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Sunday, September 16, 2018

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The National Football League, and its esteemed commissioner , is one such creature, and it appears that scores of long-hungry fans may finally be stuffed. In less surprising news, the overnight ratings for Monday Night Football paint a bleak picture, too. The game between the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints was an absolute barn-burner and a good one for the gamblers and fantasy GMs of the world, but it was going up against the first presidential debate, so a ratings drop was to be expected.

MNF scored a 5. The ratings were going to drop regardless of what else was on. The game was live-streamed on Twitter and drew over 2 million viewers on the social media platform alone, according to Recode. You could come up with a number of reasons for the drop in ratings. The lack of star quarterbacks, perhaps. Do I have facts and hard data to back that up? But I do have two eyes, as do many other NFL viewers, and Week 3 was simply a bad brand of football that failed the proverbial eye test.

As thrilling as it was for Patriots fans to watch the Patriots demoralize the Texans with their third-string QB, that was not an entertaining, enjoyable product for fans of any other franchise. Redskins fans saw poor officiating nearly ruin the game. Cardinals fans watched their team give up a touchdown on a botched field goal snap.

Browns fans saw their kicker miss three field goals and also had to endure the rest of the team. Saints fans saw their punt return team botch the play in the worst way possible. You could almost hear the remotes clicking away.

Those are just a few examples of what was a week filled with sloppy, barely-professional-looking play across the board, with some questionable calls and floods of advertising mixed in. The NFL, as addictive as its product is, could be slipping — and for now, you have proof in the TV ratings.

Viewers have started feeding the monster less, and now the monster is shrinking. Continued rating drops would only make the decline in the league product more glaring — and, perhaps, spark real action to make the league better.

If you truly want a revolution, changing the channel is a good start. His opinions do not necessarily reflect that of CBS or Have a news tip or comment for Matt? Follow him on Twitter mattdolloff and email him at mdolloff thesportshub. I am seeing the some problem with the College Foot ball sports now. You find ways to watch the things that are important to you. If you cannot even afford basic cable, then maybe you should reevaluate your spending on other items less important to you.

I think the cable issue is an issue the cost is prohibitive and the content is miserable. The previous poster was merely saying paying for cable is a fools game when there are so many other streaming options out there.

Cut the cord so to speak. Which I suspect is part of the problem. They call it the Boob Tube for a reason. I dropped cable four years ago.

Why would I pay to watch a bunch of Propaganda, Advertising and awful Television shows? My priorities for budgeting money are just fine. Housing, Food, Electricity, Medical Care and clothing are to be prioritized. I committed to something for Fantasy Football that would be irresponsible of me to back out of.

I put the game on fifteen minutes after they start and mute it so I do not have to listen to politics during the game. I just want to enjoy the game. Add to that a lot of people are unhappy that what was once a great Family friendly sport to watch together see so many players get into serious legal trouble and still play. Parents do not want their children idolizing criminals just because they are on Television and play a game.

I do not want to subsidize an organization that condones criminal and unethical behavior for good Television and game wins. He is the face of the league. When you have garbage like Goodell stinking up the place, nobody wants to stick around to stew in it. Roger Goodell, it is ALL your fault! He had absolutely NO business sticking his nose in or his opinion on the the transgender bathroom issue in North Carolina.

I totally agree with you and now Goodell is going after Texas for the same reason. Play ball and let politicians worry about the TS bathroom issues. Lot of talk about Boycotting the NFL. Lot of people saying they found the criminal element among many NFL players, followed by the corruption of the front office, dislike for Roger…are the reasons I see given by people reporting that they have already stopped watching football. Well here it is.

The product on the field stinks. The good teams of the past are now average and the average teams now suck. State and transfer to SEC rival Auburn. The criminal Cam Daddy extorted a couple hundred grand from Auburn to get his kid to leave Miss. Sorry, but these players need to just play the game. My family is boycotting due to the players and their actions kneeling, fists in the air, etc. They can do ti all they want, we choose not to watch anymore.

You hit the head of the nail as it pertains to me. I love football, but seeing players being disrespectful to our national anthem makes me want to stop supporting the sport all together. I will stick with watching college football. Yes, I blame the NFL not the handful of immature bozos dissing the flag. The NFL can fix this. Hate to say it, but I have stopped watching college football too. They were lying on the field and fists in the air.

I choose not to watch any of it. High school is starting to do it too. That is tax payer funded schools and a shame that the principals allow it. The avarage football fan happens to love this country. We realize there are many big problems but we also know respect. I loathe Roger Goodell and refuse to support any organization he represents, and protesting players turn me off, too. Working on that one. The true leftist colors of the people who run the NFL ESPN, etc were on display when they refused to let Dallas pay a modest tribute to fallen policemen with a sticker on their helmets, but then allow nay, encourage malcontents to dishonor not only the flag, but a whole lot of individuals and families who have paid a lot for their freedoms.

One might argue that Kapernick and others are exercising the freedoms that were hard earned by others , but Kapernick and his ilk need to find a better way to express their discontent without spitting on their fellow Americans. Kaepernick only raised one awareness and that being Goodell is adamant about taking the path of least resistance. And now that it fell squarely in the lap of the NFL, we fully expected an across-the-board, neutral reminder from its leader that our established ceremonial protocols shall not be altered, mimicked, protested or disgraced in any such way.

The NFL needs me the fans more than we need them. Goodell, if you insist on keeping red, white and blue in your NFL scheme, now is the time to add some yellow to the palette. Ditto, not going to support NFL if they allow for protest against the Flag and all it stands for. I am over 50 and have watched professional football since I can remember long before cable existed , and I now find myself faced with a dilemma: So let me shout this clearly: After glancing at most all of the posts, I have to agree with most of what everyone has mentioned.

Everything about the league, the game, and the players are having a negative effect of the viewership of said product. The most telling observation that serves as a complete turnoff is the foolishness of using the game as a political sounding device. Everyone from the league, players, announcers, networks, etc. People are sick and tired of it.

She actually turned on and watched the game in her hospital bed the day she went into a coma. Mom and I continued to watch whenever I was off work. The two games of the season I had to work, the next one week I turned off the TV as I saw the players kneel. So basically I will not be watching the game possibly for the. I guess I will have find something to do with my mother. It is called cutting the cable cord along with the boycott.

Until the NFL broadcast all games via the computer or other streaming devices, this will only continue to be the trend. Have not, and will not watch another NFL game until Goodell does something.

And to think that supposed corporate genius refused to allow the Cowboys to wear a helmet sticker honoring the 5 fallen police officers from Texas. By a negro no less… This one decision is so appaling that it has sent me packing from the NFL…for life. Now, with the protests, we will watch the Texans maybe. Now that they have a protester among them that will be iffy. The commercials are insufferable. Takes only an hour and some change to watch a 3-hour game. Now I watch the Red Zone occasionally, but I have not, and will not, record or watch another full game.

Why is it that liberty and freedom now mean so little to so many and honor, courage and commitment mean so much to so few? Why should I support a product which is poisoning our country? And now the toxin levels have become so high, the patient is dying.

Either remove the contaminate or buy a tombstone. When a person is on the job, their rights are curtailed. If Colin wants to protest, he can do it free — from the stands. How the heck can we sit around being entertained by millionaires when so much social injustice is occurring in America? Until social justice is achieved, we should not be watching sports.

I will return to watching the NFL when the league gets the kneeling and fist pumping thugs under control. The left has been politicizing football more and more for a long time. I stooped watching completly cause of Kap. He is dumb as a rock. NFL is public entertainment. Entertainers crossed the line when they added politics to the entertainment platform. Unfortunately the only way to get the NFL to react is to go after their bottom line — money.

Tim Tebow gets drummed out of the NFL because he got on his knee to pray. Just wait until next month when the brain dead league leadership dresses the players up in PINK!! For a month the NFL becomes a powder puff festival that nobody wants to watch. Celebrating every three yard run, complete pass and first down? Politicizing the flag and National Anthem makes it that much easier to change the channel. Time to fix some TV contracts because these games suck.

Give me the college game any day of the week—and twice on Sundays pun intended. The college game has all the bands, fight songs, mascots, the school traditions, reasonably priced stadium concessions, the decorated campuses, cheaper parking … right on down the line.

The NFL wants to take you by the ankles and turn you upside down to shake every last coin out of your pocket for a game that is becoming more sterile and carefully staged by the week. Black thugs and criminals are not good role models.

Does anyone want their sons to actually grow up to be like these guys? If not then why are we putting them up there as admirable examples of what it is to be successful athletes? Now we have to contend with this disrespect for our country, for our law enforcement? I do not bother to watch professional football any longer. The owners have a right to set the rules for their players. Pledging allegiance to the flag should be one of them.

What is missing from these posts is a list of major sponsors that we need to send our grief to and NOT buy their products due to their participation.

I like football, but the fatcat players, owners and league have become to arrogant for their breeches and overly insulting of their fans. Having played the sport in high school and college unfortunately not at the pro level I am still in love with the game. Unfortunately, it has become a farce filled with steroid jacked monsters and political expressions. Until the NFL gets their act together, stop becoming the No Fun League and also require that their players stand and show respect, they can go to hell.

Love football, but I respect law enforcement and love my country more. Colin and pals can take a knee all they want. Or how about this…for the first couple of weeks preceding the season all we heard about was whether it was right for someone to sit for the national anthem. Other players are told they cannot kneel or show any religious expression on the field.

There are alot of people including myself who are fed up and are not going to promote and support a product that has become way too political. I have not watched a snap this season due to the country being disrespected. Why does the hugely profitable NFL receive their special tax exempt status? Talk to your congress person, NOW! I for one have tuned out the games and stopped supporting sponsors. We are tired of the entitlement mentality of a huge part of the NFL players who want more free handouts for their family then they already get.

Black cop shoots black armed man with gun — and the BLM community destroys part of Charlotte? Too many rules that have ruined the game. It is not the same football as it was in the s or 90s. The officials are over officiating the game with too many ticky tacky penalty calls.

A defense gets a team in 3rd and long, and then stop the offense only then to have the refs call Pass Interference or holding. The NFL has done all of this along with other measures to market the game beyond the hard core fans. These are the very same fans who made the game what it is. On top of that, the NFL has saturated the market. It has nowhere to go but down. Making the game more international will not work in the short term. Here are several simple ways to stop the erosion.

First, get rid of 2 preseason games. Instead of those 2 preseason games, add 1 more regular season game, an additional bye week, and expanded playoffs.

Second, stop the insanity of Thursday night football. It takes grown men a week to recover. Having teams turn around in 3 days is impractical. Thursday games should be reserved for Thanksgiving and that is it. Third, change the rules to reduce the favoritism given to the offense.

Why would I want to watch overpaid athletes shove their leftist views down my throat with the consent and encouragement of owners? Why would I want to watch a sport that is now designed to protect the players at the expense of entertaining the fans? Why would I want to watch a show that is over priced to attend and jammed with too many commercials on TV.

Why would I want to watch a sport that results in a penalty on every other play. Why would I want to watch a sport in which the players are self centered felons? Try respecting the national anthem and have respect. Try telling both sides of a story. Maybe I will tune back in. Only a fool or a dhimmi would attempt to explain the loss of ratings and the revenue that will follow on any thing other than BoycottNFL.

The people of this country are speaking out with their wallets. Goodell allowed that dhimmi back up QB to influence the whole league and beyond, all because he wanted to impress his muslim gf. BoycottNFL is my reason. Who wants to watch overpaid thug felons in rainbow colored tights run around chasing a piece synthetic leather?

One has to have a brain the size of a mustard seed to pay any attention to the rigged garbage this so called league puts out. Ratings would be twice as bad or more. Protesting kills US soldiers on the battle field, brings combat fractured veterans closer to suicide and football is getting further and further away from football.

After this weeks MFN teams went to their safe space I turned it off. That is just plain goofy. At least the guy who played the rifleman was somewhat believable. The dude on gunsmoke is corny and not very realistic.

Best advice, remove the idiot box from your home. Then you could start having actual, meaningful conversations with your wife. She would love that. As soon as someone disrespects the flag at the anthem, I turn the channel to anything but the NFL. What the Rams did to St. Louis should be a federal crime. For the past 7 years I watch only one game per year, the Super Bowl. My Sundays are too precious to be wasted in front of the TV.

Take a knee, raise a fist, and we can respond by switching stations. Millionaire NFL players lecture fans and tell us all how much America sucks and how much they hate it; 2. They do this by protesting our National Anthem; 3. The league and the owners lecture fans further that they respect and appreciate the players taking a dump on America and the fans who are paying their hard-earned money to be fans; 5. Fans react to the slap in the face by publicly refusing to watch the games, and; 6.

The ratings are down across the board. I am a veteran. Match-ups, Manning retiring, presidential debates, etc. We all have lives. We watch sports as a diversion from jobs, politics, etc.

That goes for the sportscasters like Bob Costas who takes every chance for a leftist political lecture as well as the athletes. We are not going to buy it just to watch football. The NFL is not that important to us. We are not going to listen to lectures about how it sucks. Apparently, there are more like us than the NFL and their butt-kissing media wants to admit. I completely agree with you, and I thank you for your service.

Like private school and good books. Yea, call me a deplorable! Actions have consequences and a lack of respect for Americans who died for our flag is pretty callous.

That is second only to their demanding I vote for their candidate. This is why I no longer watch television and this is why I no longer watch football. The mighty NFL — taken down by a 3rd string loser who was joined by a bunch of fellow rebels without a clue as to what they had.

Bite the hand that feeds you and you get exactly what you deserve. It actually feels good to bid adieu to yet another bunch of overpaid cry babies. The NFL is a left wing political organization. They will not get my money and I am done watching it. As long as the league tolerate the likes of Kaepernick turning a sporting event into his personal idiotic crusade of spitting on my Country, I can watch something else.

I found more and more of a life outside of football after each of the football strikes ages ago. By the time the second strike was over I realized it was a joke tying up so much of my time to watch the teams and owners fight for gazillions of dollars at my expense time and money. Bothering to watch a football game is reserved for special events now. I hope more and more people make the discovery.

Boycott the NFL until the disrespect of our nation stops. Players are responding to a false narrative. No factual source, no crime statistics, or data support the idea that White cops are targeting Black youth. I know my husband has curtailed his viewing. Will not watch those teams that disrespect the flag.

I used to be a football addict, watching many games each Sunday. No stars, no standouts, and no one airing out the ball deep. Sure defenses win championships, but defensive football is boring football. Disrespect the anthem is disrespecting this nation. The result is you lose me and my family. I love NFL football. Those who died were from every racial category you can think of, but their blood is red.

Kaepernick is straight up about hating on America. He hates our freedom, our culture, and the unparalleled fairness of our justice system. Your some ace reporter. Blame it on anything but the obvious. NFL has given in to the cultural b. Those tired ideas offend me. There are fewer games on the networks now. The whole sport is being tarnished by these spoiled children who should be acting like grown men.

Every thing seems likes its open to review. Where is the human element anymore. The majority of people who watch sports in general, and football in particular, are politically moderate, or conservative.

People are getting sick of it! There is just too much football. All the massive commercial breaks. And occasionally there is only one play between the commercial breaks. Even the Thursday night games are awful. Crossing my fingers and hoping this is the beginning of the end of the NFL. Over-hyped, over-rated, and over-paid, is why I am no longer interested in the sport and no longer watch, idiot commentary by players aside.

I quit watching this year …….. Obviously, they disrespect their customers and choose political correctness and protest over the fan base. When they stop spitting in the face of America, I will tune in again. You want to kneel or sit down while the National Anthem is being played??

I took a pledge not to watch a single NFL game this season after the Kapernick Protest and all these high paid athletes kneeling during the National Anthem. I am a football nut but enough of this PC is enough. I suspect a lot of this down viewership is over this issue not too much football.

Most Americans find this conduct out-of-bounds. I stopped watching because the media is pumping out sensationalist social-injustice propaganda that is based on lies and this has now infiltrated the NFL. Stats can be swayed any way you want. There have been more than double the number of whites killed by police than blacks. The last straw was the disrespect during the National Anthem. Stand up, shut up, and show respect. Until this happens, I too am boycotting the NFL. Four hours in front of the tube which includes perhaps thirty minutes of actual plays, and the rest commercials, time outs, instant replays.

To go to a game is to waste several hundred dollars on a cartel of money grabbing owners and over paid players. In apples to apples comparisons, the ratings fall have no precedent ever since the NFL started airing Monday Night Football, Thursday, etc. That happened in and the ratings were bigger than ever.

It makes no sense that they would have no effect on , then skip over into Lack of Tom Brady or Peyton? That does not explain why games outside the Patriots and Broncos are also experiencing falling ratings. Nope, the sports economists already factored that in, and none of this was anticipated. Streaming has been around for a long time too, and it never effected TV ratings thusly.

For example, the new Twitter stream was meant to draw people who could not otherwise watch on n a big screen, an entirely different subset of the viewing public, as well as draw viewers away from other streaming services. There were no abnormalities until the first game of the NFL regular season. In other words, there is only one logical reason why the ratings dropped — and it occurred between the last preseason games and the very first NFL season game, a game that featured a marquee Superbowl rematch whose ratings tanked.

Richard Childress, who was Dale Earnhardt's longtime team owner, said of protesting: NFL must respect this! The issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race. It is about respect for our Country, Flag and National Anthem. These are fans who demand respect for our Flag! Many people booed the players who kneeled yesterday which was a small percentage of total.

During a political rally in Alabama on Friday night, Trump challenged NFL owners to fire players who refuse to stand for the anthem. The number of players who protested in some form multiplied from just a handful in previous weeks to plus this weekend. Skip to content Topics xml: Essential Washington Essential Politics Elections.

Jonathan Gold Daily Dish. Press Releases Staff Directory Giving. Sports NFL Week 3: Here's what you need to know: More than players knelt or sat in protest on Sunday Trump continued to tweet about the issue this week Patriots quarterback Tom Brady called Trump's comments "divisive" The Pittsburgh Steelers decided as a team to not come out of their locker room Players from both the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars knelt during the national anthem before kickoff of their game in London.

Trump's pregame tweets urged fans to boycott games His followup tweet supported locking arms, but not kneeling See photos of protests from around the league. More Trump tweets about the NFL and the national anthem. Trump realDonaldTrump September 26, Great anger — Donald J. Sep 26, 8: Trump calls for NFL rule to make players stand during the national anthem.

Sep 26, 6: Pat Tillman's widow asks that her husband's service not be politicized for divisive purposes. Sep 25, 9: Cowboys rise up in the fourth quarter to beat the Cardinals Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott dives into the end zone for a touchdown in the second quarter of Dallas' victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Sept.

After they kneeled, they stood and walked to the sideline for the anthem. Sep 25, 5: Cowboys kneel before national anthem on Monday Night Football. The crowd booed loudly, then cheered as a field-sized American flag was unfurled.