5 tips for a flyhalf

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Fly-halfs (and other names!)

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But the best outside-halves control the tempo of a game. There are all different types of outside-halves in world rugby, but it's no coincidence the best teams in the world have the best number 10s in the world. You've only got to look at New Zealand's Daniel Carter. He doesn't need to control things as much as other stand-offs because the All Blacks are so far in front of anyone else at the moment.

Someone like Jones controls the game exceptionally well and bosses everyone around, as does Ireland's Ronan O'Gara, who has matured and is playing the best rugby of his life.

Australia's Stephen Larkham is a different type of outside-half who is more of an attacking threat, running different angles and distributing better passes than other outside-halves.

But they all share the same fantastic basic skills and awareness. As the game has gone more professional, some players look over-coached and lack that spontaneity of the past greats like Mark Ella, Barry John or John Rutherford. There is a lot going on.

Here we hope to give you some tips to make life a little easier. The importance of clear communication should not be overestimated. Players will need to know where you want them to be and what is happening next. Just be clear, concise and make sure people know where to be. If you have been trusted to play that position, make a decision and stick with it. If you want the forwards to take the ball on for one more phase then that is your choice.

They must keep their head up and constantly scan the field, assess the options, process the information and communicate their decisions. Their tactical skills are called on to organise the team to optimise their defensive set-up after turnovers. When a turnover occurs the fly half has to be ready to get his team back into position, ensuring the team immediately get width and ensure they are covered at the back in case of the opposition kicking deep.

Turnovers are usually pretty chaotic and a fly half should focus on getting everyone organised because turnover ball is the best ball to attack with. Teams send their big forward runners down the 10 channel more and more so a fly half needs to enjoy tackling as well. Beauden Barrett, All Blacks No The best 10s are fierce competitors, driven to improve themselves, committed to high standards, and doing all they can to help the team win.

Johnny Sexton, Ireland No A 10 probably makes more decisions that anyone on the pitch and he might make decisions in the game and make one wrong decision which can lose the game.