List of basketball players who have scored 100 points in a single game

Jeff Flake calls for delay in confirming Trump's pick for Supreme Court until sex assault accuser is heard 'Woody Allen abused me when I was seven years old': Ball's brother, LiAngelo, the team's usual leading scorer, didn't play because of an ankle injury, so LaMelo was given the green light to shoot and score. Retrieved November 21, He scored 85 points in the second half alone, including 55 in the final 10 minutes. RELATED ARTICLES


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Chino Hills has been in the national spotlight since last season, when it went and tied the state record for most games scoring or more points with They're going to do their best. If they want to be in the spotlight, which they do, there are responsibilities. And LaMelo seems to be embracing those responsibilities. Baik didn't see the Tuesday night game, but he said, "Obviously, it's a remarkable feat that a year-old can do such an achievement. I would say He said his best player, Glendora's Tracy Murray, once scored 64 points in a state championship game, which made the performance even more impressive.

I don't have a problem. That's a lot of points being scored. His brother scores a lot. Lonzo scored a lot. Chino Hills' next game is Thursday at 6: LiAngelo will not be playing. Could LaMelo go for ? High school boys basketball state record holder reacts to LaMelo Ball's point game. It's a whole new Ball game for Chino Hills, but also more of the same as unbeaten Huskies roll over Damien.

LaVar said LaMelo scored more than points as a year-old against a junior varsity team. Feb 08, 9: You are now following this newsletter. Be the first to comment Hide Comments. Please discuss this issue on the article's talk page. Retrieved 25 March Retrieved 8 April National Basketball Association statistical leaders. Points Rookie Rebounds Rookie. Tallest players Shortest players Oldest and youngest players Highest-paid players.

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