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A knockout occurs when a fighter is knocked to the ground and cannot return to their feet within ten seconds. Arguably our most popular and well-known service, our famous sportsbook is where a lot of the magic happens. It is therefore crucial that you know the weight of the boxer you are placing your money on. Money line bets are straight-up bets on who will win the fight. SPORTS BETTING AT BETONLINE.AG SPORTSBOOK

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Use it to know odds offered on specific fighters, events and which bookie offers the greatest value. In this case, Weidman is the favorite and Belfort is the underdog. The favorite will always illustrate negative odds and the underdog positive.

The more distant from each other the odds, the greater the favoritism for a fighter vs the opponent. Research is done through various MMA statistical sites and professional news blog. Here is a list of valuable sites to use:. They use fightmetrics technology to handicap fighters, the official UFC statistics tool free to use. However, all websites are not created equally when it comes to bonus opportunities. The good news is that all of the sites in our top picks above have some of the broadest and most fruitful bonus opportunities available across all online sportsbooks.

By using one of these sites, you'll be able to get some incredible bang for your betting dollar. When you make a withdrawal request from an online sportsbook, you don't want to wait forever to receive your funds.

However, some sports betting sites out there have terrible reputations for doing just that. Luckily, we've scrubbed our list of recommendations above to make sure that they all have some of the quickest withdrawal speeds in the online sports betting community.

If you work with one of these sites, you'll never be waiting an eternity to get your funds back. One area that we never overlook is customer service. We always make sure that we personally test out the support on any site that we're considering for a recommendation. While many folks overlook this vital criterion, we never do. When you've got real money on the line, you'll rest more comfortable knowing that there is a team of quality agents to work with you when you need help.

Therefore, we've made sure that all of the top picks on our list above have some of the best customer service that we've come across in this industry. Last, but not least, we investigated the mobile compatibility for any site that we were considering for a top pick. It's important to us that any website on our top picks list offers their clients a mobile-friendly website that can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet.

This is vital, as mobile sports betting is on the rise as more and more folks realize the convenience that comes along with betting from their mobile devices. If you decide to wager on any of the websites in our recommendations list, you'll be betting on a site that has a stellar mobile betting experience.

When it comes to boxing, there are all kinds of different wagers that you can place. However, there is just a handful of them that are very popular.

We'll cover each of these popular boxing bets below so that you can learn more about them. If you're new to betting on boxing, this will be an excellent primer to help you learn about some of your choices when you start betting on the sport. The most popular boxing wager is the outright winner bet. Also known as a moneyline wager, you'll have to pick the fighter that you think will win the boxing match. If you select correctly, then you'll win your wager and make some profit off of your bet.

This bet type is prevalent due to the simplicity of it. What's nice is that you only have two variables to select from: Once you pick the one that you think will win the bout, your job is done, and you can then watch the match to see if you correctly picked the outcome. It's worth noting that some sportsbooks offer a third option for this type of wager. That third option is for a draw. If you think that the match may end in a rare draw finish, then you'd select this option.

Just be sure to remember that very few boxing matches end with this outcome. For every boxing match, sportsbooks will release a number of rounds that they expect the match to go. This is a simple bet that can also be a good one for bettors new to betting on boxing.

Here's a sample to help you understand this type of wager: If you think that the fight will go 7 rounds or less, then you'd bet the under.

To the contrary, if you believe that it will last more than 8 rounds, then you'd bet the over. If you pick the correct way, then you'll win your wager! Many folks betting on boxing enjoy betting it using live betting wagers.

With this type of bet, you'll be betting as the fight occurs. Unlike the previous two wagers that have to be made before the fight happens, live betting lets you bet during the match. Because of this, many folks find live betting to be even more engaging. There are many different types of live bets in boxing. We'll discuss two of the more popular ones below in more detail. The method of victory bet and round betting are both extremely popular live-action wagers.

Along with these, there are many others that you can take advantage of. If you'd like to learn more about live betting and how it works, then be sure to check out the link below which will take you to our dedicated page on the topic.

With this type of wager, you'll need to predict two different things. First, you have to select who you think will win the fight. After that, you'll have to choose how you think they will win the match. Often, many of these possible outcomes will be grouped together. Below, we've provided a sample to help you see what your choices might be for a fight. From the samples above, you can see that you don't necessarily have to pinpoint the exact method of finish.

Just keep in mind that for you to win the wager, you have to get both pieces right: For round betting, you'll need to select two different things, much like the fight outcome wager above. First, you'll have to pick which fighter you think will win the fight. Next, you'll need to decide what round that you think they'll win in. As this is a live wager, the odds will update at the end of each round depending on what has occurred thus far in the match.

With this type of bet, you can bet on a specific round, or you can also bet in groups of rounds. For example, you could bet the round will end precisely in the 7th round or that it will end between the 9th and 12th rounds.

This type of bet gives you lots of betting flexibility depending on what you think the outcome will be. Another great way to bet on boxing action is through the use of prop bets. The beauty of prop bets is that they can be on just about anything. Below, we've listed out some sample boxing prop bets to help you visualize the types of options you may come across while betting on the sports. When you're betting on boxing, be sure to check out any prop bets being offered by the sportsbook that you're utilizing.

Prop bets can be fun to participate in but can be somewhat risky. If you decide to try them out, be sure to ease your way into it with a smaller wager that doesn't risk a significant portion of your bankroll.

If you're still hungry for more, then we've got you covered. As you'll see below, we have many more tools and resources on our site to help you expand your knowledge of sports betting.

No matter if you're brand new or an experienced sports bettor, we've got something that can assist you in elevating your sports betting game to the next level. Are you the new kid on the sports betting block? For this reason, parlay bets are slightly more risky and unreliable but have a higher payout if you predict the winners in a number of fights and are usually more popular amongst more experienced bettors. In boxing fights, you will come to learn that they tend to be one sided and bookmakers will therefore provide you with a number of proposition wagers on these major fights.

The favoured solution is the over and under bet mentioned above. When placing a bet on boxing you are guaranteed favourable odds on a fight resulting in a draw. Another bet you could possibly choose from is group betting in which you do not need to select the exact round in which a fight ends, instead you pick the rounds they are likely to win in, giving the bettor more flexibility. This offers the punter a good selection to choose from without even naming the winner in a fight.

Boxing operates on the different weight categories, which the fighters fit into. It is therefore crucial that you know the weight of the boxer you are placing your money on. Also keep an eye out for any boxers who are currently struggling in a weight category.

This will make all the difference to the outcome of your bets and winnings. Keep an account of any boxers who have been on a losing streak, by keeping an eye out for rating displayed on a site. From just one punch you can win a good sum of money whilst you sit back and watch the fight you bet on unfold. Like with any other sport, learning how to bet on fights online requires certain amount knowledge and background information in order to cash out successfully on your bets.

Any punter would need to skillfully analyze the fighter and the weight category they are competing in.