Betting Against the Spread: NFL Week 14 Picks and Odds

Rams catch a big break, with Andrew Luck on the sideline and Scott Tolzien as starter under center. The best fantasy sports t-shirts, trophies and belts can be found at the Fantasy Couch Store. Quarterback Jaden Jones has completed 32 of 41 passes for yards, eight touchdowns and no interceptions. Berlin and Portage consistently have been near the top of the WestPAC standings, though the Mountaineers have won the past five meetings of the teams and seven of the past eight. There is no guarantee you can pick the winner by analyzing historical data from the past five, ten or 20 NFL seasons. Never miss a story

NFL Expert Picks - Week 2

The best value picks for MLS fantasy in Week 7.

When Aaron Rodgers pulls off wins like the one in Miami last week, he and his team seem so invincible. Panthers 27, Packers Arizona Cardinals at Oakland Raiders Sunday, 4: Carson Palmer is back for the Cardinals, who still played great without him.

The depleted defense continues to be a marvel. Cardinals 30, Raiders Atlanta Falcons at Baltimore Ravens Sunday, 1 p. A lot of franchise-quarterback salary on the field in Baltimore: Ravens 35, Falcons Minnesota Vikings at Buffalo Bills Sunday, 1 p. The Vikings should keep that in mind, and be less careless themselves three Teddy Bridgewater picks against Detroit, two off of deflections. Bills 20, Vikings Miami Dolphins at Chicago Bears Sunday, 1 p. Lamar Miller has the Dolphins feature-back job for good, and that could help Ryan Tannehill and the offense.

Or, the wrong Jay Cutler showing up. Still … Bears 23, Dolphins They also play a Lions team whose defense is getting better every week and is making up for a less-than-peak Calvin Johnson. Lions 27, Saints Cleveland Browns at Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday, 1 p. Just when Brian Hoyer was feeling good about himself and Cleveland was feeling good about him, his center, Alex Mack, is done for the season.

Browns 16, Jaguars Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams Sunday, 1 p. The Seahawks show soft spots defensively from time to time, but not enough to cost them against this team.

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