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Dannel Malloy has expressed a desire to call a special session on the issue. Money orders can also be used to make deposits. It is our intention to provide everything you need to make an informed decision regarding your involvement in Connecticut online gambling. Although Connecticut is an independent state and its citizens certainly value freedom, the federal government of the United States still has some say when it comes to gambling regulations. In addition, they must be subject to strict regulatory oversight and compliance certification and auditing. Sweepstakes online poker offered in Connecticut

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What Laws are there Against Gambling in Connecticut?

Money orders can also be used to make deposits. If you join up with BetOnline, you are joining up with what we can tell you is one of the safest sportsbooks around. Having access to this service will allow you to play with betting odds covering the entire expanse of the sporting world, as well as some events from the world of entertainment and politics.

This will give you one of the best ways for you to build your bankroll. With more than 15 different types of sports to bet on, 5Dimes is definitely one of the most versatile sportsbooks around. There are two federal laws that impact legal Connecticut sports betting by limiting how and where it can be conducted. The first of these is the Wire Act, which prevents sports bets from crossing state lines.

Under the Wire Act, no one is allowed to accept bets placed over a line of communication, so someone in Connecticut cannot phone in their bet or use a Nevada-based online sportsbook, limiting legal sports betting at domestic sportsbooks to Nevada.

This law is more of a banking regulation than anything else. In it, says that businesses cannot accept wagers or process transaction made from a US resident. Technically, it attempts to do what the Wire Act does, but it cannot control overseas business owners.

So it only applies to bank operators. Under the UIGEA, a credit card or bank wire transfer may get declined when it is sent to a known online gambling site. Neither of these laws prevents actual sports betting. They just limit legal Connecticut sports betting to online, offshore sportsbooks. In Connecticut, you have to be at least 21 before you can bet on sports. This is because online sports betting sites only require players to be 18 to sign up.

It is our recommendation that you abide by the legal Connecticut sports betting age. Yes, you can bet on college basketball and any other sport on your phone. Almost all online sportsbooks have a mobile betting site or app that you can access on a smartphone or tablet.

All of the legal Connecticut sports betting sites on this page have mobile sites, which are browser-based and compatible with all operating systems. Casinos do not currently offer legal sports betting in Connecticut, but they will within the next few years. The Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun have both expressed the desire to offer sports gambling under the right conditions. It will be up to the state and the tribes to negotiate terms of each contract that are mutually beneficially.

For now, the only legal sports betting in Connecticut can be found at online, offshore sportsbooks. When you are looking for a Connecticut friendly sportsbook, head to the about page. If you find America listed there, then you know that it is a legal Connecticut sports betting site. Online sportsbooks have everything. From your simple game lines like spreads, totals, and straight bets, to parlays, props, and futures, the variety of wager types at an online sportsbook will never cease to amaze you.

Each online sportsbook is different, so head to all of the ones recommended here to see which has the best wager types for what you want to bet on. This site is one of the oldest and best on the market, offering bettors from Connecticut a sports wagering experience that is second to none. BookMaker has everything you want in a sportsbook — early lines on every game, a variety of wager types, and a mobile site that allows you to take the book with you wherever you go.

What other book offers so much? Connecticut actually passed a law legalizing sports betting in the state back in , pending the overturn of PASPA. However, this law — HB — merely made sports betting in the state legal from a state perspective, but it requires the congressional passage of additional regulatory and tax frameworks before sports betting can actually go live for CT bettors.

These frameworks — HB and SB — have been submitted to the house and senate floors, and they are expected to be revised and passed sometime in early at the latest. However, there are a pair of remaining federal laws that Connecticut residents should be aware of if they wish to wager on sports in the state.

The Wire Act of is an anti-gambling law passed ages ago as a protective measure against mafia-related sports betting activity, and it prevents US-based bookmakers from accepting sports bets across state lines. This, for example, is why CT residents cannot simply call up a Nevada casino and place a sports bet, as such violates the interstate wire restrictions of the law. However, neither law has any jurisdiction over offshore CT sportsbooks, nor do they prevent or prohibit CT residents from legally using online, offshore sportsbooks.

The top Connecticut sports wagering sites are located in other countries and therefore are not subject to state or federal law. These sites are regulated by the laws of their own home countries. So to sum up, as long as it is not regulated by Connecticut authorities and is not located in the United States, online, offshore sportsbooks are perfect sports betting options for Connecticut bettors.

Sports Betting Laws in the U. Connecticut does not license and regulate any offshore online bookie. This is simply because Connecticut has not passed any bill that actively licenses sports betting activities inside the state. Since online bookies accepting Connecticut bettors operate from foreign countries, Connecticut has no power over them.

The state lacks the legal and regulatory framework required to grant licenses to and regulate bookmaking companies that exist outside of its borders. Though not licensed and regulated in Connecticut, the offshore online bookies that accept Connecticut residents are safe and legal.

This is because they have been issued online sports betting licenses by regulatory bodies in foreign countries where betting on sports is a legalized and regulated activity. Moreover, the offshore online bookies we recommend belong to reputed companies that will never dream of cheating their valued customers.

But as of now, CT bettors can only place bets on offshore online sportsbooks. The state also has a huge UConn following, and plenty of Ravens fans, Nationals fans, and Patriots fans call the Constitution State home, as well. Connecticut bettors are also fond of auto racing, ski jumping, and golf, just to name a few. This method also works for prepaid cards, which some people might prefer to using their credit cards.

Prepaid cards can be purchased at most stores or banks. Make sure they are able to make online, overseas purchases before attempting to use them, of course, as not all prepaid cards are certified for use in foreign commerce. If you prefer to use checks or money orders, you can do so easily. This method takes longer to credit your account, though.

Funds will be credited to your account upon receipt. Sportsbooks also accept wire transfers from banks or through peer-to-peer or person-to-person platforms. This allows for funds to be sent directly from a connected account to your sportsbook of choice.

Another popular method for deposit is Bitcoin, which is a digital currency. This is the fastest way to fund your account and is very simple to use. All you do is transfer the funds from your Bitcoin wallet to your sportsbook account, and the book takes care of everything else.

Betting Online is absolutely the safest way to wager on sports if you live in Connecticut. Online sportsbooks are held to extremely strict security standards by the authorities that license and regulate them. In addition to being watched like a hawk and having the best security measures around, betting online is much safer than using a local bookie who only deals in cash and is operating illegally within the state.

Online, offshore sportsbooks are legal for Connecticut residents to use because they fall outside of the purview of state and federal law. While sports betting can be a fun pastime for many, for some, it can be an addictive vice.