Avoid Common Hockey Goalie Mistakes With Goaltending Tips From Jim Park Goalie School In Toronto

The same goes with the Horizontal Angle. The most drastic change between goalie in ice or roller is the curve of the ball. If a player from the other team hits the goaltender without making an attempt to get out of his way, the offending player may be penalized. This takes away his advantage of not letting you be able to see and if he does happen to tip or redirect a puck, it takes away any chance for the tip to go anywhere as you are so close to the player that the puck will have nowhere to go. Post navigation

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The gave their teams a chance to win every time out. When you get good you enjoy the game more because you know what you are doing in the net. Anything else is just being a target. The net is the target….

We have one simple job on the ice and that is to stop pucks. When you are good it makes everyone want to play goalie because it looks so easy anyone can do it… till they try it…. Great breakdown of angles. Thank you very much. I think that know I know all of these tips and reminders, i will play a way better game out there. Thank you very much for all of your emails regarding the positional mastery articles. The system is very simple and someone can immediately enter this into their game after 1 session of practice.

This eliminates the need to over think while the games is going on and instead move to the appropriate position to defend the entrance way to the net with massive confidence. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact me personally! This seemed complicated at first but then I just kept it simple and remembered the red boxes.

It tried it in my last game and made great saves simply because I was in position. Your email address will not be published. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when lookin.

The same goes with the Horizontal Angle. The Gloves represent the high posts and elbow of the net. Your body should be positioned to cover the appropriate net space.

Pasco Valana Pasco Valana, is a professional goaltending coach and consultant based in Vancouver Canada. Jason on December 4, at 7: They are totally different games… Reply. Andrew on September 6, at 9: Bill on November 8, at 9: When you are good it makes everyone want to play goalie because it looks so easy anyone can do it… till they try it… Reply.

Mark on January 3, at Here are five tips professional goalies do that amateurs should include in their training. Repetition and consistency are the keys. The better skater you are, the better goaltender you will be. Before every practice and every game, your warmup should consist of simple skating drills: T-pushes, shuffles and slides. You use a T-push for long crease movements. Push with one leg, turn and point your toe to where you want to go with the other.

Push then glide on that blade to the area you want to be. Shuffles are for small positional adjustments moving side to side. None of them needs to take long. It can be one set of 10 reps each and can take anywhere from two to 10 minutes. My NHL goalie routine consisted of the same skating drills every day. The letter drills are the most effective. Use them, do them and become a better goalie. Catching a puck means possession for your team, and rebounds off your blocker are steered to the corner.

In warmup, do a simple drill of catching pucks and blocking shots to the corner. Drop 30 pucks in the slot, and, while in your butterfly, have someone shoot at your hands. The Finnish goalies, especially Kari Lehtonen in Dallas, do this every day as part of their warmup. Prepare your mind before you hit the ice. Take five to 10 minutes and find a quiet spot where you can be alone to focus.

Visualizing plays and seeing yourself make the right play will help you immensely. It may mean the difference between making a mistake and making the right decision at the right time.