where i can get live score xml feeds?

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Alwaysfc , Mar 6, IP. Pepelux71 , Mar 6, IP. I have also found a free live score RSS feed at soccerstand. As the matter of fact they offer free live score RSS for 7 sports: Pepelux71 , Feb 3, IP. Check it out here - soccerstand dot com - right hand column get free livescore Best, reggy They are very fast max delay is 15 secs and we are very happy Also if you are interested they have about 17 different sports feeds for most popular sports I also want to change the existing livescore on my websites with a free one but with my own affiliate codes I am setting up a blog and I want to have live scores on there but Ihave no idea how to use an XML feed to actually give me the content??

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Sage is an add-on for Mozilla's Firefox free. There are a lot of other Readers out there I haven't tried yet. Huuuuge game to finish off the season! Yeah i know, great roster, but no winning chemistry. I'm confident you will work it out. Best of luck in postseason. FWIW, daz, I didn't throw the game Geez only the pistons can help me now.

How is going to be gsw e det tie break? You have got to be kidding. Ffs simmons, he tried bringing it home! Good luck in the play-offs! Settle down now guys, remember the game plan. This west race is tight. All comes down to the Dallas game.