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You should look for environment dependent code in your components and ensure the props are the same client and server side: This usually means you rendered a different component type or props on the client from the one on the server, or your render methods are impure. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mountain biker Kate Courtney's meteoric rise to the top -- in just her first season Kate Courtney heads into this weekend's world championships as a favorite to win, despite being one of the youngest racers in the field. Instead, figure out why the markup being generated is different on the client or server: Olympic Games Rio 2016 (World (FIFA)) : Overview

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What a day at the office for Bradley Wright-Phillips. A hat trick, including this beauty. Luciano Acosta, that was nifty. But the New York Red Bulls equalize late, for draw. Is Olivier Giroud the best target man in the world? Eden Hazard seems to think so. Moeen Ali and Jimmy Anderson certainly… twitter. After minutes without a goal, Cristiano Ronaldo has arrived! There have been closer Tests than the one at Eden Gardens in , but none can match it for its drama and heroism… twitter.

Get used to to it. Cristiano Ronaldo gets his first goal for Juventus! Hamilton's lead comes under threat from Verstappen due to lapped traffic U.

In total, Lionel Messi has missed 24 penalties during his career. This may lead to subtle reconciliation issues.

Try rendering into a container element created for your app. Replacing React-rendered children with a new root component. If you intended to update the children of this node, you should instead have the existing children update their state and render the new components instead of calling ReactDOM.

Target node has markup rendered by React, but there are unrelated nodes as well. This is most commonly caused by white-space inserted around server-rendered markup. Render methods should be a pure function of props and state; triggering nested component updates from render is not allowed. If necessary, trigger nested updates in componentDidUpdate. Target container is not a DOM element.

The node you're attempting to unmount was rendered by another copy of React. The node you're attempting to unmount was rendered by React and is not a top-level container.