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Free Australian Open Tennis Betting Tips

Australian Open Tennis Betting

The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam of the tennis calender, played in Melbourne during the heat of the Australian summer. It is also the only Grand Slam that is played in the Southern Hemisphere. Being the first Grand Slam of the year, the Australian Open can be a difficult tournament to predict. Add to that the hot conditions that many of the matches are played in and you have a tournament that not only requires tremendous skill but also great physical endurance.

And being the opening Grand Slam of the year means that tennis punters are eager to get amongst the action. This is reflected in the number of Australian Open betting tips posted by our betting community every January. Our bettingexpert tipsters are on hand to give you the best Australian Open tennis tips to help you make profit on this popular tournament.

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Visit the User Statistics tab where you will see each tipster's success with recent predictions, their profit and their yield. Even better than that, our Australian Open betting tips are absolutely free! Will Novak Djokovic win another Australian Open title next year? If you think you know who will win the tournament this year, then Australian Open outright betting is what you're looking for.

You simply place a bet on who you think the winner of the Australian Open will be. Bookmakers will normally offer each way bets; meaning that even if your player doesn't win the Australian Open, so long as they finish second, you win a share of your stake back.

Always remember that the Australian Open uses a draws to determine which players will face one another throughout the tournament. It's very important that you take a look to see who will be facing who as the tournament progresses. While a highly ranked player may have a difficult path to the final, a lower ranked player may have a dream run giving them a chance of getting deeper into the tournament than you might have first thought.

This is something our Australian Open betting tips will help you with. The Women's Singles Championship is also an incredibly popular aspect of the Australian Open to bet on. Who will win the Australian Open Women's Singles Title is a popular topic of discussion before and during the tournament.

Great odds can be found when betting on the Women's Singles winner, particularly as there has been seven different winners of this title in the last ten years. And of course, we have plenty of Australian Open women's tips for you to take advantage of! At bettingexpert, we have a betting community who give you their betting tips and predictions on a wide range of sports and events all year round.

Every January for the Australian Open, our tipsters provide you with their betting tips for the Australian Open to help you with your tennis betting. It can be tough finding the best tennis tipsters, which is why our bettingexpert tipsters are ranked by how successful each tip they've provided has been. When looking for the best free Australian Open betting tips, you can be sure you're following the best tipsters around! Betting on Grand Slam events has increased in popularity in recent years.

Australian Open betting odds are more commonly available with bookmakers both online and instore, with many offering a range of Australian Open betting promotions to give you the opportunity to make more profit when you wager on this prestigious tournament.

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Sign up and become a tipster now! This is the most popular form of tennis betting and is just as popular for punters betting on the Australian Open. You simply bet on who you think will win a particular match at the Australian Open. But before placing your bet, there are a couple of things you should consider. The first and most important of these is the recent form of the player you are thinking about betting on.

Have they been performing well and dominating their opponents? Have they had trouble finishing off matches? Have they been forcing higher ranked opponents into long difficult contests? It's also important to look at recent matches played between the two players.

My goal with this article is to not only provide you information about the Australian Open but also to give insight into the many legal sportsbooks that offer betting on tennis. The popularity of the sports remains high, and as such, many bookmakers offer great odds and a variety of different betting options. As you progress through this article, you will find answers to common tennis related questions, and I will discuss the most common tennis bets that can be placed and include some insightful information that hopefully will give you an advantage and allow you to achieve greater profits.

There is a multitude of reasons why the sport of tennis is popular. Arguably the most famous tennis event is Wimbledon. The tournament garners interest with fans of the sport and even those who are casual observers. Considered by many to be the foremost event for clay court tournaments, it is the only major that played on a clay court. There are a total of sixty-three tournaments that are hosted in thirty-one countries including stops in America, Asia, India, Australia and France to name a few.

Betting on tennis is carried out in a number of different ways. In this section, I will look at those in detail and touch base on wagers that are most popular with bettors, throw in a few tips and take the opportunity to remind bettors that playing with legal sports betting sites we recommend is paramount for long-term success. The most common bets placed in tennis include betting on sets, matches, propositions bets, and who will win the first set.

Betting on sets is probably the most common for bettors as it allows them to use stats and predict scores easier than trying to predict overall match scores. While predicting set results can be difficult, and odds tend to be on the higher side, if the winner is chosen, the profits are far more significant. This style of bet is more geared towards those who find the challenge of predicting a winner exciting and more rewarding.

Betting on matches is the easier of bets one can make in tennis. This involves choosing who will win the match. However, while it may seem simple enough, there are a number things one should consider prior to placing their bet. The main consideration needs to focus on settled the amount staked should one of the players be forced to retire from the match. Those sportsbooks we recommend all tend to favour the bettor in instances such as this.

Other things to consider are the odds and the amount won if successful. Another player favourite is Proposition bets. This includes the ability to place bets on double faults for example, and with the proper investment in player information, it will help bettors to see success when making a proposition bet. Betting on the first set is one that can be easier to determine the winner.

Clearly, this means bettors must be up-to-date on player stats and understand how each performs throughout matches. The advantage of this is you do not need to wait until the completion of the match to find out if you have been successful in your prediction.

In order to be successful in tennis betting, it is imperative that you employ specific strategies. By doing so, you can improve your success rate, and therefore see your profits increase. The first and foremost thing that must take precedence is investing time to research those participating in a match you are interested in placing a wager on. This would include looking at overall player stats, how they perform on certain surfaces such as grass or clay, their level of fitness and previous performances at the event in question.

In addition, it is essential to study how a player responds when under the gun, and not to put more value on head to head matches than needed. How many surface changes have there been in the Australian Open history? What players have won the most titles at the Australian Open in the Open Era? How hot does it get in Australia during the Open? Has the Australian Open ever been cancelled?