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It's important to us that any website on our top picks list offers their clients a mobile-friendly website that can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet. However, some sports betting sites out there have terrible reputations for doing just that. The more interested the public is, the more prop bets become available. Voted best online sportsbook by SBR posters several times, 5Dimes has one of the most extensive betting menus in the industry. If a fighter was knocked down twice in the round, the round may be scored All Sportsbooks meet or exceed our minimum standards for security and payout speeds.

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What You Will Find In This Guide

There is no kicking, no grappling, no ground-combat. This is fist-to-fist fighting- may the best man or woman win. Professional fights will last anywhere from rounds, with each round lasting 3 minutes in length. Between rounds, each boxer has 60 seconds to go to their corner and recuperate with their trainer. This time is used to heal and mend wounds from the previous 3 minutes of trading blows. Some less-prominent fights, and the lower weight classes, often fight 6 or 9-round fights.

Championship and Main Event fights are slated for 12 rounds of good, old-fashioned slugging it out. There have been some periods in history where boxers actually fought without gloves.

Boxing matches are scored by three judges, according to the point must system. This means that the winner of each round will receive 10 points, while the other fighter will receive 9 points. If a fighter is knocked down during a round, he or she may lose the round If a fighter was knocked down twice in the round, the round may be scored However, a boxer receiving a penalty is another way a round can be scored differently than Boxers can also lose points during the round if the referee determines he or she does something that is illegal.

Generally, the referee will give several warnings to a fighter before they take away a point. When points are taken away, the round is first scored normally. The judges will then factor in the point, or points, that need to be deducted for foul play.

The score would be All the scores are totaled at the end of the fight from each judge, and the fighter with the most judges calling them the winner is deemed the winner.

The criteria for scoring boxing fights is quite ambiguous and abstract, which results in a lot of questionable decisions. The scoring system controversies have caused a lot of issues within the boxing community and have been the culprit of driving away a lot of the fans.

A lot of new bettors think that all you can bet on when it comes to boxing is the winner of the fight. In reality, there are a lot of different types of bets you can make before and during a fight. This flexibility allows you to leverage different predictions that you have that might be more specific to how the fight will go, or may have nothing to do with the actual winner of the fight. This is your classic and most popular bet in boxing. This is the bet on who you think is going to win the fight.

Money line bets are presented in either decimal, fractional or American odds and they tell you how much you will win for each particular bet. The plus sign means that the boxer is an underdog, and the minus sign means that the boxer is the favorite. The larger the number after the plus or minus sign, the bigger the favorite or underdog the fighter is. Money lines are the easiest bet for you to get started with.

All you have to do is choose the fighter you think will win the fight. Eventually, you can start branching out to the more unique bets, but the money line bets on which fighter will be victorious are the simplest form of betting on boxing. You have the ability to bet whether you think that the fight will last more or less than a certain number of rounds.

If you bet the under, you win the bet if the fight is stopped for any reason in rounds 1 through 6. If the fight stops in the 7 th , it is a push, and you get your money back. Think the fighters are going to dance around all night playing defense? Are these fighters extremely durable? If so, take the over.

This bet allows you much more flexibility in leveraging information or predictions you have about a fight. This is most certainly a gamble, but nevertheless, you have the opportunity to make this bet. This is the bet you make if you think the fight will end in a draw.

Prop bets are short for proposition bets. These are bets outside of who you think the winner is going to be. One of the most common prop bets is how the fight is going to end.

Again, the more specific the prop, the better the payout will be. Prop bets are a lot of fun for first-time bettors and are a great way to introduce people to the world of boxing betting. They can also be extremely lucrative if you are able to make accurate predictions on the fight. The more popular a fight is, the more prop bets that online betting sites will make available. McGregor in August of We could continue going on and on and on, listing prop bets that were found and offered at the online casino sportsbooks leading up to this fan-crazed event.

The key takeaway here is that the casino operators, both online and in Vegas, are more than aware of supply and demand when it comes to big-time fights. The more interested the public is, the more prop bets become available.

Betting on things such as who will have a larger entourage or which celebrities may or may not be part of those entourages is what the online betting world has come to when a fight of this magnitude is on the horizon. The hoopla and excitement that was built up for this fight drove fans straight to the online betting sites. The online sportsbooks were waiting to catch the hungry fans with open arms.

The overabundance of props available was in high demand; all that the sportsbooks and online casinos were doing were providing the supply. Their height and their reach can only tell you a portion of the story. In order to be fully prepared to make some money betting on fights, there are a few things you will want to make sure you cover. Fortunately for you, our team of boxing gurus created an organized guide on the strategies to think about before placing wagers at the top online sites.

Be sure not to skip over the segment above. There is a plethora of tips and advice that our boxing experts organized for you. It would be a mistake to start placing wagers on fights without at least glancing over our strategy guide.

You will not be disappointed. The linemakers will actually calculate odds as the fight progresses based on what is happening and provide real-time odds on the next round. Doing homework before a fight and placing a wager gives you a chance to win money; there is no doubt. Now you can make predictions for later rounds while you are watching the fight with your own eyes!

Boxers come in all different shapes and sizes. The great thing about having different weight classes is that there is a chance for everyone to compete, no matter how big or small you are.

Just like other major sports around the globe, many countries want to take part in boxing. This means that there are various leagues and associations that are part of professional and amateur boxing.

We dedicated an entire page to letting you know about these different weight classes and organizations that make up the sport of boxing. Being familiar with this information will only lead to clearer and more informed bets. We covered everything you would want to know to get your prepared to bet on boxing matches. The sport of boxing has treated us to a whole bunch of memorable thrills. We thought reliving some of those my memories would be intriguing for many of our readers.

While classic fantasy sports competitions last the entire season and require you to join or create a league, DFS focus exclusively on the action that week or day. The tournament or contest only lasts for a day or a few days, and depending on the competition you chose and the stakes, either one person or many will win money. Like other forms of gambling, some betting sites are better than others at providing this service. Fast Payout Betting Sites.

Sports betting is an excellent way to add excitement and stakes to an already-entertaining contest or event. First, you should know what both a bankroll and a staking plan are, and how to organize them. With these basic fundamentals, you can begin sports betting with a considerable advantage over most novice gamblers and fewer worries regarding problem gambling behaviors.

The first time you try anything can be a little nerve-wracking. Casino games and sports betting both come with all kinds of unique terminology that may seem confusing at first.

Our glossary and FAQ pages have got you covered. A handicapper is someone who studies data and other factors in an effort to predict the probable outcomes of sports games. More often than not, you want to try to be as much like Han Solo as possible. However, his insistence that people never tell him the odds is a monumental error when it comes to gambling.

He would definitely lose lots of money at the sportsbook with this strategy, which actually may explain why bounty hunters are always chasing him down. Betting odds come in three different formats. These numbers tell you which team is expected to win, how drastically one side is favored over the other, and what the payouts will be on a winning wager.

Proper betting is much less about predicting which team will win and more about the odds being offered and their relationship to likely outcomes of the contest.

This will make much more sense after you read our guides on odds, value, and implied probability. The stronger you build your foundation of understanding, the stronger your first forays into sports betting will be. Sportsbooks have created all kinds of different wagers and methods of gambling. The following guides explain the functions of bet exchanges and how they work in relation to your typical sportsbook.

We also have a breakdown of betting software and how it can be used to help give you an edge when betting on sports. Then, of course, our experts will explain your many sports gambling options. In our general sports betting guides, we go in depth about how to analyze the odds set by the bookies and the perspective with which you should approach your wagers. Handicapping sporting events takes lots of time and experience before you develop any accuracy.

There are hours of regression analysis, data mining, and model building needed so that you can run simulations. All you have to do is follow the instructions and profit! Depending on where you live, the legalities of sports betting can be tricky. While some countries have clearly defined laws and regulations concerning this hobby, others leave their citizens in a real gray area.

Our pages dedicated to the legalities of sports gambling break down the essential laws currently on the books, the history of gaming in the area, and the risks if any that you face by breaking these laws as an individual gambler. We are not lawyers though, so take our legal advice with a grain of salt before you decide to sign up at any of the sports betting sites we recommend.

You can find articles with professional betting picks for all kinds of upcoming events. We break down fight cards, free agency decisions, games, and even humorous nonsense such as satellite crash landing spots and hot dog eating contests.

We will even post updates about various online betting sites to assist you in sticking with a reputable option. So, if you want the freshest hot takes, the smartest strategies, and some grade-A entertainment, keep checking back for our newest blog posts.

Selecting Legitimate Online Betting Sites. How We Determine Legitimacy. We need to see more. Online betting sites use sign-up and deposit bonuses to attract new customers. These usually come in the form of free plays or matching a percentage of your first deposit. Sports Betting Sites by Category.

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