Super Bowl Party Recipes and Decor Tips

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Outline the football shape on the cookies and then fill in with the chocolate. Chill the cookies to harden. To create the laces, you can either use white frosting, or melt white chocolate chips and repeat the step above. Your guests will love these delicious, festive treats! You have a couple of options when it comes to decking out your home for the big game.

Adding a few strips of white electrical tape to a drinking glass gives the appearance of laces on a football. This can be done to any glasses you already have on hand! Lay the green outdoor carpet out onto a flat surface.

A regulation football field is yards, so to adjust the measurements for the 2 ft piece of carpet, the end zones should be about 5 inches wide. Mark each end zone by placing a piece of tape across. Next, divide the remaining part of the field into 10 sections, about 4. Mark each section with a long piece of tape across the field, representing the main yard lines 10, 20, 30, etc.

You can then measure halfway through each section and mark the remaining yard lines with additional pieces of tape 15, 25, 35, etc. To add the small hash marks, noting the 1-yard marks, cut smaller pieces of the duct tape and place accordingly. If you want to take it a step further, you can add stickers or spraypaint numbers onto the field.

However, it looks great without numbers too! Surround all edges of the field with long pieces of duct tape to prevent the carpet from unraveling. Voila — you now have a fun table runner to set all of your yummy appetizers and food onto. You can also use galvanized metal cake stands, like this one from World Market or this option from Amazon , to display your condiments and various snacks, shown above.

Put them together with the football mugs and football field table runner ideas above and you have yourself a party! View all posts by progressresidential.

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Cover a cookie sheet with foil and set the Smokies onto the sheet. Bake for 25 minutes. Place the chicken wings in a large slow cooker. Pour the mixture over the chicken wings and stir to coat. Garnish with chives and serve with additional Ranch dressing on the side. Keep guests fully satisfied by arranging your entire spread on the coffee table where it's easily accessible. Don't forget small snack plates and napkins for easy noshing, and keep an eye out for any dishes that need replenishing throughout the game.

There are certain snack foods that everyone expects at a Super Bowl party, and chips and guacamole is one of them. Set out a heaping bowl of everyone's favorite Mexican-inspired appetizer, along with other bar snacks like popcorn, marinated olives and jalapeno poppers.

Who can deny the savory and satisfying flavor of a meatball? Keep on with your comforting Italian theme with this clever take on pizza. Rather than ordering in delivery, offer guests something a bit more impressive with adorable homemade cheese pizzettes. Calling for just a minute prep and cook time, this recipe uses a cookie cutter to cut bite-size pies out of store-bought pizza dough. Individual plates allow guests to snack as they desire.

A galvanized bucket filled with iced-down beer is sure to please the masses, while a large batch of Fourth Quarter Punch is a more festive and special option. Set out a pitcher filled with the tasty mixture, alongside empty glasses and orange slices for garnish.

A little decorative detail goes a long way. Simply cut a piece of twine to your desired length, then fold each round label in half over the twine.

Though this isn't a party that requires robust flower arrangement, a bit of greenery is always a welcome addition to any space.

Top each potted succulent with gravel for easy drainage, then scatter on your coffee table, on bookshelves or in the powder room for a pop of team spirit. While the big game and the commercials are likely to keep guests engaged throughout the party, it doesn't hurt to add a bit of handmade entertainment for anyone in need of a change of scenery. This game takes the concept behind Pin the Tail on the Donkey and applies it to — what else — football!

Let guests take turns being blindfolded and spun around, then trying to pin the football in between the goal posts. To create this game, just find a blank wall space and use masking tape to create a goal post shape. Then cut footballs out of construction paper and add double-sided tape to the back of each football for easy tacking onto the wall.

Next time your team scores, bring the excitement of a raucous stadium into your home.