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At least about the no clock or buttons. How do I check what the version number is on my existing X1 box that Comcast installed 7 months ago. Requests require up to 30 minutes notice before start of programme. What are the 5 countries with the largest populations? Like X1, the Xfinity Stream App is also now sorted by league with ongoing games and upcoming game schedules easier to get to. Accessibility links

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For example, just knowing that a person got a score of 7 on one thing and a score of 32 on another doesn't really tell us anything. Z-scores are a way to represent how "far away" a score is from the mean in terms of standard deviation units.

For example, a score that is one standard deviation below the mean will have a z-score of By converting raw scores to z-scores, we can then compare the scores to one another because they are now on the same scale. In the example I gave, maybe the 7 converts to a z-score of 1. After the conversion, we can see that the person is consistently a little above average, even though 7 and 32 are very different numbers!

More specifically, they can tell us how close to the average any individual score is, which is useful if you need to know if a specific score is above or below the average, and by how many standard deviations. Importantly, since z-scores are a standardized measurement, they can be used to compare individual data points from different sets of data! Z-scores are important because it allows us to study the probability of something occurring that is within our normal distribution range.

This allows us to compare different distributions and how they compare. We study z-scores to see how values are deviated from the mean in terms of standard deviation. This topics makes it easier to calculate mainly the corresponding probabilities, finding the x-values using the probability. A Z-Score is a standardized measure used to describe a datapoint gathered in a sample. This means that two Z-Scores from different samples are directly comparable, assuming certain assumptions are met normal distribution, population standard deviation is known.

A Z-Score essentially represents the distance a value has from the mean in terms of standard deviations. Thus, a Z-Score of 2. With the use of a Z-Score table, we can use these values to determine statistics such as the percentile rank of that value, and the likelihood of randomly observing a more extreme value.

Z-scores are extremely important because they give a general comparison to the mean average of a data set. Therefore when data is transferred between researchers and the data set is to large to sift through, z-score mean comparisons allow researchers to understand deviation from the mean.

It is also in arbitrary units which comes in handy. Imagine that your friend has a new video game that you are not familiar with at all, and they start talking to you about how they scored , points on a level. Are you going to congratulate them? How are you supposed to know whether that score is good or bad? If you knew what Z-Score that score corresponded to for that level, then you would know how good of a score it is.

While Z-Scores generally wouldn't be applied to a situation exactly like the above, there are many similar situations in which they absolutely would be. The Z-Score tells you how many standard deviations away from average you are, and in what direction. A Z-Score of 0 indicates a thoroughly average outcome, while negative scores indicate below average and positive scores are above average.

If you know what distribution your data comes from, Z-Scores are even more helpful and can often tell you what percentile the score falls into. The absolute value represents the distance between the raw score and the population mean in units of the standard deviation.

Studying Z-scores will help you gain an understanding of correlations and how the topics of mean and standard deviation are applied. Many facets of the real world are modeled by a normal distribution, and the z-score comes from a standardized normal distribution.

The best way to understand the usefulness of z-scores is to think of them as a way to compare apples to oranges. If two variables are on different scales we cannot meaningfully compare them. This is because the distance between one score and the next on scale A is not the same distance as it is on scale B.

By converting each of these scales to z-scores, which are standardized values on a standard normal distribution, we can now meaningfully compare variables on different scales. Z-scores are the score that corresponds to a specific probability of the normal distribution. Common Z-scores include 1. Z-score test statistics are calculated in order to test the statistical significance of the slope and intercept in a linear equation. Z-scores are a method of standardizing a value on the normal bell-shaped curve.

By standardizing any result to a Z-score, it helps us visualize and contexualize where the result lies in the overall scheme.

For example, a score of 20 above the average could mean very different things -- if the standard deviation is 10, then it is 2 standard deviations above the mean a z-score of 2. If the standard deviation is 2, then it is 10 standard deviations above the mean a z-score of Something has gone wrong. We're working on getting this fixed. In the meantime, please return home and try your request again.

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