Obviously, we will be your 1st choice to find out accurate online livescores! As the tournament used a knockout single elimination system, rather than a round-robin system, one country, Denmark, was given a bye in the first round. Malaya defeated the USA 6—3 in a highly competitive match played in Glasgow , Scotland curiously, none of the players on either side had previously seen any of the players on the other side play. LIN DAN LIVES UP TO SUPERSTAR STATUS IN BARFOOT & THOMPSON NZ OPEN WIN

Four thoughts on the Davis Cup semifinals, and a big question for 2019

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PV Sindhu smashes, turns back and walks away matter of factly. Ruthless intentions from the Indian shuttler and the year-old is looking to get back in the match. PV Sindhu has asked for a change of racquet after missing out on two consecutive points. She hopes to get a better grip on the racquet and on the match with this one. PV Sindhu starts off brilliantly in the second game. She knows she has to win this one and it has a good start from her.

Fangjie has made a few unforced errors and Sindhu has happily, easily and confidently taken a lead in the second game. Excellent comeback from the Chinese teenager who was trailing at one stage. She kept her composure, and did not make too many mistakes, to pick up a psychological advantage over her vastly experienced opponent. Excellent shot by PV Sindhu to send Fangjie backwards and towards her left. But the Chinese shuttler, somehow, manages to get a reply back, and then Sindhu falters and smacks it straight towards the net.

Sindhu trails in the first game. Excellent jump and smash from Fangjie, who just forces Sindhu to tilt towards left and then drops it on her right. Sindhu stretches, falls down, but could not reach it. Scores level once again. Sindhu Fangjie in first game. Good shot by Fangjie to get herself back into the match. But she has given away three points on the trot to Sindhu and a hefty lead is in the Indian's corner.

Sindhu leads in the first game. Gao Fangjie has given away three points to Sindhu with unforced errors and it has brought things to level terms for the first time in this match. Sindhu has risen from down to Frustrated after losing two points on the trot with unforced errors, Gao Fangjie drops the shuttle hard towards Sindhu's body.

It lands on Sindhu's feet, even before she can bring up her racquet to get a reply. PV Sindhu's mastery in drop shots has troubled her Chinese opponent twice in a row. Sindhu closes the gap to in the first game.

Excelent recovery by Sindhu to pick up a drop shot on her right, and Fangjie did not expect her opponent to do so. Sindhu uses her long hands to reach that, and then smashes one towards the Chinese's right. Picks up another point. She tries to get back into the game with a thunderous smash on Fangjie's body which gives her no chance to reply.

Excellent rally and Sindhu is clearly not looking at her best. She is looking fatigue, and is methodically broken down by Fangjie in a longer rally. Fangjie pushes Sindhu towards left and then drops the shuttle on the right. No chance for Sindhu to get to that. Early stutter from PV Sindhu, as she tries to run towards the right corner to give a reply to Fangjie's shot, but loses her balance and almost trips awkwardly.

But she manages to keep herself stable. Loses a point, though. A win for her will take her to the quarterfinal match against Japan's Oyo Ahari. Putting next month's Rio Olympics aside Japan's budding shuttler Natsuki Nidaira wants to win the woman's singles gold for the people of Japan at the ….

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