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The game takes place in the Baseball Kingdom. Wednesday, July 11, Summer is here, and so more updates daily for all your games. Also you want to remember to aim up for home runs and down for ground balls. That point is added to the batter's total. Free To Play Screenshot. Mario Superstar Baseball

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If there's nobody on base, is it a good strategy to just go for a normal hit with the first character up, then go for a charge swing if the next character has chemistry with the base runner?

And is there really no way to switch fielder? There have already been a few times where I missed a ball because it didn't give me control of the closest character. I chose Mario as my captain so I kind of have to use Monty Mole for now. I'll switch him out once I get more than 9 unique players. However, there are very, I mean very, weak people like Waluigi that you have to use their batting special to go on bases.

People like Baby Mario have to bunt. Though, if you have,say Toad batting, get him on a base. If Toadsworth or Peach are batting next, they are stronger and better at contact. Do enough missions, you can deselect Monty Mole out of your team. That's my first priority. Also, Pianta is near impossible to work with unless you get it right. To stop you from dying trying to get onto a base with Mario's team: When the pitcher throws the ball, adjust so the middle of the bat hits the ball.

Then, immediately before swinging, press down and left on the joystick. The ball will go very far and high. Aim anywhere else, and you won't be getting anywhere. If you're on the right side, down down and right instead of down and left. You need to be very disciplined to do it right, and I suck at explaining this. I just played a game on Toy Field and faired horribly. There's no batting cursor so I'm completely lost as to when and where to swing to actually get a good hit.

I hope I don't have to win there for any reason because I don't think I'll be able to. I also noticed that some characters charge up their swings faster than others. Weaker characters tend to reach full power faster than the stronger ones. I know how to get more players I just didn't have more than 9 at that time. I just stomped Wario's team so now I have all of his players. See ya in the sticks, Monty! Like I said before, it's hard for me to press a direction at the exact moment I swing, I usually press it a little early and end up moving the cursor.

If I tried to press two directions it'd probably end in horror. But I'll still have to try because hitting a home run is one of his Star Missions. Also, I don't think Pianta is that bad; I may hit nothing but grounders with him but he has enough power that the ball usually rolls past the infielders. Despite having the same batting stat as Pianta, it's Birdo who seems like a terrible hitter. I actually hit my first home run yesterday, it was with Mario in Yoshi Park.

I guess the low outfield wall helped some too. Anyways, a few more questions for you fine folks: Since control is given to the pitcher instead of the catcher, I can never get to the ball fast enough to throw the runner out.

Does it increase all of their stats by 1 point like it does in Sluggers? Yoshi's team was easy as always, and Peach's team wasn't so tough Not looking forward to playing Donkey Kong's team Here's yet another question yeah, sorry: And if you win by 10 does that count too? Terms of Use Violations: Ok, in this line up order: That way it is balanced between power, speed, defense, and pitching.

Complete challenge mode as Bowser. Unlock Monty Mole Complete challenge mode as Mario. Unlock Petey Piranha Complete challenge mode as Wario.

Unlock Bowser Complete challenge mode under the Special difficulty setting. Unlock Toadette Complete challenge mode as Peach. Unlock Koopa Castle Stadium Complete challenge mode. Unlock Coin Derby Mini-game Complete challenge mode. The practice option on the main menu helps more than you think. It will answer common questions like how to throw a star pitch and how to dive for the ball. As well as other things like dashing. Lineup Added 6 Jul , ID This will help you improve on making a lineup.

Your lead off needs to be your best hitter and fastest player. Successfully complete challenge mode as Yoshi. Go to the main menu and go to "Mini-Games", then successfully complete all six minigames either under the Star or Special difficulty setting. In Challenge Mode, successfully complete all six mini-games 1 chance on any difficulty for each mini-game , then earn up to coins get some from the mini-games or win against Bowser jr.

A few seconds later, a green warp will appear in the middle of the island near the bridge. Go to it and it will lead you to the Toy Stadium mini-game. Some of the characters have a mission on that mini-game such as Wario and probably other characters. Play only a "1 Player vs. Just pick any team captian and other players and proceed to the next step. After completing your fielding and line-ups, there will be a game settings.

Play only up to 5, 7, or 9 innings and just win the game. It will show your M. The character's profile shows everything about that character from the past and now.

If youhit the ball you should get a homerun. Making a good outfield Added 2 Jul , ID Creating a outfield can both be a easy and hard procedure.

Its easy picking the players you want it's hard fidning them a postion. This hint will help you with both. First you want Yoshi are Berdo on your time not both only one. I choose Yoshi I like him better and his speed kills. You want yoshi and Berdo on your team because of ther ability the tongue are the nose. So the outfeild looks like this. Here is where Daisy Peach and Walugi own in the outfield S. At shortstop you shuold only be thinking Magikopa Matio if Magikopa is choosen 3rd: Boo Shy Guy some one along those guys go great here mario is decent Pitcher: This is the one postion thats completly up to you Home: Your biggest character Bowser are DK Left: Ever heard of Petey Piranha?

Put Petey here the islander power person is second when it come to right. So thats what the outfeild likes like. Remember not to Put Mario at shortstop and Wario on first. You need the perfect infield. Hey guys, I want to tell you about pitchers in the game. Creating a Allstar lineup is rather easy. All you need is the right players in the right spot. I suggest Yoshi at Diddy Kong for this place.

Walugi is the best here. Easy wins Added 8 Nov , ID Ok, in this line up order yoshi luige DK mario wario pettey piranha kingboo birdo peach that way it is balanced beetween power speed defense and pitching. Here is some stuff about super stars. Ok -in challenge mode if you look at check stars under the pause menu you will see a list of objectives for each player. Every objective you complete is marked and says cleared. Once you clear all of the characters objectives they become a stronger player.

This is something I am not sure of. I threw a shut out and won with boo and didnt complete the objective. I thought you probably have to do it in extibition. Other players have which makes them alot easier. For example if I complete 9 of the 12 objectives DK has he will not be any better until you finish the other 3 If what you wanted to know wasnt here ask a question and mention my sn and I will post and anwer a soon as I see it.

Samus Aran wuz here. Just so you know Added 30 Apr , ID If you hold the star swing button [R] and the charge swing button [A] at the same time and release at the right time you can easily hit a home run. Using stars wisely Added 29 Apr , ID You don't have to use this all the time but it can be usefull. Superstars Added 30 Apr , ID In challenge mode go to the pause menu time and go to check stars. When you scroll down the list look for the players objectives. When you complete these objectives they will be filled in with a star and it will say cleared.

When you complete all the objectives such as "buy a red fire ball" you will become a superstar. Superstars have unique powers once you get one. I made Noki a superstar and he can now hit farther and throw farther like bowser.