettor to pick the first and second place finisher of a race in correct order. Here's how you'd call this bet specifying the horse numbers in the correct order of finish:. The expert strategy for exactas and other types of exotic bets is to make multiple wagers to 'cover' different results.

Using the example above, lets say you like horses 8, 3 and 6 but are unsure about their order of finish. One strategy in this situation is to bet every permutation of all three horses in the win and place spot. This is called a box and the term is common to all exotic wagers. This is why it's crucial to estimate the payouts before playing your bet on Kentucky Derby—you don't want to spend more on your bet than you can possibly win which is possible if you include a big enough favorite.

You'll find a wide selection of calculators, computer software and smartphone apps to help calculate exotic bet ticket prices and payouts. Another common exotic strategy is the wheel. In an exacta wheel the player will have one horse that he likes to win the race. He then pairs that horse with every other horse in the field in second place to cover every exacta scenario. This bet would be called:. A couple of other horse racing terms that you'll hear a lot at Kentucky Derby are: You can also bet what is known as a part wheel.

This is essentially the same thing as described above, only you're not using every horse to cover every scenario:. The quinella is similar to the exacta in that the player must select the first and second place finisher in a race. The difference is that the order of finish doesn't matter. You won't find quinella betting at every race track. This is due to a conventional wisdom among horse track executives that quinella pools come at the expense of exacta pools.

At least this is their rationalization—a more cynical possibility is that they simply don't want to offer what is considered a very player friendly bet. If you have the option to bet both the exacta and quinella you'll have to determine which bet is more advantageous.

For example, a quinella bet would likely be the best choice if you're betting two horses with similar, fairly short odds at the Derby. The exacta and more specifically an exacta box would be a preferable option if one of the horses you like is a good sized long shot. A trifecta is identical to the exacta only it involves picking the top three finishers in correct order. You can see how quickly your bet cost can go up with every horse you try to 'cover'.

In either scenario, the size of the field will determine how many combinations you bet. A 7 horse field would produce 30 combinations, an 8 horse field would produce 52 combinations and so on. You can also do a trifecta part wheel keying one or more horses. Let's say you like horses 8 and 6 to finish first or second.

You like the 1, 4 and 5 to finish third. You'd call this bet as follows:. Given how quickly your ticket costs can add up, this bet requires a good sized bankroll and nerves of steel since it's not unusual to lose a dozen or so bets in a row before hitting a winner. A superfecta would be called as follows:. You can key, wheel or box horses as above but be careful—with four spots every horse you add to the mix causes your bet price in increase significantly. A recent addition to the Kentucky Derby betting boards was first introduced at Santa Anita.

The Super High Five requires the player to select the top five finishers in correct order. The conventions of the bet are the same as above, only with five horses. The second type of exotic wager is the horizontal bet which requires the bettor to pick the winner of multiple races. We'll group these together as they share common characteristics with the only difference being the number of races involved.

The Daily Double was the original exotic wager and remains very popular today. Statistically, it's one of the best bets at the race track. Historically, the Daily Double involved the first two races of the day.

Today, some tracks and racebooks offer a 'rolling daily double' which offers the bet on every race on the card. You'll sometimes hear this bet shortened to 'Double' and it's called like this:. In this example we're betting horses 8 and 6 to win the first race and 1 and 4 to win the second race.

There was also a bet doubling the result of Friday's Kentucky Oaks race for three year old fillies with the Kentucky Derby. The Pick 3 requires the bettor to pick the winner of three consecutive races. Many racetracks now offer 'rolling pick threes' meaning that you can wager on races , , and so forth. Here's how the bet is called:. In this example you're betting on all combinations of 7 and 9 to win the first race, 1 and 4 to win the second and 4 and 6 to win the third.

The Pick 4 requires the bettor to pick the winner of four consecutive races. Unlike the daily double and pick 3 most tracks only offer one pick four per day. In this example you're betting on all combinations of 7 and 9 to win the first race, singling 2 in the second race, betting 1 and 4 to win the third and 4 and 6 to win the fourth.

If you play a lot of exotic wagers it's a good idea to download one of the many specialized bet calculator apps for Apple and Android smart phones. The Pick 5 requires the bettor to pick the winner of five consecutive races. The Pick 5 has more in common with the Pick 4 than the Pick 6 as we'll see momentarily. In this example you're betting on all combinations of 7 and 9 to win the first race, singling 2 in the second race, betting 1 and 4 to win the third.

You can see how quickly the cost of a bet can increase just by adding one more horse. The Kentucky Derby had a. A Pick 6 winner can produce a huge payout—not surprising, since picking the winner of six straight races is exceedingly difficult. Here's how the bet would be called:. There are a couple of differences between the Pick 6 and the previous horizontal exotics we've discussed. The first is the 'carryover'. If a Pick 6 bet is not hit on one day of racing the prize pool is rolled over to the next day providing an even bigger pot.

Additionally, this bet has a 'consolation prize' for hitting five of six. The number of races on a card varies—for example, at Del Mar it's 8,9 or 10 races. There's no carryover provision so if there's no winning tickets the jackpot will be paid to the ticket with the most correct entries. Many bettors feel confident using the automatic betting machines self-service or mobile apps to place their bets.

If you need some advice about placing a bet, the teller window at Churchill Downs is the perfect place to get some quick guidance. Keep in mind that the teller will need to know if you are betting on a race at Churchill Downs even if you are physically standing in Churchill Downs.

The reason for this is due to the fact that you can bet on a horse race anywhere in America from Churchill Downs. For gift advice, look behind the wall of the teller at their gift display.

Before the Road to the Kentucky Derby system based on points was introduced, the call from Churchill Downs to participate in the race was determined by the earnings. For example, winning first place at a graded stakes race will make the overall pre-Derby purse earnings higher than a horse that only places third-place most of the time. With the new Kentucky Derby points system that was introduced in and implemented for the Kentucky Derby, bettors gained several advantages.

For example, assigning races with different numbers of points gives bettors more chances to see Kentucky Derby contenders racing together before the actual race. The horses are also more likely to have previously raced on a dirt track similar to the one at Churchill Downs.

There are 36 races altogether, and this was pared down from graded stakes races. Each year, horses have a chance to win a certain number of points based on where they finished in the specific races designated by Churchill Downs. The top 20 horses with the most points from those 36 races are eligible for the Kentucky Derby. Ultimately, the system was invented to help amateur bettors feel more confident in participating in betting at the Kentucky Derby, and online betting for Churchill Downs races has become more popular in recent years.

Congratulations—you now know how to bet on Kentucky Derby! If you're ready to learn more the logical next step would be to learn to handicap the races.

Start by learning the differences between the various horse tracks in North America and the different surfaces at these tracks.

You can then move on to handicapping the horses which will necessitate learning how to read the Daily Racing Form and understanding past performance charts. By now you should understand why horse racing is such a fascinating and challenging activity. No one can every 'know it all' and after you learn the basics there are countless directions in which to focus your study.

You can focus on trainers, jockeys, breeding, pedigree, past performance, dosage and speed figures or any number of other factors. When I saw Kent bring him out down the backstretch and we were within six or seven lengths, I felt pretty good about it.

I was just hoping he had the gas to get home in the short stretch. AThe field for the Kentucky Derby online betting favorites has finally been set. Magnum Moon having won the Arkansas Derby set himself up as a potential betting favorites to win the Derby.

Rather, Magnum Moon has won all four races he has been entered in. With the Kentucky Derby-qualifying points earned on Saturday, tops the leaderboard with This Kentucky Derby betting favorite will be trying to become the fourth winner of the Rebel and Arkansas Derby to win the Kentucky Derby. Pletcher said he plans to fly Magnum Moon to Kentucky on April 23, which will give the horse eight days to get used to the track.

In addition to Magnum Moon, Pletcher has three other horses in the top five in qualifying. Florida Derby winner Audible is third points.

Louisiana Derby winner Noble Indy is fourth Wood Memorial winner Vino Rosso is fifth He won his second in with Always Dreaming. He will be win it for the third time and second year in a row this year.

Are you looking for the latest Kentucky Derby betting odds? The qualification races for the Kentucky Derby, which means we have less than three weeks until the Run for the Roses. After some impressive performances this past weekend, there are some changes in the latest odds, as well as a few new contenders.

Now that the Kentucky Derby qualification is over, expect Justify to retain the top spot. In any other year, Audible would have been the favorite to win the Kentucky Derby, winning four of his five starts.

However, since there are a couple of undefeated horses in the field this year, his success seems to be overlooked. Home About Us Online Racebooks. Kentucky Derby Online Betting August 7, by Big Boss Bas: Kentucky Oaks The Kentucky Oaks is held the day before the Kentucky Derby, and features the best three-year-old fillies in the world. May 5, by Big Boss Bas: May 2, by Big Boss Bas: Updated Kentucky Derby Predictions 1. Mendelssohn Even though the voters in the media poll dropped him to number five, Mendelssohn is considered one of the top contenders in the Kentucky Derby.

Audible Despite winning four of his five starts, Audible has been unable to generate the type of interest Justify and Mendelssohn have garnered through the qualification process.

Magnum Moon Magnum Moon moved up the contenders list after his win at the Arkansas Derby, but he was leapfrogged by the other horses a couple of weeks later. May 1, by Big Boss Bas: April 27, by Big Boss Bas: April 25, by Big Boss Bas: April 21, by Big Boss Bas: April 19, by Big Boss Bas: Current Kentucky Derby Betting Favorites 1. I acknowledge that I have read the Privacy Policy. For further information, please contact customer service at or write to Sports Illustrated Customer Service Attention: You currently have no favorite teams.

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