UFC 203 live fight results and updates as CM Punk makes his MMA debut in Ohio

Another angle pretty much disproves the claim. Mairbek Taisumov wants Kevin Lee, but says without visa, he may retire Mairbek Taisumov continued riding his big wave on Saturday, even if there was a major bump in the road to get there. Referee Copeland calls for the doctor to check on Rivera, who is cleared to continue after a quick vision test. Andrade stands briefly to pass and gets clipped with an upkick. Correia pops her with a very clean right hand. Latest In Sport

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Jason Gonzalez Round 1 Dober fires off a few overhand lefts, trying to close the gap on the taller Gonzalez before shooting for a double-leg against the fence. Gonzalez fights off the takedown and steps forward on his fellow southpaw, while Dober hops backward.

An inside thigh kick from Dober lands to the cup of Gonzalez, prompting referee Jerry Poe to pause the action. A powerful overhand right from Dober backs up Gonzalez to the fence, where Dober crushes him with another right hand and five or six follow-up punches. The Official Result Drew Dober def.

Lentz comes back to clinch up with McBride again, and this time the wrestler hurls his man to the floor. McBride stands up at the fence, only to be ragdolled back to the canvas by Lentz, who is glued on with a rear bodylock. McBride rolls underneath and tries to fit a heel hook, but Lentz stands up, extracts the leg and repositions himself.

McBride finally rolls onto his back with 40 seconds remaining, and Lentz goes straight to full mount. Lentz marches forward with impunity, connects with an overhand right, but gets clipped with a right hook that loops around to the back of his head. Lentz drops to his knees and McBride tries to jump on his back, but Lentz slips loose and scrambles to come out on top. Lentz moves to the front and briefly considers an arm-triangle choke, but McBride rolls to his knees again.

McBride struggles back to his feet and immediately dragged to the ground at the base of the fence. He kicks off the fence but Lentz rolls right with him, never losing top position even when McBride creates space with his long legs. Referee Gary Copeland is having a close look now, and with McBride not offering anything in return, the ref steps in to halt the bout.

The Official Result Nik Lentz def. Brad Tavares Round 1 Tavares lands a few hard leg kicks inside during an opening minute without much action. The Brazilian pushes Tavares against the fence, still working for the takedown, but he gives it up at the halfway mark in favor of a clinch. Tavares breaks loose and steps back to the center, where the middleweights resume their circling.

Magalhaes gets another clinch and shoves Tavares to the outside, but this time Tavares is able to reverse with an underhook.

Magalhaes breaks off midway through the round and absorbs a few leg kicks from Tavares as they circle. Magalhaes strikes back with a hard low kick of his own but swings and misses with a heavy punching combination.

Magalhaes extracts his head and completes the takedown, but Tavares is back on his feet seconds later, holding Magalhaes against the cage to end the round. Sherdog Scores Jordan Breen scores the round Tavares Brian Knapp scores the round Tavares Chris Nelson scores the round Tavares Round 3 Tavares brings the fight to the fence early in the final round, hugging Magalhaes against the wall with an underhook.

When Tavares drops to try a takedown, Magalhaes snares him in a guillotine and drops to guard. Tavares looks to be in danger for a moment, but he slips his head loose and both men climb back to their feet with just under three minutes remaining.

Tavares lands a looping left hand, a straight right, and now Magalhaes shoots for a takedown. Tavares brushes him off and lands another right, now a chopping leg kick. Caio Magalhaes via Split Decision , , R3 5: Correia connects with a right straight of her own, but Eye eats it and continues pressing forward with jabs and leg kicks. Eye continues to weave her way forward, staying measured in her approach with crisp jabs and not many wasted strikes.

Correia is struggling to get into striking range; when she pushes off the cage, Eye slides backward and waits to counter.

Correia jams Eye against the fence with a tight clinch, just pinning the American to the wall in the final 20 seconds.

Two minutes in, Correia is starting to score with jabs of her own, but she turns away from an exchang, apparently complaining of an eye poke. Referee Marc Goddard tells the pair to fight on, and Eye gets back to work straight away with her jabs and counters. Sherdog Scores Jordan Breen scores the round Eye Brian Knapp scores the round Eye Chris Nelson scores the round Eye Round 3 The bantamweights clash low kicks at the start of the round before settling into their familiar pattern: Correia following Eye around the cage, Eye flicking out long jabs to keep Correia out of range.

Correia comes over the top with another solid right hand, and again Eye eats it and circles away. She continued her gung-ho approach, landing more blows than Correia in the opening two rounds.

In an evenly matched bout, neither fighter was really able to get away. Eye won first two rounds, but judges gonna judge. Man, I can't believe that decision UFC Brad Tavares defeated Caio Magalhaes via split decision 2 x , The first fight of the night to go the distance, Brad Tavares ultimately prevailed via a split decision.

The Hawaiian displayed all of his trademark flair throughout the fight. There were flying punches and flying knees, but he really only turned it on in the third, preferring a slightly more sedate approach in the opening two rounds. He outpointed Magalhaes in the clinch early on and was a convincing winner by the end of the bout.

How have you scored this one? Nik Lentz controlled his fight against Michael McBride from the outset, turning it into a grappling match that he was always going to dominate. The fight was stopped briefly when Dober caught Gonzalez with a kick to the groin, but it was other parts of his body the year-old had to worry about shortly after. A brutal right hook stunned Gonzalez before Dober pinned him up against the cage with a left.

Yancy Medeiros defeated Sean Spencer by submission rear naked choke, second round. A brutal head kick sent Spencer to the floor and from then it was game over for the American. There were several problems with the lone working elevator at the host hotel and at one point on Saturday a malfunction caused the entire structure to drop several floors to the basement.

Faber tagged Dollaway in his photo on Instagram and it appears that was been the incident that caused the injury to the former Ultimate Fighter finalist. A photo posted by Urijah Faber urijahfaber on Sep 9, at 4: UFC was not lacking in headline moments. We collect information about the content including ads you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites.

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