Chris Gayle is set to achieve a historic milestone as he just 25 runs short of scoring 10, in T20 format. Rajasthan Royals v Delhi Daredevils. Excellent tag-team effort that. PESHAWAR VS QUETTA



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What a way to get going! This is on a length around off, Karthik makes some room and hits it wide of long on and earns himself a boundary. Karthik — 16 off 3, Shankar at the other end — 12 off 15! What was the Indian wicketkeeper doing in the dressing room all this while? This is full on the pads, Dinesh just blasts it over square leg for another maximum.

All that mini-conference in the middle seems to have done something for Rubel. Gets in a dot ball here. Lands it on a length outside off, slower in pace, Karthik fails to cut it away. Rahim again collects it and puts in an appeal. The only one doing so on the planet, let alone in Colombo!

DK smashes it towards long off and succeeds in taking a couple, beating the throw from the deep. Another one, 22 have come off this over! Rubel slips in a full one on off. Dinesh has enough to ramp it well over short fine leg for another boundary. Sarkar slips this down the leg side, Shankar misses the flick and comes down in search of a bye. Rahim has a shy at the stumps but misses. No extra run taken though. Full and outside off, Shankar has a wild go at that but misses.

In India, everybody is a cricket expert, is not an understatement. Shankar pushes this straight to covers and sets off for a single. There was a throw to the bowler, who fails to collect that cleanly.

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