NBA 2K16 Defensive Tips: Playing Shutdown Defense

Lets see how that plays out. Kyrie Irving has the most longevity available in the Top 20 at 11 years before decline, but there are 23 players on the original sheet that will be in the league longer. So does Orlando unfortunately Community Rules

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Worse View Profile View Posts. Hi guys, so I started my GM but made a few trades before playing a game. I already wasted 2 free motivational speeches because I thought, making players happy would increase overall chemistry. Instead, I now have some players with their moral over 90 but they still get -1 or worse on their rating and I think it is because of the very bad team chemistry Does anyone have tips on how to increase the chemistry?

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. Don't make anymore trades and let them play together, it will increase over time. So theres no other waythan playing although they got a higher chance to lose due to the bad chemistry?

Thanks for the reply: That is why it's good to rip apart the team in season one and try and stick with it the following seasons. I always trade for the same couple of players who work together like a charm. I started with the Pistons which is a hard task to begin with xD But I think that the guys I have now can be a real contender when their chemistry gets better.

Last but not least I sent Reggie Bullock into free agency. With some of the trades I gave some picks and got some picks Lets see how that plays out. What difficulty are you guys playing on?

HoF is just cheese. Unlike MyCareer, you don't get to fine-tune players attributes, so it's less about player development and more about the development of the organization. The problem is the organization grows at a much slower pace than the players.

Also, some of the players in the game don't hit their peak until years from when the initial season starts. By that time, I don't know if I'd even be interested in that particular save anymore, lol. Just preference, I'm sure, but I find the game to be just as fun played this way as I do getting on the court and playing a game which speaks volumes about the design of those modes, IMO. You deserve a lot of credit for this, OP this is well done!

I was going to restart MyGM anyway so I'll definitely be using this. I have just as much fun messing with Excel as I do playing games, so it was no sweat, lol. I can take a look at the top 10 tonight after I get the kids in bed if you'd like. And I'm assuming you're on PC and thats how you're pulling the stats? Most of the other info was created by me to get the info I wanted. You just inspired me to play more and I know I'm gonna have a blast with this.

Thank you, for real. There's not a ton of cool information to gather from it other than how long you can expect to get out of each player should you draft that player on your team. All of the information learned from this is subjective to your strategy going into the gamemode. Do remember, however, that you ARE going to have to give up a 1st round pick on these players to get them on your team. After that, LeBron will have 1 more year before he starts to decline whereas Towns has 11 more years.

That and you can get him something overall, where you'd have to have the first or second pick to get LeBron. Otherwise I feel like using that camp is an unfair advantage against the AI. Yes, it seems like they do. They probably don't use it to its full potential, but players do progress past their initial potential on AI teams. Do you just re-sign them or do you have less of them. Hey bruh good work its a really nice thread, one of the most detailed one i've seen so far.

Just wanna tell you that there are some hidden stats you can only see when you are creating a roster, like the potential of a player, okafor is 88 for example. You just needa press the triangle button and you will see their potential in numeric values! I got one question: Im in the 5 year and it would be awesome to understand how i can safely mine future stars.

Man you've increased my enjoyment of this game x It works perfectly for Philly because with all the young talent I ended up tanking the first season but Philly has so many first round picks I was able to snag Brandon Ingram and Demetrius Jacskon from the next draft class.

And because of this sheet and having young guys with young contracts I was able to snag LeBron James in free agency. This is some really great stuff. Always loved playing this mode, and usually had to do a few experiment seasons to see how things would work out with young players.

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First off, the sheets: Okay, now onto a bit about HOW I use this. On the other hand, if we take a look at this image: For instance, take a look at this image: Want to add to the discussion? I just got it 3 hours later. Gotta get them sweet sweet draft picks.

Folks there love to dig into the game, this would make for an epic first post. Maybe I should check it out then, thanks! Thanks for the confirmation. Glad I could help! Thanks a ton man, keep up the good work! You'll have a dynasty running in no time! Even throughout the game, know who is on the floor and adjust your defense to the players on the court. Use it to hold up with the ball handler. Move your player whilst making use of the fast shuffle movement and try to beat your opponent to the spot forcing them to use other options.

You must hold your opponent boxed out throughout the complete rebounding approach as they will attempt to get around you. Leaving your feet to block leaves you vulnerable to pump fakes and can also produce a lot a lot more driving space for your opponent. Be sure to use the shading function in the game. Understanding the path that they need to take tends to make it less complicated on defense. Shade them to exactly where you help defense or subsequent closest defender is.

Use the OTF on the fly defense choices defend the paint, play tight on shooters, etc.